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Dream About Challenges meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

what does a dream mean that has a recurring theme of water and boats?

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
As mentioned in all relevant dream symbols, bodies of water represent your unconscious, your emotions and your accumulated soul experiences. Depending on the content of the dream, several different interpretations could be made. The boat in your dream could represent you and the manner you navigate through your emotions. It could symbolize the voyage of your life, an adventure and exploration of your unconscious, or a connection to the people in your dream by pointing out something that all of you have in common ("in the same boat"). When interpreting this dream, consider the kind of voyage and the type of boat. Superstition-based dream interpretation books say that if the voyage is calm, you should go forward with your plans. However, if it is a very stormy voyage, get ready for an emotional upset (or challenge).
".But O the ship, the immortal ship! O ship aboard the ship! Ship of the body, ship of the soul, voyaging, voyaging, voyaging. " -- Walt Whitman"

Dreams are really personal experiences that are preserved in the mind of a person. Basically in the unconscious part of the mind. Some main events are easily noticeable and clear while there may be other important small things that play a role in a dream such as the environment, expression of others, and feelings after the dream. Which can create the true meaning of a dream. The reason for why certain dreams come up, I really don't know.
I really think only the dreamer can fully understand it or perhaps just partially. With a deep understanding of one's self, the meaning of a dream becomes much more clear.
My suggestion is to type or write your thoughts on the computer/journal with out second thoughts(free writing) and eventually try to analyze it.
Ask yourself questions such as: How was I feeling with that person during the dream?
How did I feel in the situation? Secure, puzzled, intimidated, a little frightened?
Am I trying to avoid something in the dream?
Was this an emotional dream?
Was this a physical dream?
What were my thoughts of the boat during the dream?(or water)
Add emotional detail to your interpretation. What ever it it that you have in mind just write it down. Eventually you will become rather well in understanding why you have certain dreams.

Example: Recurring dreams meaning?

I have recently realized that i have been having several recurring dreams throughout my life (I'm only 14 so it hasn't been super long). I have had many but the two i want to know about are the ones with me having superpowers that i can't use and being chased by big things.

1. I have had plenty of dreams where i have superpowers and i know it but just can't use them. Powers like flying, super saiyan junk, and most recently wolverines claws (i'll talk about that one).
I had the dream that i was actually with wolverine and we were just doing stuff that i can't remember, but i do remember trying extra super hard to have my claws shoot out of my hands but it never happened.
- I think that this dream means that i have potential but i don't know how to reach it just yet.

The one's where i'm being chased are weird too. I'm always being chased by a large dinosaur or godzilla. Nothing else. EVER.
-Maybe i'm avoiding my biggest challenges or fears or something?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

hiya !
i know you may say its just a dream ! but maybe it ment something...
its started off i was pregnant with twins...( im just gonna put the main parts ) then i had my babys ... two boys ... and everything was great ... i went for walks with them ... my family came to see me ... but then they died and i remember feeling so heartbroken ... when i woke up i just felt sad !
my nan says dream normaly mean something or its becaus of something in the back of your mind ... but i cant think what ...
any help ?
thank you x

Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

In my dream ,I was a bear(female) with a husband and son(we were all bears). We were traveling and came across a village(all human). The main source of money was cinnamon rolls. The village grew the ingredients for cinnamon rolls but the ingredients were scarce and only the king knew how to make cinnamon rolls the right way.But then I came along, and I knew how to make cinnamon rolls, but no one believed me so I had a showdown with the the king. The people of the village didnt like this because this involved using the ingredients. To make the cinnamon rolls i made this paper-like dough and wrapped it around my hand. After a few minutes I took it of my hand and put it in the sink where it turned into a sponge and it would take 6 months to turn into a cinnamon roll. If my cinnamon roll turned out better than the kings cinnamon roll then I would have to become the new ruler of the village and the kings advisor(a short man/rabbit) didnt like that. So he turned the village against me and said that I was a phony who couldnt make cinnamon rolls and had wasted their supplies and they all came at me with guns. The king was in love with me, so he helped me survive while the villagers shot at me, but if I was shot 11 times I would die. After 5 months and the villagers were still shooting at me, I had been shot 10 times and started dying. While I died I said, "Dont destroy the cinnamon roll. Wait for it to bloom then eat it." As soon as I died(probaly from blood loss) the sponge turned into a cinnamon roll, and everyone ate it and it was the greatest cinnamon roll in history.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, I'm the same age I am now. (16)
At first, I was in a hospitial having a baby! My mom wasnt there when I'm pretty sure in real life she would never leave my side in that situation. My dad was there instead...
So I had a baby boy. Then we went home, but it turns out I wasn't home... I was in the States in Texas at my aunts! I had planned to name the baby boy Nicholas, but I only wanted to call him Joseph! And when my whole family was sitting around, they said he looked just like me! Sitting with the family was basically the last thing that happened before I woke up.

So basically, I've had two dreams in the past 2 and a half weeks of having a baby. The first time I had two, a boy and a girl(Nicholas and Sophia)... Now just one, a boy(Joseph).
What does this mean?! Please help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at school, walking on the balcony when all of a sudden a curtain dropped down and behind the curtain there was a ring of fire. I picked up a girl (whom I have never seen before) in my arms and started running. The girl was heavy and as I was running a boy our age came and helped me carry the girl.
What does this mean? Thanks!

Example: What would my recurrent dream mean?

i had a recurrent dream for almost 9yrs (2-3 times per year)..where a letter from the government came to my house. It was asking me for my service as a soldier. Few days before i depart, i have spent my time with my friends, hanging out wherever we want to.

On the day I that was about to leave, a friend of mine with her bf/husband has offered me a ride to the port area where a naval ship would be waiting. When we arrived at the port area before i go, she gave me a tight hug and bid farewell.
The dream always ends (or i just can't remember the continuation) when I'm already aboard the ship, watching the sunset.

if this may help: i'm 22yrs old, female, an electrical engineer

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was taking a class at a witch school I had made up weeks ago for a school assignment & the whole goal of the assignment was to get this set up to work. The set up consisted of a scale, a clipboard, & a full body mirror & what we had to do was sign our name & a bit more info on the clip board & then some image from our future would show up in the mirror. Mine took so long to show up that I had to go get a teacher to help me. While I did another girl took over my mirror. before she got on the scale, I got to see my future, I was on a beach, surfing, getting buried in the sand, & being intimate with my current GF, Bunny.

Then since I had finished I walked outside the school building & there was my aunt , my cousin Carlos & my little cousin Erica. I was shocked to see them there & asked why they were there. My aunt said she was now attending a church in Manhattan & that Carlos was attending a school in the city. She then asked if I wanted to see it. I said okay, so we hopped on the one train and I got ready to go to Carlos' school. I must have fallen asleep & my Aunt didn't wake me. I woke up on an uptown one train, that was barley in Manhattan & VERY far away from a stop where I could transfer from that train to the A. Then I looked next to me & saw a girl who was the spitting image of Bunny, only her hair was shorter.

Thinking she was Bunny, I started stroking her hair & asked her when she got here to visit me & how pretty I thought her hair looked in this new cut. The girl suddenly turned her head to face me and said "I'm not Bunny, I'm Robin, but I think your pretty too." she then leaned over & kissed me. I felt tons of electricity in her kiss then she started to feel me up. A mother with her small child started to glare at us so Robin invited me to her apartment to 'finish what we were doing.' apparently in the dream I wasn't as loyal as I am in waking life so I agreed. We got off & then walked a few blocks to her house & she pushed me down onto her bed & we started getting very intimate. Then I woke up.

Help me figure out what it means, Kay?

Example: What Symbolism does this mean in dreams?

what does it mean when i have dreams of white fair tents in random places where you usually wouldnt see one? and sitting underneath them is someone that i need to meet. like one day i will meet her and she is always sitting under them. also i have dreams of carnivals with the same woman at them. what does this mean in dreams? thanks so much!

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i fall of a cliff but someone catches me
please i really wanna know what this means

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