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Dream About Chicken (Food) meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about these animals in one dream?

i dont remember much of my dream but what i do remember is the animals. there were guinea pigs (2 both brown/black in colour), a white rabbit, a cat (my cat) and a stote. my cat tried to eat the guinea pigs but I got them away, then the cat disappeared then i stote came to the window and the rabbit and guinea pigs had disappeared but there were some chicks and a dead chicken.

Animals are one of the most frequent of symbols that appear in dreams. Seeing Animals in a dream often symbolise the emotions which might be feeling in real life - but you might not be able to show your true emotions because of the problems this might cause. Animals have no such inhibitions, so dreaming of animal can provide an outlet for pent up emotions.
To see a guinea pig in your dream suggests that you are keeping your temper in line. This dream can also indicate a need for love and acceptance.

To see a rabbit in your dream, foretells of luck, magic and of a favourable turn of events and a positive outlook in your future endeavours.

Cats themselves are quite resourceful and tend to give us messages of change, flexibility of adaptability.

To dream of a stoat, indicates the promise of wealth and prosperity.

To see chicks in your dream implies that someone in your life may be displaying weak or spineless behaviour. Chicks are also indicative of mindless prattle and rumours. Be careful of what information you may pass on about others.

Chicken represent cowardliness, rumor, chattering and lack of will power. Chickens are not symbolized for intelligence or beauty but it means that you have to more focused and more serious in your life.

If you have a dream about a dead chicken then this means that you need to stop worrying about your current problems and start worrying about providing for yourself. Unlike a cow, a chicken is seen as one of the most meager ways of getting food. A cow can feed you for years with cheese and dairy, but a chicken needs a little extra help. You can’t live totally off of eggs with the chicken and if you kill it and eat its meat it will only last you a night or maybe two or three if you really stretch it out. If even your last chicken has died then it means you need to pay a lot more attention to what you have got going on and see if you can make sure you get a bit more out of your fridge. In other words, your main sources of food are being cut off, see what you can do to make sure that this does not happen and make sure that you are still able to

Example: What does my dream mean?

This time I had a dream that I killed a deer... well sort of... I was a younger in the dream than I am now (around 14). I was on some sort of a farm and I had bow and arrows. I shot the dear five times (I don't understand why it wouldn't get away). It was still alive after I shot it five times and while I was shooting I was certain I wanted to kill it (I think for food, but I'm not sure). Then I realized what I was doing when it lay on the ground and went to it and picked it up. It was crying but the wounds didn't seem fatal and I thought it would live and wanted it to... then I woke up... I come from a family of vegetarians though I sometimes (though rarely and often through necessity) eat fish and in worst cases chicken. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was eating chicken soup or something and I had swallowed some bones but there was this big one I was chocking on and I see my crush walking by as I start to choke but he doesnt notice I was chocking nobody did untill I ask my brother (which I havent seen for a long time because he's in the military) to help me and he does but I end up just being able to swallow the bone what could this mean?

Example: What do these two crazy dreams Mean? Dead cockroaches and spoiled meat?

In the first dream, I was at my parents house. I looked behind a curtain at the window and dead cockroaches lined the window seal. All shapes in sizes with their dead shell like bodies, pieces of their crispy carcasses scattered along the window seal. It looked as if they had been there a while. It was a collection that had to have accumulated over time. My dad's chair was beside the window. A throw blanket was over the back of his chair. I lifted the blanket up a bit to find more dead roaches. The legs and bodies seeming caught to the fabric of the chair and the blanket. I was utterly disgusted. A few seemed to still be alive and moving. I couldn't believe my dad would sit in such a nasty chair. Then I woke up.
I went back to sleep and into a dream where I was a contestant on a show. Every day I had to eat whatever I was given to win. On this particular day, it was gangrene beef and chicken that was not spoiled. The chicken was okay and safe to eat. Both meats were already cut into bite size peices. The gangrene beef was dark. The chicken was white as if it were canned chicken. My son (age 8) was in the dream. He wanted to try some and I wouldn't let him because it could make him sick. He had a toy in a package with him. The packaged toy looked like he might have gotten it from a happy meal.

That is all I remember of that dream. I had both dreams in the same night.

So...peanut gallery...what do you think? Any idea what these might symbolize?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with my friends in a strange house when some force was negatively threatening us. My friend Brendan and I ran into the garage where somehow we knew we had to pretend to start kissing to satisfy it's request. So, we pretended to kiss, thinking we were alone, but we turned around and there was a small class being taught behind us, so we ran out of the garage. Then, I was back at my home where one of my former friends called and asked if she could stop by (we are no longer friends in waking life, and are not on good terms) and I said yes. She came by and we talked and hugged and were acting friendly. After she left, one of my other former friends came by in a white van with the guy she was dating at school that was a really old man. We were driving to go eat at a american/oreintal buffet, when i caught them talking about having a relationship and then they kissed so of course feeling uncomfertable, I decided they would follow me in and left to go inside the restaruant. Inside, I seen my mom and other family sitting eating at a table. The place was going to close soon, so they didn't have a wide selection of food anymore and employees were cleaning and leaving. There was a server behind the food stand. I asked the girl if i could have a few to go boxes to put some food in, she was at the salad station and I wanted some salad. We argued and she became sarcastic and rude, my old friend with the older boyfriend came to my aide and we all started yelling and verbally fighting. Then, the girl reached under and started to pull my hair, which led into a huge fight with me and her, and I hurt her really badly. At one point she got knocked out by me and i thought she was dead, but she regained conciousness. As I went to go fill my other boxes with food, i wanted cornbread this time, she began at me again and we got into it only verbally. This time the owner came out and was yelling at me in veitnamese obviously about the employee, but i sat with my family and ate the salad from the to go box. I had three to go boxes, in one the salad, one the corn bread, and the other was fried foods like fish and chicken sticks. After leaving, I opened the third one and instead inside were pictures (I dont remember of what or of who) and i became angry that she switched my order. This caught the attention of the news and my dream "view" shifted to a riot in England where there were people mad about me fighting her, and others were angry people were defending her.

What does this mean? Does the particular food have a meaning? What does fighting symbolize?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had fell in love with this chinese kid at my school and he is pretty good looking for a chinese kid but we were getting married (age fifteen) then right before we went to get married I broke down and cried because I was too scared and he was not hott enough (shallow I know,but its not me its my dream) and then I ran away. is this supposed to mean anything?

Example: What do my dreams mean?help me?

i have been having alot of dreams lately with mary winstead in them. the first one was that i was like watching comedy central and she was in it and a bunch of othere people. the second one was, we were in my dads office doing work and they gave us pizza for lunch. mary was sitting across from me and she was taking off the cheese and tomatoes off the pizza. and she said that she dosent like cheese or tomatoes. then all of a sudden we were in a resturaunt and she told me she did not like sea food, she likes chicken, and some other stuff i cant remember. the last dream was that we were at a fair and mary was with us. we were watching tv on the bed and then she fell asleep. so i left her and went to go get my friend. when we came back she was gone and i asked if any one found her and they said that these evil people took her. so i went to the place and she was on top of this super tall jungle gym. i went up there and she was completely brain washed, she didnt remember me.

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean?

It started as a dream then ended as a nightmare. As soon as I woke up I wrote it down, so I have a LOTTTT to write.

Okay so me and my 5th grade class (and one girl from the other class) were on a chicken farm. We were in this room where there were chickens in pens all around us. We were split off into groups of 4 and our goal was to build a tower/pyramid of sugar. The sugar wasn't in cubes, but the ground up kind you put into your coffee. For some reason my group was horrible at making a simple tower out of sugar so I yelled at them to do a better job ( like I would do in real life :D). The people in my group (including the girl from the other class) kept on accidentally throwing sugar out of the wooden container we were supposed to build the sugar tower in so it was all over the floor. I scooped up the sugar and threw it back onto our pile and for some reason I ate some. ( Eating sugar from the floor in a chicken plant = salmonella ) :P So at the end of the dream I kind of (cont..)

Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream
First i was on the rooftops of my high school fighting monsters or demons i don't know which and i was fighting them with magic . My partner fighting with me was this girl i liked but she was weaker and i had to protect her. then i killed a very important person who was chinese and he was like an evil ruler or dictator. He also knew how to use magic but to my surprise i snuck into his palace and assassinated him with a butcher knife to the back. i covered his mouth so he wouldn't scream. His guard came around the corner and was all like, " what have you done? you set great dangers upon yourself," that wasn't the exact words but that's what i remember he said. When i killed him i was the leader of the city and my Friends worked for me. someone was trying to kill me and eliminate my Friends. One of my Friends had white hair and a red leather jacket and it was announced that the guy i killed planned to kill him. This story is a little jumpy but then i was listening to a video as if i was in a game where they transfer you to a screen. then i was playing a video game that i won. sort of like skateboarding in tokyo on floating skateboards. then i somehow ended up in the past in the 1960's with my Friend david. we were hungry so we went into a kfc and ordered 2 meals of chicken and mashed potatoes. the lady looked at us suspiciously when we handed her a yellow 10 dollar bill from the future. she told us to wait there and talked to her other workers. she was chinese and so was every worker there. my Friend realized wat was going on and just left an older version of a 10 dollar bill on the counter and ran out. The lady started blaming me for giving her a fake 10 dollar bill, and i was like i didn't give you that my Friend did i have money to pay for my meal! i gave the lady 3 old dollars and some old pennies . the meal had cost 3.15. She asked me to tell her my school schedule which i immediately became defensive saying no! i payed for my food and that guy wasnt paying for me i shudnt be in trouble! and shes like well okay and she gave me my food and immediatly dissapeared into the workers area. i was eating my food and watching an old time t.v. that was inside the place. The reseraunt was not using lights though, only had the t.v.. then i woke up from a phone call

Example: Dream Interpretation: What does it mean if I am at a Fast Food joint cursing because I have the wrong currency?

I am apparently in England, and I have just pulled out a wad of U.S. bills.

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