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Dream About Cellar meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had this sort of nightmare. I was at home when all of a sudden my mom wanted me to check for something down the stairs. The power was out so I just had my flashlight. She told me to shout for her if I saw anything.
Well after awhile I saw a dark figure of some sort in the corner of the cellar. I couldn't believe my eyes.
First thing I tried to do was call out to my mom,as she told me to do..yet...nothing would come out of my mouth. I couldn't speak,shout..nothing. I tried to shout "Mom,Mom!" But all that came out was a faint mumble as this figure got closer and closer to me. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of me moaning/mumbling in what appears to be me trying to say "Mom".

Now I know that all dreams don't necessarily have to mean something but just wondering if any of you Psych experts know a thing or two about my odd dream last night.

P.S. After I woke up,I was afraid to go back to bed. I stayed up of a good hour before my eyes wer wide shut.

In your dream, your mom is placing her confidence in you. She gives you an adult task to do. However, the darkness & the dark figure may mean that you are experiencing confusion & ambiguity in your life. The flashlight shows your desire to shed some light on the situation. However, you still feel lost & overwhelmed, even in your inability to call for help & feeling inadequate to the task.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream. it was in my house downstairs in the basement and thru the closet was a door that went into an entire house attached to my house nobody in my family had ever been in it but it was fully furnished with ancient furniture and it all seemed familiar to me. ive had weird dreams like this b4 but this one in particular caught my attention its been three days now and its still on my mind. yesterday i told my mom about it and she said she has had the same kind of dreams too. she said that wen she was a kid she looked it up in some book my grandfather had and that dreams like that mean something. she didnt remember wat tho. if anybody has anything at all to say answer this if u no wat it means if u have had similar thoughts or anything i remember every room in this dream very clearly and i dont no y its really bugging me

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Here are a few dreams I have had in as much detail as possible, please attempt to decipher them. Some of them are over 3 years old. The more you can figure out the more points you get (Most of my dreams are in third person, is this strange?):

1. This dream was not exactly in black and white, but in white and brown. But anyway: It looked like it took place inside of an auto shop, there was a black car in the background inside the shop (this is the room in the auto shop where you actually work on the cars and has garage doors leading outside). The camera/my view was in a fixed position facing a wall where a kid roughly in his early teens (he was not me) was getting kicked and beaten to death by two other men that were possibly in their twenties. Thats all I can remember for that one.

2. This dream took place at my house inside the living room. There was a third-person view of me looking at myself staring out a window while it was pouring outside. I noticed that water collected and made a little stream outside the house (roughly only 1 foot across). I ran out side up next to the stream and I jumped into it. Just then I fell through the wet ground and was submerged in what looked like an underwater trench with steep walls on both sides roughly 5 feet apart. The current of this new stream wasn't strong but I couldn't swim to the surface and I slowly sank down where the I could not see a bottom. From the light from the surface of the water, I saw a large looking shark swim toward me and it opened its jaws and just before it ate me I woke up.

3. This dream I had within the last month, also in third person. I was working on a farm in a cleared area through the woods. The farm was two stories high with many small pens inside and outside that contained chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, and goats. The farm was around 100 feet in length and 18 at width and next to a lightly wooded area. The farm was at the top at a slight slope that was at a 15 degree angle. There was around 4 acres of clear grass that formed a circle (with the barn at the top) with a few scattered trees (around 5-8). A dirt road ran across the grassy property as a diameter to the circle. But anyway, that is just describing what the place looked like. So I was working on the farm alone when an old truck with a wagon with a tarp hood drove a quarter way up the road. Two lightly bearded men got out and stole a great deal of animals while I wasn't looking at them. They then drove away with the animals. Somehow, I don't know how, I arrived at what to be an underground cellar bar with many men, I easily pointed out the two thieves. From nowhere, I pulled out a revolver and shot them and was able to get the animals back home safely. That was pretty much it.

So if you can see if any of them mean anything or just post your thoughts (meanings preferred) I would be grateful. By the way, I am in my early teens if that helps. Thanks!

Example: What Does This Dream Mean? Anything?

I was in a cellar with lots of other people. We were all chained to the rock walls, and it was dark. I had no idea where I was or how I got there. These men speaking a different language came in in military-esque uniforms with guns and started getting us all off the wall. The chained us all together, almost like a chain gang, and had us march outside. We were walking on the side of the road, with woods to one side, and one of the men forced a key to my shackles into my mouth and rubbed my throat violently until I swallowed it. Then he hit me in the head with his gun, and I woke up. It was so weird cause my throat hurt and felt like something large was stuck in it for a few hours after I woke up. Did this dream MEAN anything, or is it just a weird dream?

Example: What does this recurring zombie dream mean?

I usually have recurring zombie dreams in the past two years I've had like 11 zombie dreams. They're always different but with the same zombie theme. I'm really scared of zombies and I don't play video games and don't watch very many zombie TV/movies. And the zombies in my dreams are always people I don't know, but the people i'm with i do know. I've never turned into a zombie in any of these dreams.

This was last nights dream:
(Eddy is my brother, he's 3 years younger than me)
It's like the 1800s or something, during the renaissance times when streets were dirty and gross. My mom, eddy and I lived in a house with other people. As soon as the apocalypse broke out I made everyone in the house go up to the cellar (I'm very controlling and bossy but no ones really taking me seriously) I tell them all that it's best we stay inside but only eddy listens to me. The next day me and eddy go out to buy food and on our way back to the cellar we have to pass an alleyway where drunks usually hangout, then find a hidden door along the wall and then we have to climb up some randomly staggered wooden bars. When we get upstairs we wait til the night when everyone finally gets inside (the apocalypse isn't severe in our location that's why we can still go out). The next day again everyone leaves and eddy's with me ( eddy is like 9 in this dream and I'm 16) we go out too and buy more food, when chaos breaks loose and people begin screaming, I see people to my right attacking each other and getting attacked and straight ahead of me is my mom but she's too far and will never make it to the cellar ( I know she should have listened to me but she never does) me an eddy sprint to the alleyway and are looking for the door. We know the drunks have been bitten so they're very close to attacking us, we get inside the door and begin climbing eddy is behind me and there's zombies starting to climb and follow us. We get inside the cellar and we're safe (cus there's no way of the zombies getting through the cellar door) but there's a 4 year old stranger girl in the room that I don't know. She's laying on a chess and looks very sick almost dead. I don't know if she's a zombie yet, still transitioning or maybe she's just sick and not a zombie at all. But I don't want to take any chances so I take a knife and begin stabbing her in the chest ( I don't know why I stabbed her so much I just didn't know how much or where it would actually kill her) and then I woke up breathing really hard.

is there anything in my dream you can point out and tell me the meaning of and why do i dream of zombies so much?

Example: What Could This Dream Mean?

Driving down this path i used to know that runs to a house i loved. it was my grandpas house in the country. We drove past it, to a fishing party i didn't know nobody there. Then i seen my grandpa and i ran to him and gave him a huge hug. and it seemed i never let go. i went to the bathroom for a second and come back and i see my mom standing at the edge of the lake. i said " hey where did papa go? " and i found out she used him as bate for the fish. i was shocked! i tugged back on the line in panic and finally his body came up. i was screaming at my mom "HELP ME" trying to get the water out of his lungs i was crying and finally my mom gave him like these two lite taps on his neck and he coughed up the water. -Then it skipped ahead to where we were going back to the house, i just remember saying " i love that house" i love this place" and now my second-step grandmother ( whom i don't care much for ) was driving back with us and i remember thinking " i wonder if shes going to lock me in the storm cellar " .. That's all i can remember from the dream. My grandpa and i are not that close anymore, since he doesn't like my life style or the way i dress. but i know he loves me.. I still don't get the dream? what could it mean.. Oh yeah and last time they came to visit he was talking about his will. Maybe I'm scared to let go? he was the only father figure i ever had in my life.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I just had a dream that was really powerful for some reason. It started off where I was in this cellar with these random upperclassmen plus this guy who hates my older brother. I started yelling at the guy and then left, and was in my neighborhood. Suddenly it was dark out, and I remembered I had to go to this party at this house in my neighborhood for this girl I'm not actually friends with. We were making a video project for school, in the dark and there was snow out. There were cars out driving and I was scared because I always get nervous when it's night time and a car drives slowly past me. I ran away and into the house because I was scared, but then I remembered about the party. I was upstairs at the friend's house when I all the sudden got an invitation for another party that was going on downstairs. It was the "1981 New Years Party" (I'm 15 so I wasn't alive then). On the invitation it said that I would be "revisiting my old family," so I went downstairs where the New Years party was happening and immediately saw my family+ extended family laughing and talking together at the dining room table. I saw my old self, when I was a 3 or 4 year old, and so I picked up my younger self and started dancing with her, going around the house, showing her the different rooms and things going on. My younger self seemed to have slightly different hair and eyes that were changing colors and shapes, but I didn't notice it, because I knew it was myself. I was super happy but then I was told that I had to leave- so I said goodbye to her and went upstairs to my friend's party. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in my dream i was in a cellar it was decorated with disgusting sex stuff ( sex toys) and a matress. I was like 17 in my dream and this i didnt know guy raped me. I was trying to run away but i couldnt. What does this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean? (reoccurring)?

As long as I remember, I've been having the same/similar dreams:
I am in a house, sometimes it's my own house or sometimes it's just a random one. I go upstairs or downstairs, and It's dark. I go to turn on the lights, but I cant! I get freaked out and try and try to turn on every light in that area but they just won't turn on.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm sure people ask these questions a lot but I need clarification.

My first dream, that for some reason stuck with me, I had several summer's ago…

It begins with me lying on a couch in an underground cellar.

I wake up in the dream and there are people all around me talking and holding champagne glasses, there is obviously some sort of celebration but I'm never aware of what it is. I have this "feeling" that this cellar holds everyone I have ever met in my life. I leave the cellar, walking past people as they glance or say hello to me, going back to they previous conversations with others. I walk up a small set of stairs to open the cellar doors which lay on angle against the ground, it's much like the cellar's you find on the side of farmhouses that are used as outdoor pantries or for shelter from tornadoes.

I find myself in a large field, and it's very stormy, the wind is almost intolerable, but this soon goes away and the weather is pleasant. I'm on some sort of island, with a large Victorian house - a heritage home of sorts – that happens to be haunted by ghosts, although they are friendly. The island is rather large with varying cliffs and the weather is constantly flip-flopping from stormy to pleasant. There is a foreboding forest that encircles most of the island and I find myself strangely drawn to it, yet it scares me for some reason.

I discover a tour guide talking about the islands history as others follow her to a nearby cliff side that encircles part of the island. I follow her and listen, though not completely paying attention, and we come to a singular tree at the bottom of the cliff. It seems important, she emphasizes something about it I can't recall, and I jump from the cliff into the water. At first everything is fine and I am swimming, but I slowly get tired and sort of fall asleep, drowning in the process

Then, I find myself back in the forest on a park bench with my cousin and her best friends, and we are all cutting ourselves and draining our blood into ornate terra cotta pots

This dream was re-occurring – I had it about three or four times in the span of two weeks.

I should probably note that whenever I do dream there is almost always a ravine, forest, lake or something nature related involved, especially forests and ravines. There is also a ravine behind my house in real life.

So, what does it all mean?

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