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Dream About Chinese Food meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that my ex boyfriend's ex-best friend's ex-girlfriend bumped into me while I was standing around this chinese dragon style vacation resort that was shaped like the traditional imperial homes in ancient china and the building was to the left of where I was standing. She bumped into me and started walking with me and asked me if I knew any eating areas that were open after 9:00 p.m. and I told her and I asked her whether she wanted western or eastern food. Then I told her that I knew bubble republic was open for sure and apologized for not knowing any other restaurants. Then to the right / north of where I was standing, this stalker / killer who hacked into my e-mail account comes beside me and sticks a guy to me to prevent me from moving left or right and he tries to kill me. I wanted to accuse him of hacking into my e-mail account but something stopped me from doing this, apparently in my dream, it wasn't HIM that hacked into my e-mail account, it was somebody pretending to be him. Whatever he was plotting he apparently didn't act alone. I then began to wander if maybe this girl's ex-boyfriend was the one that helped him hack into my e-mail account. Then my dream ended.

Well this is just kind of a guess because I don't really know any of the details in your life. But from this dream I would assume that you like this girl and actually want to be friends. However you don't really know how and don't want it to be awkward and weird in anyway. That is why in your dream you're at some Asian temple place, a place that I would assume neither of you are familiar with so you guys are on common ground and the friendship doesn't start out in an awkward place.

The second part with the killer is a bit more difficult. I would assume you have fears of someone hacking your e-mail. I mean a lot of personal information is there and I know I certainly wouldn't want anyone hacking mine. I will also assume either this girls ex-boyfriend or her do a lot of the stupid Facebook status hacks or it happens to them a lot that is why he is the person you assume to be responsible for the hacking of your e-mail. The killer doesn't kill you because he wants you to be scared. I don't know if that has anything to do with real life but it seems to have some kind of focus on your e-mail, so if I were you I'd try and improve the security on your e-mail or at least change your e-mail password.

Example: Had a nightmare about a snake? can any one tell me the meaning of my dream.?

Last night in my dream, I saw a frog leaping in a horizontal wall like if it was a side walk. There was a brown line behind the froggy the frog suddenly it dissapeared and then i just saw a long brown snake. I want to kill it, so I look around and found a whip and few snaps later i cut off the head of the snake and the snake was not dead weirdly it converted into 2 snakes. I heard this voice that told me that if i keep cutting the snake that they will continue to multiply into a bigger and stronger snakes then suddenly I woke up.

Example: What could this usual dream mean?

i dreamed of being in the chinese shop gettting food and my mother was complaing about her being late for work because she stopped and then i was a my grandmothers house i got a drink and walked out the back door and i seen a huge beautiful swan expand its wings and i knew it was a swan because i said oh a swan! and then it turned black brownish and it looked like and ostrich and it was chasing me and people i knew try to stick its head up our shirts.

Example: Is Chinese food a good enough reason to work as a teacher in China?

I love Chinese food. I often dream about Szechuan cuisine. Noodles, fried beef, chicken, and vegetables with spicy sauses really make me happy.

So, I've been toying with the idea of getting a job as an English teacher in China.

I'd like to know (perhaps from those who have actually worked in China) if spending a year over there is really the gastronomic delight I am imagining it will be. Or if the reality (perhaps misery) of daily life as a teacher in China somehow detracts from the experience.

Should I just enjoy my beloved Chinese food at my local restaurants, or is it worth heading over there? Is the food there much different from better quality western restaurants? Of course I understand late night fast food take-away is not real Chinese food.

Thanks for your input, and yes I am very hungry while writing this. :-)

Example: What does my dream mean?

So what I remember from this dream is that I had no where to go. It was dark out, raining, and all I had was a bag of clothes. I walked to this Chinese take out place and remembered that they had spare rooms that you could sleep at. I asked the owner and he took me in the back and showed me where I could sleep. There, I saw a friend of mine (who I talk to now, and claimed that he really liked me). I layed down and fell asleep. Only to awake to a bunch of animals on my bed, who were mostly white bunnies with big gray spots on them. I petted them and told him how cute they were. I took my purse and took a walk when I reached this big spray painted wall. I knew it was my friend (he does good sketches) because of the style. Then I looked down into my purse and saw a note that I knew he left in my purse. It asked me if I would date him. I saw and rushed back to where I slept that night. I saw him there, with this big wierd armor on him. He told me that these people were going to try to take his beloved pets and that he was going to hide them and hide with them. The female that also owned the Chinese restaurant with her husband said that she would protect them with her own life. I watched him get into hiding. Holding the note in my hand, heart broken because of what could of happened.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had fell in love with this chinese kid at my school and he is pretty good looking for a chinese kid but we were getting married (age fifteen) then right before we went to get married I broke down and cried because I was too scared and he was not hott enough (shallow I know,but its not me its my dream) and then I ran away. is this supposed to mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that a skinny chinese guy (who was probably half my width) asked me to marry him and I was only given 24 hours to decide whether or not I wanted to say yes. I chose to accept his proposal and then the next day we chose to celebrate our pre-marriage ceremonies by eating at mandarin buffet and I was dressed in this jacket that I've had ever since I was 12 years old and I think in my dream I also adopted the go that I had when I was 12 and while we were at the buffet my former friend who is now an internal medicine doctor was serving the buffet food because he wanted to cure anybody who might have cancer if he saw them at the buffet.

I know it makes no sense eh? An internal doctor going to the buffet to find patients? What the hell does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was living in a white condo or a duplex (that I've nevr been to or seen before in my life,but it felt so real I could almost taste it)
I was there with my son, and a male friend that was visiting me from far away, staying with me for a short time (I have never seen this male friend before either) but I was crushing on him in my dream, had the hots for him
We went over to this big window in the living room and watched as my Blue car that (really is in the shop) got delivered by my old drunken roomate that I haven't seen in years who aslo used to be a pepboys mechanic, I remember thinking in my dream that it was weird he delivered my car because he didn't work for the town my car was getting fixed in and didn't really make sence, as I went out to greet him I asked if he remember who I was, and he said yes "M" I know who you are I only lived with you for 2 years... then he grabbed his brown paper bag (which was either chinese food or beer I couldn't tell) and he walked out of the parking lot because he doesn't have a car..
Then My guy friend and I went inside, when the door was closed I Kissed him on the lips with my son in my arms, a first kiss, and I remember it put him in shock.. he didn't push me away but he wasn't really into it either... BTW in real life if I liked someone and wasnt sure how they'd react I would never do what I did in my dream
and then I woke up
so what does this mean?

Example: ODD DREAM WITH CARS AND CHINESE PEOPLE? i have nothing to do with chinese other then i love chinese food..?

Wierd dream! Chinese people and cars? help?
Ok so this is what i dreamt. At first i went into a chinese restaurant where i ordered soup, chicken with rice and an apetizer i think it was dumplings. then i ate the soup and everything else was brought out...for some reason a chinese person whom i think was the owner it was a female sat next to me and started eating HER soup. at that moment i was eating the chicken with rice but only had 1/2 of it and did not eat any of the apetizer. before i knew it the woman ate my apetizer and the other 1/2 of my meal was taken away by someone else. which is wierd (oh by the way i NEVER EVER remember my dreams especially in such details) anyways...then the check comes for EVERYTHING. yet she ate my apetizer and 1/2 of my food was taken and it ends up being that i ate half and i had the soup and thats it. i refused to pay it and only wanted to pay for what i ate. so...it took them a while to come back but i dont remember if i paid any of it or just left..thats blury because the next thing i know there is another scene. a car scene in my driveway...maybe early next morning or maybe that day or night. my car was parked in the driveway and a bunch of chinese come with their car and start beating and damaging mine or rather they tell me they will and i dont konw why..somehow the police shows up and i dont know what happened in between..but i know i woke up...so thats odd also im not chinese im 24 year old female live in new york. the only thing is that i do have a new car only 3-4 months old and im very careful with it plus on sunday our apetizer for our party is sushi and im going to the place on friday even if sushi is japanese im confused maybe it has something to do with it! because the people working there are definilty chinese not japanese. isnt this odd? explain please!
10 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.
Additional Details
10 hours ago

By the way im NOT scared of chinese...i love them and their food and their culture and cant wait to go to China etc...second i live in new york city in brooklyn where most of them reside so there is no fear or fear of assimilation or anything of that sort. its deeper then that.
8 hours ago

in response to the third answer: i dont live near china town and i hae never ever had anything to do with a chinese person other then going to school with them several years ago, ordering takeout, eating at their restaurants etc. Otherwise they dont really mean anything symbolic to me. No authority there. But why chinese? why my car? i dont get it. thats why this is so strange for me. Its something i wouldnt think about. I am a graduate student, egaged, happy, overweight, going to be a teacher, there will be a family gathering this sunday with both sides of the family thats the only thing but chinese? no..i dont think so...i wont even bring the olympics into this...thats not something that even phases me! then what does this mean? HELP!

Example: What could my dream mean?

I keep dreaming about 1 of my Yahoo contacts. In this dream I was at an airport waiting for my contact/fan to arrive, when I saw him walking toward me I waited to see if he would recognize me. Then when he came up, he greeted me and started conversation by saying that at first he wasn't sure that it was me because I looked older than I do in my photo, more like 27 than 23. My first impression of him was similar, although I thought he looked a bit younger than he did in his photo, he looked 22 almost.
Then we were driving in a car and stopped to get some dinner, we went through a drive-through and ordered Chinese food. We continued to drive, and at one point went up a shallow hill, and he asked me how fast I wanted the car to go. I told him 280 miles. Then the car seemed to soar, like a spaceship going through space.
Then we were back at the airport, I told him I wanted him to meet my dad, I thought my dad would really like to meet him. He said that he couldn't, that he had to return home. I felt very sad because I knew that I would never see him again.

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