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Dream About Chest Pain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

my dream started off as i was in my old school in my gym class with my coach who ive had the biggest crush on since the 8th grade and me an him were in the gym just hanging out i really could hear the conversation of what we talked about then it skipped to me him an some women were walking down the road im not sure were we were going we just kept walking down this road and i looked at her she looked just like him but a girl version she smiled at me i spoke to her you know you look just like him but a girl version she smiled we laughed an then i walked over to my coach's side i started talking to him i could hear anything i saw we were talking but just no sound and then the ground underneath us collapsed in we scrambled to the other side and i picked myself off the ground and we were fine we continued to walk then we took a break my coach he sat down and he started crying he was crying his eyes out i felt a deep pain in my chest an i ran to him i held onto him tears ran down my face an stained his shirt an i woke up crying why is that ?

I think it means you're working through some childhood insecurities (old school, old gym class, etc.). It's interesting that this all centers around your coach. When you dream of someone you know in real life it usually reflects one of two things:

A. your waking feelings toward them or
B. aspects of their personality that you need to incorporate into your own.

I think it's "B" in this case. I say that because you saw a female version of him. Is there anything about his presonality that you could adopt and use to improve your life?

The ground opened up. "Ground" is usually a representation of the barrier between your subconscious and conscious. When the ground is collapsing it's a "break through" between those barriers.

Which makes sense because directly after you cried...

Crying... In dreams it's the release of negative emotions. It's more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and to safely let out your fears and frustrations. In your daily lives, you tend to ignore, deny, or repress your feelings.

To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. If you do not cry in your waking life, then seeing someone else cry may be a little easier to deal with then seeing yourself cry.

Hope this helps.


Example: What does it mean to feel pain in your dream?

Okay, in my dream I had gotten my hand sliced and felt the pain so much and thought it was actually happening. In the dream I also got my ankle sliced too and felt pain there also but not as much as I felt in my hand. When I woke up the pain slowly started to fade and I looked at my hand and expected it to be bloody and cut up. When my vision cleared completely and I realized there was no cut the pain finally had gone. Also when woke I only felt the pain in my hand not my ankle.

Example: Chest Pain After Dream? What Does It Mean?

So I had a dream where I was having a lovely day with my boyfriend, everything was cute and happy like it is when we really do go on dates and stuff. Then later in the dream, we were in a store, and you know those put in a few quarters and turn the crank and get a sticker, or toy, or candy things they have in Walmarts? Well there was a bunch of those except they had glass fancy milkshake cups full of ice cream in them. My boyfriend is a goofy weirdo so he was pressing them all so they would spill on the floor and make a huge mess except none of them worked. Well the last one he went to had orange soda in it. And he pressed it and nothing happened, so he turned to me and was like Do you think any of these actually work? And all of a sudden an orange tube just came out of the machine and spilled all over the floor. Then two tubes of what seemed to be whipped cream came out and engulfed me whole. It went on my face and I couldn't breathe, I was literally suffocating in my dream. I could feel my lungs sting as I couldn't get any air and I felt my arm go into the air, because I was laying down dying, and reach out and strain, kind of like when in movies when a person is killed but at the end of the movie their arm comes out of the ground, that pose? Anyway, I could feel the muscles in my arm strain and my lungs pinch. When I woke up I don't think I gasped or anything, but my chest hurt a lot. It's been a few hours and my chest still hurts, not as bad but it's there.

Do you think I'm not breathing at night and that's what caused it or some emotional problem? I didn't even eat ice cream last night. I'm one of those people who are negative and sees bad in everything, so maybe I'm worried that he'll leave me or one of us would die? The chest pain might still be here because I had a mini panic attack, but I'm not quite sure... I"m so freaked out, let me know what you think caused this... If I should be concerned or something... I've never had strain and pain in a dream before and I never had chest pain afterwords. I've died in dreams before but... yeah...

Example: Chest pain in my dream does that mean it really happened?

I had a dream i was fighting someone and I was slammed on the floor on my chest and i felt pain. Would this have anything to do with a heart problem in real life? I woke up later with no pain It was only the instance I was slammed.

I have very bad anxiety and I know that can cause chest pain so could that be it?
(my roommate passed away this summer and I have been under alot of stress)

PS im 19 good health and a HUGE hypochondriac

Example: Insanely bad dream meaning which brought about physical chest pain and warmth after?

I was in a hospital of some sorts and I was waiting to be checked on - there was a line of people - since there was a flu virus in circulation. Eventually my turn and I look at my arm because the Doctor says: "He's suffering from anaphylatic (or however you spell it) shock!" So I look at my arm and there is white Foam on it. After that I look at a small billboard and it says something like: death by coevous (Or some weird word, im still looking for it) heart. So I am lying on a bed thing and I look up and I see a button which offers an injection of insulin - but it's possible it'll kill you so you've to choose to push the button yourself. I figure: It's better to try and die than not try at all. SO i push the button and I felt the most horrendous pain in the my chest (warmth too) and I actually physically woke up on my back with the chest pain still somewhat there. It was -insane- I felt actual heat and pain in my chest. There was -nothing- around me neither; what the hell?

Example: I had a dream that there was a big Scar on My Chest. What does that Mean?

One of the weirdest dreams, I've ever had! Just curious to know what it says about me?

Example: Dream. I got shot in the chest and it left a hole for a week without blood or pain. What does this mean?

last night I dreamed that I was shot in the chest by a male friend (who was made up, a figment of my imagination). He was supposed to pretend to shoot me, but then actually did through my window and sped off. It did not hurt, or bleed, and I simply lay on the ground until my mother found me. She freaked out, but I never ended up in an ambulance or at a hospital. I just remained with the bullet in my chest, where I knew it had punctured one lung, but hey I had the other one so it was alright. It just chilled there, I had small perfectly cylindrical hole in my chest, and everyone wanted to know about it. The end. I just remember thinking "shouldn't someone get me to a hospital?" the whole time. Sorry for all the dets... If anyone has any ideas (smart *** comments welcome too), or links that would direct me to a site that could narrow this down better (besides the obvious dream ones that only clarify dreams about having a baby or flying, please let me know! I'm really curious as to what this dream means, if anything... Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream last night. i cant remember all of it but it was night i was in the waiting room of the emergency room not sure why all of a sudden a guy started chasing me trying to kill me i tryed to scream for help but he threw something at me hit my chest and knocked the wind at of me then another guy seen me ran to me shaking me then my boyfriend woke me up when awake my chest hurt so bad it felt real. first time i dreamnt like that.. ?

Example: My sister died because of a gun shot to the chest &I felt that pain from a dream I had What does that mean?

I actually was at the seen where it happened and saw her get shot in my dream but I wasnt there when the shooting took place in real life but I had that dream and shocked me because I jumped up out of my sleep and woke up and my dad's wife heres her voice at night and she crys calling my dad but we had did this church thing (for catholics) were she would be in rest it was 9 days of church and we completed it and they say that her spirt will cross over and I do believe that because before I felt her with me and now I dont but I really just need some answers to this.

Example: What does my dream mean :(?

It looked like I had a blackhead on my chest so I tried to squeeze it to pop it. And this reaaallly long worm came out? My mom was by the computer so I tried to walk there to show her, but by the time I was pon the other side of my bathroom it was back in my chest. So I tried to pop it again and this brown liquid got all over the mirror. Then I saw the worm swimming around the other side of my chest and I showed my mom and she said it was normal? So Then I went back into the bathroom and it was this blue blob on my back and the started growing longer and there was more. So I called my primary care Dr., and told him everything, then he popped up in my bathroom and I woke up...

Serious answersss.

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