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Dream About Chocolate Milk meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

iv looked everywhere for what my dream means and couldn't find it on the wiki or on the you-tube not even the Google...
i had my eyes closed and was asleep when i had this weird dream, i was in my house (but it was different but i still new it was my house) and i was rubbing semi-skimmed milk threw my hair (real intensely) then out of nowhere my friends granddad came in and started swinging his claw hands at me i was panicked and frighted because he had this crazy look i his eye that he also wanted to rape me...after realising i didn't want to get ripped up or raped i threw my semi-skimmed in his eyes to obscure his vision, this gave me some time to fine a weapon i grabbed free-view box and smashed my friends granddad in the head with it, he went down and didn't move but i was in a crazed mood and started to rip him apart with my hands when i noticed his blood and guts were green, there was green everywere witch freaked me out and woke me up... i was flustered and sweating but glad it was just a dream, i went back to sleep and woke up in the mourning on Saturday to have my sugar puffs when i smelled my fingers they stunk and it brought the memory of the weird green guts and blood.
im freaked out can anyone explain what is going on? do i have the power to hurt people in my dreams? please any kind of explanation will help my mind rest.

There is a lot in your dream but it's very mixed up which indicates you are being affected by chemicals. This is very common and people are not aware of it.

First of all, the dream symbols. your are rubbing semi-skimmed milk very intensley into your hair. Milk is like emotional balm but it is semi-skimmed so it is not very rich meaning you don't have much balm in your life and you were rubbing it intensely which means you are aware of how desperately you need some emotional support, some TLC (tender loving care). You are frightened of your grandfather - you will have to look at your life and see whether there is any reason for this. You say you are freaked out and very concerned that you might have the power to hur people in your dreams - again you have to look at your behaviour in real life and see why you are worried abou this. You woke up flustered and sweating. Again you were very distressed by this dream. You are eating sugar puffs and you hands stink. All this says you are not looking after yourself properly in real life.

Now, because the dream was mixed up and you woke up sweating and flustered it seems to me that you may well be affected by chemicals and just a generally bad life style. Don't touch caffeine. It is a very dangerous drug that causes anxiety, depression and thought and sleep disorders. Caffeine is in many things including soda and some alcoholic drinks as well as tea, coffee and chocolate. It is also accumulative so if you have ONE cup of tea a day it will add up in the body and if you are sensitive to it you can have serious side effects. Also are you on ANY medication. ALL drugs have the potential for serious and unpleasant side effects. Flagyl for example, is an antibiotic but it can cause horrible panic attacks and other serious side effects. So can many others drugs including over the counter medications like Panadol etc.

If you are chemically sensitive, you should only use a hypoallergic body wash to wash your hair and your body and only use hypoallergic moisturisers etc. SOOO many things have chemicals in them that affect you but the obvious things are Don't TOUCH caffiene, nicotine, alcohol or any drugs. Start searching for ways to improve your health, sleep and self esteem. This should become a life long habit. Good luck. xxx and don't tarry with taking this on board.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where everybody on earth went to heaven but i was still on earth. I could still communicate with people in heaven while i was on earth. At the end of the dream, i went to heaven with everybody and i remember drinking chocolate milk in heaven. I know the chocolate milk is random but i remember making with chocolate syrup in heaven. lol

Example: Dreamt about searching for chocolate chip cookies and milk, what does it mean?

Basically, I was back where I grew up (haven't been there in 8 years) and I dreamt about trying to find a box of chocolate chip cookies and milk to purchase. Both stores are closed now, but I went to one and it was open, but they didn't have any milk, only cookies. So I went down the street and it was closed down, so I continued searching for milk and cookies. Anyone want to take on this interpretation? Thanks! Johnny

Example: What do these disturbing dreams mean?

I have aspergers syndrome and I've been having these disturbing dreams that I'm walking and everything is off balance and I keep falling and everyone is laughing at me, I then get up only to fall again I've been having these dreams for the past two weeks. What can these disturbing dreams mean and how can I prevent them from happening again?

Example: I had dream I was drinking the las of a gallon of chocolate milk, and I NEVER EVER drink...?

...chocolate milk, does this mean anything?

Example: Ok so my friend had a wierd dream about fish sticks hookers and chocolate milk what does this mean?

Example: Dream i was trying to buy chocolate milk with my moms credit card?

But I couldn't find it. I thought I had her purse and I know her card number... but her purse was gone when I was trying to find it at the convenience store counter. Oh another dream - I was in walmart and my pants were gone (I was wearing underwear) I was trying to hide and find something to put on. I did find a skirt and wore it. (I rarely wear skirts/dresses) Oh one more. I was in a military uniform. I light colored camouflage.

Example: Does anyone else have sexual dreams about chocolate?

Do sex and chocolate ever intertwine in your dreams?

Example: I had a weird dream, and want to know what it means?!?

My Grandma died in January but in my dream, she died and me and my cousins sang her favourite song. Then my uncle bought us milkshakes and I don't know why but we starting celebrating. Then we went upstairs and eat loads of chocolate and when we came down, we were really fat. Any ideas?

Example: Continuous dream, what does it mean?

i keep having this weird dream that the guy that i likes grandma dies and i end up going to the funeral with him, but at the funeral he ends up going on a sugar rush after drinking alot of chocolate milk (he really like chocolate milk) and i have to keep him under controll, the funeral is really weird were my favourite band My Chemical Romance preforms and that if you were family you got these out there chairs that are really high and spin. Then half way through the funeral police show up and arrest his best friend for no reason.
After that i wake up and just stop thinking about it, but now after about a fortnight it's hard not to think about it and is starting to get to me!
does this dream have any meaning or is it just completely meaning less?

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