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Dream About Cinnamon meanings

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Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

In my dream ,I was a bear(female) with a husband and son(we were all bears). We were traveling and came across a village(all human). The main source of money was cinnamon rolls. The village grew the ingredients for cinnamon rolls but the ingredients were scarce and only the king knew how to make cinnamon rolls the right way.But then I came along, and I knew how to make cinnamon rolls, but no one believed me so I had a showdown with the the king. The people of the village didnt like this because this involved using the ingredients. To make the cinnamon rolls i made this paper-like dough and wrapped it around my hand. After a few minutes I took it of my hand and put it in the sink where it turned into a sponge and it would take 6 months to turn into a cinnamon roll. If my cinnamon roll turned out better than the kings cinnamon roll then I would have to become the new ruler of the village and the kings advisor(a short man/rabbit) didnt like that. So he turned the village against me and said that I was a phony who couldnt make cinnamon rolls and had wasted their supplies and they all came at me with guns. The king was in love with me, so he helped me survive while the villagers shot at me, but if I was shot 11 times I would die. After 5 months and the villagers were still shooting at me, I had been shot 10 times and started dying. While I died I said, "Dont destroy the cinnamon roll. Wait for it to bloom then eat it." As soon as I died(probaly from blood loss) the sponge turned into a cinnamon roll, and everyone ate it and it was the greatest cinnamon roll in history.

great dream, I like cinnamon rolls. it could mean that there will be a challenge for you to undertake, maybe you want to be a baker in life, trying new things out. maybe be a ruler of some short (a manger, ceo ect...) maybe an inventor or a story writer for young kids. you are going to do something when everyone says it is impossible to do, embrace this and success will be yours. you have to stand out and go against all that make fun of you (that would be the crowds) as for the king that might be your lover (who ever that might end up being). that's what life's challenge are like. This is in your control, keep with it.

Example: I had a dream if anyone can interpret it.?

I dreamt that I was cooking a turkey and I spent the dream looking for cinnamon, salsa and other ingredients and asking my cousin to chop an onion. What is that?

Example: Last night, I dreamed I was swimming in a sea of bran muffins, what does this mean?


ok so this is what my friend told me her dream was, and I'm supposed to interpret it! So any ideas of what you think it is? Because I have absolutly no clue! lol Please and thank you!

"This morning you asked me if I remembered my dream..and i just remembered it, it was morning and i got up and put a bagel in the toaster and when it was done i put butter, cinnamon, and sugar on it, and right before I was about to eat it I woke up..which is sad cause I love bagels with butter, cinnamon, and sugar on it, so what do you think it means? =P"
-My Friend

Example: I had drink cinnamon in my dream what dose mean that please?

Example: Smelling cinnamon in dreams?

Last night I dreamed that every time I got close to someone or passed a person, they said I smelled really strongly of cinnamon or that I smelled really good (some guess cinnamon when they said that). I dreamed of other things, but this was one of the things that stood out the most. It's probably just something random, but does anyone know what smelling like cinnamon to everyone in your dreams mean?

Example: What does "cinnamon swirl" mean?

"day dreaming"

Example: 10 pts to who can tell me what Cinnamon Girl means by Neil Young?

" I wanna live with a cinnamon girl I could be happy the rest of my life With a cinnamon girl. A dream..."

does it mean shes a ginger?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright, before I tell you my dream, I need to tell you about my dog name Lola

We got two dogs, about seven months ago, Lola and Cinnamon. We ( Well, my brothers and mom, they never decided to ask me ) Decided that we could only keep one, because two dogs were "Too much". Right after they left with Lola, the day the gave her away, I was crying, balling my eyes out for an hour, and was pretty depressed for weeks, sometimes crying just thinking about her. I miss you so much, even right now. Oh, and yesterday my brother was yelling at me for something, even though it was obviously his fault, and since he's older, he ALWAYS thinks he right about something, and isn't the person to apologize for anything.

Now, In my dream, I was in my kitchen, and my brother goes " Beba, close your eyes I have a surprise for you!" And i'm pretty sure he apologized for something he did a few days ago that pissed me off, which he never does, he always thinks it's my fault, because i'm younger =_=*. Then Lola comes walking, I was so happy, and exited, until I woke up and faced the reality, I'm not getting Lola back. I felt like crying, I wanted Lola back so much.. Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What does this mean in my dream...?

someone said as like an expression or simile or metaphor...im not sure...but they said "its like the wind blowing with Cinnamon in a bag" what is that supposed to mean?

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