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Dream About Citation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What my dreams mean?

I saw the dream interpretation section and I thought it was cool.
A few dreams from me, short to fit as little in details as possible.
1. I wake up, walk down the hall and see my (ex, now)computer teacher watching M*A*S*H on my computer. I say hello and make some little chitchat and then I walk down to our kitchen. I see my family as I get breakfast, and I look out the window, and see some treefrogs. I turn away, eating/drinking standing up. Cuts outside of our house, to president saying to 'blow up the area' and then back to us. I turn back around, eyes wide, and look at the treefrogs who then proceed to telepathically talk to the president and, with their minds, blow us up. The dream ends with a zoom-in on the treefrogs.

2. Simple: There is a bowl with my hands in it. I am eating my hands. They taste like strawberries.

3.I'm at a mall with my class and parents, all of us have shoppingcarts. Suddenly one of my classmate's parents (who I never met) turned into a dinosaur!

1. From what I see it seems as though this one is the result of subconcious absorbtion of current events of reality to represent symbols of deeper importance to you i.e. your brain picks up on things in the waking world and then applies them in your dreams in order to make the process of understanding the intent of the subconcious clearer in the form of dreams. This makes the process considerably harder based on the fact that I am unaware of your feelings concerning these people, places, etc. in your dreams, but I'll give it a shot. In this dream the first citation you make to the waking world is that of your ex. Based on a general understanding, the ex is often a representation of either relationships, pain, closeness, or isolation dependant on your feelings concerning that person in the real world. In any case, that fact that you spoke to that person is important because it likely represents a willingness to persue human connections despite the possibility of failure of the relationship (the significance of the whole "ex" status) whether platonic or otherwise. From there you proceed to your family, another act of significance. You and your family (I assume in this scenario) have a comfortable relatioship one in which failure is likely slim. This can in a way represent a regression from a less comfortable area (conversing with one who may cause you pain) to a scenario where rejection is relatively unlikely (I am going somewhere with this, please bear with my tangential theories). From there you proceed to the image of the president, one with significant importance. If you are like 68% percent of America, you likely disapprove of the president or his methods in some way and by that token distrust him. This immediate distrust as evidenced by his willingness to blow things up in your dream creates a new type of relationship in which you immediately block off what you automatically percieve as a threat in order to preserve yourself from a harmful relationship, thus keeping youself isolated to your family and your ex (people whom you are relatively comfortable with). While this is the natural human reaction, it proves to be fatal as the tree frogs, a group one would likely ignore, were the ones that did you in rather than the figurehead you automatically percieved as your killer. So what does it all mean? In summary, your dream tells you that you invest yourself in those with whom you have previous comfortable relationships (family, ex) while isolating yourself from those whom you believe can possibly do you harm (the president). However, this isolation leaves your defenses open to the anonymus and radical workings of those you would normally ignore (the treefrogs) in such a way that it is fatalistic both to yourself as well as your established relationships. Your subconcious may be urging you to discard the stereotypes you have unintentionally held against those you previously percieved as threats and to open communication in order to know and access your situation better to fend off the "treefrogs" that emerge in your life that would normally gain the upperhand. Least that's what I gained from it, it's ultimately more dependent on your valid feelings rather than my unverified theories. I appologize if I made some bad assumptions on this one.

Example: Why do we dream during sleep?do our dreams really mean something to the future events of our lives?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a black dragon in a coffin?

I had a dream once and i'm not good about remembering my dreams but there were two images i disttinctly remember: a black dragon in a coffin with me and others attending his funeral i guess ( we were all seated and facing the coffin) and i saw a tree later in the dream with sort of beads of light on the branches. there were no leaves. can someone interpret this (with appropriate citations)?

Example: The meaning of Dreams?

I had these dreams last night One was a dream I was getting married, I had on a veil, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had a compact and the mirror broke, then I had another dream that I was in the woods with my cat and I saw an owl. I looked up these dreams and an owl means death or evil, one book I had said a wedding is a union and another said it meant death. Another said a broken mirror is a sign of bad news. Do these dreams mean anything? Help, I am starting to get scared!

Example: Pokemon dream? tell what it means?

OK, so last night i had a drea m and tell what you think it mean thanks OK:
so i was in my car, and i was going to get something at the store and i go around the to park(right now we are in the real world) and i see ash,misty. and brock on the street so i park my car and go over to some girls that have a piece of paper with pokemon on it. i ask about ash and the others and they say that they made them real by cuting out the pokemon on the paper and also they can go to the real world and the pokemon world by taking ashs hat on any of the pokemon people and take it off. then everything is black and then i see pikachu has ashs hat and ash misty and brock locked up, so i say," pikachu take off the hat, take off ht hat!" he takes off the hat and it becomes bright and i find myself standin nextto ash and all the people from the show misty,brock, may, max, tracy,and dawn. then i see ho-oh over the rainbow like in the show ( and i didt watch the episode with it before i went to bed) ash says "lets go catch it!" so he stats running and the others are behind as yelling "wait up!" then in a house i see prof.oak! i yell "hi prf.oak" and he yells "do you want your first pokemon ?" and i say " not yet" and im stillrunning behind ash and i see al these pokemon it was so real it was sooooooo cool althese pokemon were runnind me and some flying around my head! then i see ash jump into a pond to get to the other side so i look at ho9-oh still in the sky before i jump in ( and oh-oh look soooooo amazing it looks sooo real) like i was saying i jump in to the pond and it AMAZING, like when may had that dream with manapy, but mine had piplup. but it was great! anyways i get out and ash is still in front and i see the end of the rainbow and ho-oh is in a nest next to the end of the rainbow and ash goes up to it and before he could totch it, ho-oh wakes up and spreads it wings and starts saying something about brave and a jorney and he flys up and land behind mei could barly feel its feathers i turn around and look up and see this big, great bird and then hads me this belt and it was small, long,and brown and i look around and see everybody frompokemon got one too. and then i see a girl from my class and see has a really really small one and she saids, " does anyone want to trade?" everyone laughts and the dream ends.

my nana says that someone will give me something but i dont know and i have this week know that would happen sometimes. what does this means?

Example: Dreams? What do they mean?

Are dreams what you want to happen? Do they mean anything? Does it have anything to do with whats in the future?

Example: What does my dream mean!?

I apparent had a co worker living at my house and she kept asking me how to get the shower to be hotter soo I went up stairs and turned the water hotter. She came in I had my boxers on and I had a massive *****. She grab it and said how long have u had this. Pushed my head toward her chest and I motor boated . Strange thing is I dont this lady co worker is hot at all.

Example: Do you know movies which contains literary citations?

which movies? thanks

Example: I must have three internal citations. What's that?

For my English report, we have to do an essay on how accurately the cost of the American Dream is portrayed in the movie "Death of a Salesman". The essay requires three internal citations. What does it mean by internal? One of these citations are the notes we were required to take on the movie.
The other two citations, can it be from any credible source, or does the term /internal/ citation mean it has to be from something specific?

Example: What do Native Indians do with the dream catcher of a deceased family member.?

My Tata passed away in September '11' and my nana and mother say that they feel his presence in the house, I spent the night for christmas and slept in his room. . .I had a dream about traveling on an unfinished freeway. . Was wondering if that meant my tata had sum un finished business. . .Could it be the dream catcher. Should it stay on his wall?

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