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Dream About Cheeks meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

my mom had a dream, something was guiding her to go to this man/woman that had a mask of three eyes and a large chin. something again was telling her that this is the person who's doing voodoo to her. (yeah, we sorta believe in this stuff).
now. she thinks this was a dream of god or something, i don't really think so.
so let's picture it again: a man or a woman with a mask over their face the mask having three eyes, only the cheeks and the chin showing. large chin, and a cream colored scarf around his/her head.
what does this dream mean?
is it really a psychic dream or are we over reacting?

Dreaming of eyes means:

To dream of seeing an eye, warns you that watchful enemies are seeking the slightest chance to work injury to your business. This dream indicates to a lover, that a rival will usurp him if he is not careful. To dream of brown eyes, denotes deceit and perfidy. To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intention. To see gray eyes, denotes a love of flattery for the owner. To dream of losing an eye, or that the eyes are sore, denotes trouble. To see a one-eyed man, denotes that you will be threatened with loss and trouble, beside which all others will appear insignificant.

Chin dreams: Wisdom. Support for expressing oneself.

Three is best known as a religious symbol - the father, son and holy ghost. "three eyes"

Cream is a color near white.

Well with any dream I use as a warning. In the dream or after if she woke up feeling scared or upset. You have to put all that together. I just wouldn't be going to see any voodoo nothings and having nothing done. But that's just me. If I would have had that dream I probably would be trying to figure out if it was a warning and what it meant personally to me. Just see what she dreams next

Example: What do dreams mean?

if you have a dream about something what does it mean
like do they have some meaning to them
i was just wondering x

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream A:
Yesterday I had a dream I gave my friend my iPod to read something on it,. Then when we were in class and the teacher randomly disappears, he comes up next to me and picks my hand up and puts something in it, I looked up and said what is this (I read mouthing). Then I opened my hand up and two kisses were in my hand, I looked puzzled. Then he said don't I get something and taped his cheek. Then I said not here and my friend said what is he doing that for? And I wanted him to go so I gave him a fast kiss. he was my friend what does this mean?

Dream B:
My other dream, I was being chased by a crazy old white artist because I found he was a killer. I told the police and they came over his house and were questioning him and he ignored them and told me "you crazy b&$#%, your getting it" and he pulled out a gun. Then I started running, and he said don't be scared, and I ran so I ran to my neighbors house that was like 2 blocks away and ran in the house and was screaming I need help and call the police and the wife laughs and asks how I am. So I ran up to her daughters room and try to break out the window but it was to late because the door bell rang and the man was dressed like my dad. What do these two dreams mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I've been having really weird dreams lately. my first one is dream A, the second one dream B.

Dream A: I went to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. There was a butcher knife in the sink, I didn't know it was there, yet I sensed that it was. I washed my hair and wrapped my hair in a white towel. Suddenly my towel turned bright red with blood and My mom started pressing her hand to my head and I started screaming. What does this mean?

Dream B: My most recent one. I've been talking to this guy I'll call Bob. My dream went like this. "Bob" and I were walking in this long hallway in a college. (Not our college) I was wearing these Pink bermuda shorts with orange and green plaid on them and "Bob" was like "Are those capri's?" and I was like "Bermuda shorts actually" (I NEVER wear anything like them.) But we met up with his friends and as Bob and I were talking they were making fun of my shorts! And then we went to this haunted house where they dressed us up in gone with the wind style dresses. I was just about to go in when I realized I had to go to work.I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek (I'm not that close to him yet) Bob gave me the keys to this huge like 19 passenger van and I drove to work.

This is so confusing! Anyone who has an idea what either of these dreams mean please let me know! My dreams drive me crazy.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay I'm a guy and I have a crush on a Muslim guy in my grade. He recently made a facebook. Anyways, since the first day of school I've been hoping that he was gay and at least interested in me. Last night night I had a dream that he changed his profile picture to a pic of him kissing his (hypothetical) Muslim girlfriend on the cheek, and she was giggling. I wrote on his wall something about finally getting a profile picture in a light-hearted tone, but of course inside I felt heartbroken.. He also changed the [Dating Interest] column to females only. This morning after I woke up (because I thought all of it was real until now) I checked his profile and he still didn't have a picture, his relationship status and orientation were empty (as before), and of course my comment wasn't there.

The obvious interpretation is that my subconscious is putting my fears and dreads into dream form and assaulting my peaceful nights with it, but I was wondering if anything deeper could be extracted from it? For example the fact that his hypothetical girlfriend was also a Muslim.

Example: Weird dream, any meaning?

i was walking through the high school and i was walking with a friend i had a little crush on and when we said bye i gave him a hug and he kissed me on the cheek and it was weird and we just started saying EW! EW! lol then i turn around and this guy that is friends with this guy that i had this huge crush on and we did the whole flirty thingy for a while by he just shook his head in shame i guess and then i was like w.e and walked away then i notice the guyi had a thing with standing there in shock and ignored me just walking away hurt. the guy has a girlfriend but i still like him.

does this have any meaning?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was trapped in someone’s basement or something; I really had no idea how I’d gotten there or for how long I’d actually been there, but I was a little scared, as anyone would be if they realized that they were trapped in someone else’s dungeon-basement. I was completely nude and in near-complete darkness.

Suddenly, this guy walked over to my cell or cage or whatever they were keeping me in, unlocked the door, then reached in and pulled me out quite forcefully. He led me by the arm to a room that was bare except for a table pushed up against the wall, and a light hanging from the ceiling. It all looked quite dirty and dingy and eerie.

There was another man standing by the table and he pointed to something on it. A plate, it looked like, with some kind of food.

The man who had led me there sat me down in the chair in front of the table and told me that the scraps of meat were actually the last-remaining bits of their previous prisoner, and that I should enjoy it very much. Since I refused to open my mouth after hearing that, one of them prodded at my teeth with one of the pieces, then simply pulled my lips apart and stuffed it into my cheek. He then instructed me to eat it.

I shook my head no and made some awful whimpering noise. Then, for some inexplicable reason, one of them grabbed my junk and started jerking me off.

I sat there really still until I couldn’t really take it anymore, and then I just burst into tears and started bawling like a baby. The two guys laughed and continued to poke at my thing while calling me a f*ggot.

Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

k so the first part of my dream was that my crush came over cuz there was some wedding party at my house, so him my brother and i were hanging out on the couch and talking a lot.. then he had to go, so he was saying goodbye to everyone and kissing people on their cheeks while shaking hands (it's tradition here) then he came and he pecked me on my lips and left.

the second part was of us hanging out at college with a group of ppl, then he had to get up to leave n as soon as he left his best friend was like you're definitely a ground breaker! he definitely likes you!

i know what most of you are gonna say - it's just a dream, it means you want him to like you, blah blah blah... but i came across a couple of sources that tell me that dreams actually might mean that you're picking up certain signals subconsciously and interpreting it through your dreams.

so i'm looking for SEROIUS ANSWERS...

thanx :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so i had a weird but good dream last night and im wondering what it means; here it is...
ok so i had a dream i had sisters (i am an only child in real life) and i was 16 years old (i am 13 in real life) and i was goin to prom/school dance with a really cute guy at my high school (some hot random dude i dreamed up) and i was wearing the CUTEST light green dress and i looked fabulouse (LOL!) and i got like 76523214 compliments and after we got 2 the dance we started dancing and then like full on making out and i tried to kiss his neck but he was like wait till tonight and i was like k then the rest went on but then all of a sudden everything flipped around & i was wearing a butt ugly dress & an ugly guy i was dancing with and when i went home my dad said is this your date? and i didnt answer bcus i honestly didnt know then i tried to give him a cheek kiss goodnight and he rejected me and i was stunned but i just left. WHAT DOESS IT MEAN?

btw, thanks for taking your time to read my extremely long dream, haha(:

Example: What does my dream mean?

It starts off with me and my friend at the airport,we meet this girl i know along the way.We began talking to each other,my hand were around her waist.Out of nowhere,i kissed her.Her face blushed.I waved her goodbye as me and my friend went to through the departure entrance.i told my friend that i kissed her.He said 'Cool'. Then we got our tickets out and ready to enter the plane when...

I woke up

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