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Dream About Churn meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean ?

i had this dream a few months ago where i could not wake up and it was this stomach churning dream of me being chased in the woods and everywhere by theese killers and police who were against me but im not sure what for and i just cant wake up from the dreams , and last night i had another one and heres the whole dream , i was in a mall and i killed someone by accident with a tv ? i know , weird but i didnt ake it up it all just popped into my head so anyway ... i was runnig from the police and gunmen and army tones of them and there was two lifts leading to two shops , one my mums and one someone elses and this agent tried to kill me by making me go in the lift so he went in the other one and said we'd go down on 3 , but he went down i didnt , ( and i do have a phobia of lifts) and then i ended up in this garrage with other people but i dont rememeber there faces and ithe garrage was made up of a plastic material so i kicked and kicked , and i felt ths in real life the forse and the panic i was in so i got throgh the plastic and people were fireing at me one of the boys who was with me got shot and thats when i ran away and the dream ended ? :l and also ive had about 3 dreams now where i feel it , like id be waling into some toilets at my school and i girl would go o tie her hair and id hit her elbow in my face but d feel this gust of wind on my face and id immediatly wake up , ive seen a ghost before but thats another story , HELP ?

Sometimes it can be very difficult to offer a reasonable interpretation of someones dream as there are so many aspects , you just don't know where to begin. It sounds like you had allot going on in your dream and it could be reflecting of your life in you waking state. Sometimes dreams can be symbolic of other things in your life as well as they can be specific or precognitive. I have had dreams that seemed like action movies and when I woke up to review my dream it seemed so fascinating on how my mind could come up with such a script. I have also had precognitive dreams that did eventually came to be true. What exists in our dream state is very much a mystery and each of us is unique to ourselves yet at times we can share some very profound experiences. I would recommend you keep a dream journal next to your bed. Your dreams are fresh just after you wake up and you can write them down and possibly go back and correlate experiences to a previous dream. Good luck and sweet dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on the beach standing in thigh deep churning water, it was a bright, sunny windy day.. a few feet from me my mother was in the water too, she was smiling and laughing, calling out my name. I come over to her and she points into the water, in front of her in the water I can see several giant goldfish swimming around. what does this dream mean, if anything? I remember feeling pretty happy in it. also, I often have dreams where water is a major theme, is that significant in any way?

Example: What does this weird dream I had mean?

I was sitting on a rock at a beach. It was morning time. Sea Gulls were screeching and tourists were meandering about here and there. Suddenly, the rock I was on transformed into the head of a giant. It plunged upwards out of the sand and threw me into the water. People started screaming but I didn't have time to as I was sucked into the water.

The ocean currents were strong and dragged me down swiftly. Instantly, a group of mermen in full suits of Greek-like armor came and grabbed me. The dragged me through the water and tossed me out of their ocean as if they were disgusted with me. I was sailing through the sky and thought It'd go on forever and ever when a swarm of Sea Gulls came and plucked me up with their claws.

They took me through the air and dropped me on a forested island. Before I could catch my breath, the ground exploded around me and the trees turned into Ents like that movie The Lord of the Rings. They picked me up and tossed me off their island. I flew speedily through the air and landed on a mountain. The mountain shuddered as if in fear and split in half dropping me neatly down in the middle.

It was dark only for a minute and I wasn't left alone very long. All too soon, I felt an underwater river pick up my trail. It whisked me away and dumped me off it onto a pile of sand. The sand churned and moved. It flowed like water and carried me to a room of stone filled with gold, silver, and jewels.

Then it fled out of the room and the hole it passed through sealed up. Nothing happened and I nearly jumped for joy. However, it seemed as if nature wasn't through with me for seconds later the treasure in the cave began dumping itself on top of me. I was smothered and getting strangled. As if to make sure it had done a proper job, the stone cave around began breaking up and falling on top of me. Just when I thought I was going to die; I woke up!

Now what in blue blazes does that mean if it means anything? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok well i dreamed that we were having my phscology class in my grandmas bedroom. And that i was having problems seeing so i went to go get some eyedrops. It helped for a minute but then i would try to open my eyes and then they would close automatically. i was like blind. and we started playing head shoulders knees and toes and i couldnt do it because i couldnt see. then i tried walking down my grandparents hallways which was supposed to be the school hallway. and i could barely see and i was running into people. What do you think this dream means?

Example: What does my strange dream mean?

I had a dream I was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and swimming in the ocean, surrounded by coral. There was also an asian lady in a wet suit, she was a marine biologist. She kept telling me how killer whales were coming and how they killed her brother, and that I should stay away from them. This was odd because I often have dreams about killer whales, and often I'm terrified of them and swimming away. What do you think this means? Answers such as "Dreams don't mean anything" won't get 10 points. Oh and there were muddy violent waves, I've had dreams about that before too.

Example: I had a dream that I stole cheese...what the heck does that mean ?

...and no silly answers...serious cheese interpreters only ;-}

Example: What does this dream mean?

Just a quick bit of real life information about me first otherwise my dream might not make sense:

I'm a 15 year old M2F transsexual living as a guy currently, in other words I'm a girl in a guys body.
I fancy girls so as a girl I'd be a lesbian.
I crossdress a bit cos I kinda have to hide my feminine side at home so when no ones around I crossdress but there's always that fear someone will catch me.
And really to answer this question that's all you need to know.

My dream:

Right, well I was in this girls bedroom and in my dream it turned out to be my girlfriend and in this dream i was still a guy, and she was letting me try on her clothes and I put on this cute sundress of hers.

And then I went downstairs in this dress with her to watch a movie with her and we sat on the a soffa together with me curled up in a ball leaning on her. I felt so cute, lol.

What does this dream mean, I've never had dreams where I'm being my feminine self as who I am now, I usually dream I'm girl.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Weird repetitive dream meaning?

I have had this recurring dream for 2 weeks now that I am on an aircraft carrier by a beach and there is a huge storm and the ship is swaying and the sea is churning. Then it stops and a golden retriver walks up to the ship over the water which doesn't turn out to be deep at all and I see four people who take me to a house and no-one says anything but I know there is a zombie apocalypse (somehow). So I get to the house (Which is my house) and sleep in my bed and wake up with the other people in the house telling me to leave. BUT I don't want to leave because I have these bags of food and clothes which I want to take with me but before I can even pick it up two zombies are in my house and the people are gone. So it turns out that I have a knife and I walk out my room into the living room and stab one of the zombies in the head and it is just like stabbing an apple. I walk into the hall and the other zombie is facing away from me but turns and runs to me and I kill that too. Then I walk back to the living room and another zombie is breaking throught the window and as I grab it and stab it to death I see a zombie on the road outside drive past and look into its rear view mirror aand get out the car. So I go to my door with the knife and walk out knowing that they are going to keep coming.

ps the dream doesnt bother me but Its just strange it happpens over and over.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of really tender/admiring feelings? Is it love?

I had a dream about snuggling with this guy I barely know from one of my classes.
During the dream, I buried my face into his neck, and we were both wrapped up in blankets. It wasn't anything sexual, just cuddling kind of, because he was really cold.
While I was snuggling, I felt th is really tender feeling, and I'm not sure what it was. I also felt admiration. And, it was just really soft, and made me feeling slightly nostalgic/my stomach churn.
What do you think it means?/What do you think the feelings mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream last night I hope someone can tell me what it means.

I was in my kitchen warming up some food in the microwave. I continue to warm up my food and the microwave started making this weird loud alarm noise I walk closer to the microwave and it was like feeling the heat from a fire 10x as hot. My mom grabs my brother and runs out the door locking it leaving me locked inside the house filling up with lava my skin melting off I look out the window my mom is laughing at me saying a mumbled "burn fag".

Is this a weird dream or is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

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