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Dream About Chest 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other day I had a dream that went like this:

mom: Morgan, I need to fix your heart.
(she takes my heart out and there is a gaping hole where the heart should be on my chest. And she gives me a shot that lets me live 1 hour without a heart)
I walk around for a while, and I end up in a field. Eventually I can't breathe that well and I run back to my mom and demand she give my heart back.. She luckily fixed it early and she put it back in.

What does this mean? Dream decoders needed!

i have noticed dreams are linear to the previous day you've just had.

this dream sounds interesting...i hope this helps.

your mom needs to fix your heart. someone close to you knows you need help, and you don't know it. if someone offers you help or gives you oppurtunity, take it. they know it's best for you.
taking your heart out. you should trust people who care about you if they are trying to help. they probably know what's best for you.
the shot tha lasts one hour: you have free time to do what you want. just be sure to absolutely meet deadlines, because if you don't, you'll be under heavy stress adn be in danger of a heart atack or something. the feild is your endless possibilities. you can plant a crop or a graden and let it prosper with the right amount of work, or you can ignore it and let it turn into a dust bowl and destroy everything and everyone around you. luckily, your mom and those who care about you will always be there for you. the entire time you were gone, your mom was helping you. she fixed your problem for you so you could be set on the right path.

that is a beautiful dream, by the way. i had one like it a while back, and it pt everything into perspective for me.

Example: What does back massage dream mean?

in the dream i am lying chest down with my frenchie panty/knickers on and someone was giving me a back massage including with creams and oils.

The atmosphere was mellow and peaceful. i looked up on the meaning and mentioned "It signifies that your unfounded doubts of a friends sincerity, are in fact groundless."

i dont get it and nor it relates anything in my waking life

Example: What does it mean when i dream that i stab the one i love many times in the chest?

well , first of all this is some how a long distance relationship. i have known him for more than 2 years already.he is very caring about my nephew which is a baby. he is sweet like that. but has never seen my nephew. and he says he loves me but i surely dont believe him that much to this point? and i do. well i was inside his appartment i think, as i opened the door he walk in and hugs me as he hugs me i feel a good feeling like loved or soemthing like that. a love vibration as y ou can say. it is very weird dream. he goes in the shower and their is a baby taking a shower with him and i see them as he get out of the shower he tries to stab me i believe and we get to it like in a movie? idont know and i just remember seeing him and i guess ihad the knife of pocket knife and began stabbing him repeadetly many times it hurt me even doing that . but idont know what could that mean?

Example: Why does this WEIRD dream mean?

What does it mean if you dream you have extra nipples?

Last night I drempt I had very thick black hair all over my chest area( I am a girl)...so I started trimming it down and in the process I found 2 extra nipples on one boob! 3 nips on one, one nip on the other. What can this deam possibly mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Dream 1: A girl walks up to me, grabs my hand and puts it on her chest then yells PERVERT! A huge guy comes out of nowhere and strangles me, I can hear the girl laughing and the guy says "Pathetic"

Dream 2: I'm standing in my room and there's this man standing in the corner, he has my face but not my body. He just watches me... With this sad look on his face... I try to jump out the window, I hear the glass start to break then I wake up.

Dream 3: I see a man beating a girl on the street, I try to help her but he just throws me off. Even though the girl is being beaten to death she's still laughing at my attemps to save her. I get stabbed from behind, when I turn around I see my brother, he silently points to a lake, for some reason that was the most terrifying thing I'd ever seen... I start crying and say "please! I can't go there! Kill me first!" When I wake up My face is covered with tears.

I don't want to be a bad person. I try hard every day to be a good person, but for some reason I feel worse and worse. I will NOT commit suicde so don't answer that please.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was talking to a guy that had a crush on me. 2 of my friends was with me, but we decided to go walking without him. Me and my friends were having a conversation. One of the girls got really mad, she had dark black wavy hair...She started shooting my friend who had medium length dirty blonde hair and then she shot me once in the heart. I picked up the girl who got shot several times and ran to the apartments next to the gas station we was headed too. I ran into one of the apartments laid down my friend and locked the door. I then went and grabbed a pair of pliers and starated pulling out her bullets and then I pulled out mine. Then we heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and said "It's just jerry"...I opened the door and somehow I knew the guy I liked and the girl who shot us was envolved some way. This guy jerry looked at me evil and I woke up. WHen I woke up, my chest was hurting really bad and I had a mark where I had been shot in my dream. I need to know what this means becuz my dreams usually come true..and I'm scared for my life.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, so a friend of mine dreamt about me.
He said it was so vivid, he can still remember the scent. So, there were 2 dreams
1st Dream: It was a scene in Supernatural (hell) So, he was there and Satan was telling him how he's been lying frequently. Then there was a mirror and he saw me. He saw me being shot again and again on my chest.
2nd Dream: We were in a car and I was resting my head on his shoulder and he rested his head on my head too. He said he liked the feeling.

I was scared at first of course. I told him that's it's probably a "sign" that I'd be in hell when I die. :( He said he wouldn't allow that blahblah but still. It's still scary! :(

Example: Repetitive dream meaning?

So for the past 2 weeks I've been having the same dream. I dream that I miss the bus and have to chase it but no one sees me. So I try to run down the road the opposite way, but when I try to run to get to the bus, I can't move. My boyfriend rides my bus and I think about asking his mom to bring me to school.. but I'm scared to ask anyone to help. I'm always almost to the bus and it will stop, and I'll try to get to it but as I get close to it.. it speeds up. Does anyone have any idea as to what this would mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok well last night i had a dream that i had a baby in a candy shop but when i was giving birth i fainted. and when i woke up (in my dream), there was my tiny baby on my chest and i was breastfeeding her. she was so fragile, almost like paper. When she opened her big blue eyes, i knew i loved her soo much and she was so incredibly beautiful. Even though the dream wasn't real i still love her. I never let her out of my sight.

can u tell me what this means? thanks!

(oh and im only 13! lol)

Example: What does my dream mean :(?

It looked like I had a blackhead on my chest so I tried to squeeze it to pop it. And this reaaallly long worm came out? My mom was by the computer so I tried to walk there to show her, but by the time I was pon the other side of my bathroom it was back in my chest. So I tried to pop it again and this brown liquid got all over the mirror. Then I saw the worm swimming around the other side of my chest and I showed my mom and she said it was normal? So Then I went back into the bathroom and it was this blue blob on my back and the started growing longer and there was more. So I called my primary care Dr., and told him everything, then he popped up in my bathroom and I woke up...

Serious answersss.

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