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Dream About Citron meanings

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Example: Why other colleges do not provide colored graduation hoods to graduates?


well, I was an alumna of Concordia University in Irvine for a semester and I remember looking @ graduation pictures and I notice how everyone wears a hood...which to me, makes the outfit stand out more since it's not just the black gown alone and yeah...

since i NOW go to CSUEB, i noticed that none that i've seen so far have worn a graduation hood...is it because they don't offer students to wear one of are they just not allowed?

I mean, wearing just the gown alone w/ leis or whatever is just plain old since it's just like graduating from highschool...

I hope everyone knows what hoods are...not those 'hoodies sweatshirt' or those 'sash' we call...please tell me why if u know the answer...because my dream is to graduate and wear a silky yellow and black hood behind my black gown someday...well...hopefully 3-4 yrs from now...

Caps and gowns are not fashion statements - every element of the very traditional garment has a meaning. The type of gown, the type of hood, the colors, stripes on the sleeves, all of this has meaning. This comes from the description given by Wayne State, but pretty much all schools use the same descriptions.

American universities have adopted a standardized code of academic costume. Each piece of apparel has a special meaning.

Gowns originated when higher education students were clerics and wore clothing that the church considered appropriate. In addition, gowns may have been used to help students keep warm in cold buildings.

The bachelor's gown has long pointed sleeves and is worn closed at the throat. A gown for the master's degree has oblong sleeves, open at the wrist and tapered in the back. It can be worn open or closed. Gowns worn by doctoral recipients have bell-shaped sleeves featuring three chevrons. The gown also may have velvet on its front.

Wearing a mortarboard stems from the ancient Roman custom of conferring upon slaves the right to wear a cap when they became free. Tassels attached to the cap's top are either black or the color associated with the area of study.

The academic hood is trimmed in velvet with the color of the subject in which the degree was granted.

For all academic purposes, the colors for particular subjects are:

Agriculture - Maize
Arts, Letters, Humanities - White
Commerce, Accountancy, Business - Drab
Dentistry - Lilac
Economics - Copper
Education - Light Blue
Engineering- Orange
Fine Arts - Brown
Forestry- Russet
Journalism - Crimson
Law - Purple
Library Science - Lemon
Medicine - Green
Music - Pink
Nursing - Apricot
Oratory (Speech) - Silver Gray
Pharmacy - Olive Green
Philosophy - Dark Blue
Physical Ed. - Sage Green
Public Admin. - Peacock Blue
Public Health - Salmon Pink
Science - Golden Yellow
Social Work - Citron
Theology- Scarlet
Veterinary Science - Gray

Example: Does this name exist?

I had a name idea for one of my characters that just can off the top of my head when I made the character. However, since I don't know much about Japanese, I wanted to know if this was an actual name. If it is, could someone give me the characters and meaning. I'd really appreciate it! If not, I'll go back to drawing board.

The name is Yuurono.

Thank you!

Example: Has anyone ever hiked the whole Appalachain trail thru hike with a parrot?

I wanted to do a thru hike on the appalachain trail (its always been my dream) and i have a Citron Cockatoo, but he loves to be outside so im wondering if anyone has ever done this before. It will be a couple years until i do the hike.

Example: Easy to make delicious cocktail?

looking for a drink that really tastes good :)!

Example: What shopping list would you suggest to buy a fully stocked coctail bar (top shelf)?

I'm not an expert on alcohol by any means (more of an ex marijuana connoisseur) . I would like to go to Bevmo and come back with the right alcohol to fully stock a bar to handle almost any drink with in reason (and only top shelf stuff). I would like to have an array of alcohol that would impress any guest with the top shelf drink of their choice. What should I buy? Please help me with a shopping list. Price is not a big concern (but of course I'd go with Patron Silver over Patron Patinum... you get the idea, great liquor but not millionaire, dream bar types) Budget $2000

Example: DREAMS can anybody give me some logical input or meaning to my disturbing dream many thanks

I had a dream 3 yrs ago now, that i walked into a white room nothing else there pictures nothing apart from a hospital bed with a very frail old man looking up at me with very very pail greeny blue eyes striking eyes and he looked liked like he was hanging on to life. But i didnt know this guy it didnt look any body i knew apart from his eyes my dad has pale green eyes and i was saying to him its ok let go im here now just let go. When i woke up i was freaked out and instantly thought i had just seen my dad about 20 yrs in the future as a old man dying it was real lucid even though his face wasn't the same for some reason his eyes just made me think it was him 3 yrs on it feels like i had this dream last night thats no exageration. For about a fortnight this freaked me out it was so lucid and i told my mum about it. Then one morning normal day apart from it was real foggy i pulled out the end of my road on my way to work and i was following a metallic pinky citron zaffier and there where no other cars behind i distinctly remeber thinking just my bloody luck i gotta stop for one car when theres no others about as i was following it the car kept slowing down and touching his braeks and then speed on again i was shouting at this point ITS ONLY A BIT OF FOG for christ sake get a move on about 4 mins later heading down a straight 3 mile bypass this car just suddnely started to drift very slowly to the other side of the road went right across and crashed down into a 8 foot ditch i pulled over and ran down and saw a guy slumed over the wheel gurrgling so i opend the door and tried to pull him out but i couldnt he was just limp and weighed a ton so i pushed him back into to his seat and when i did his eyes where open and they where exactally the same coluor as in my dream he gurgeld again and that was it he died right there in front me with his eyes open from what i found out later to be a massive heart attack the gurgling i didnt know at the time is called a death rattle and its the last breath he took. His car was not visible from the road and if i had not been there no one would of seen his car at all. For some reason this has stsrted too bother me now 3yrs on and i dont know why i have talked about this many times to freinds and family but i really really want know about the dream. Sorry one more point the guy who died his face was not the same as in my dream but his eyes where exactly the same. Im not a weirdo im down to earth dont belive in god and am very sceptical about these things and certainly dont belive in palm readers or horoscopes. This is absolutly true and not one word is a lie But if anybody has any logical input it would be greatly appricated. Many Thanks

Example: How do I say these things in LEGIT FRENCH (no online translators please)?

There is only 20 :)

I like tea, warm or cold, but I don’t like tea that is too sweet.

I like water but I only like drinking it from the bottle, Evian is my favorite brand.

I pretty much like everything about Ireland but I don’t like how many tourists live there now.

I like my name Logan, it’s artistic and suiting, but I don’t like how it’s becoming cool and modern.

I hate when people call me anti social because I prefer to be alone, but it’s just because I function creatively better.

I hate how critical over myself I can be.

I hate how something so weak can control me so strongly.

I love the sound of a piano playing, it’s so alluring, but I don’t know how to play a piano.

I hate depending on people, I love have independency.

I hate when people question the art I paint, my paintings are abstract and simple, not a detailed scene. Only the artist knows the meaning behind their work.

I like having hope, hope keeps me living.

I like dreaming about my future travels.

I like things simple; usually the simplest things are the most beautiful.

I like the smell of salt water, lemon, fresh laundry and pomegranates.

I don’t like living in Ohio, I wish I lived in Massachusetts or a New England state by the ocean.

I pretty much like my blue eyes but I wish they were gray.

I don’t like food, for personal health issues I’ve suffered from.

I like the sound, feel and smell of rain, but I like warm rain not cold.

I like white chocolate not dark, or milk.

I like when my room is clean but I hate cleaning it.

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