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Dream About City Hall meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Scary dream, what does it mean?

I was in a car with my friend and his brother at night and saw 3 lights in the sky, probably a UFO. A while later I took out my phone and the camera acted up, and I saw it. There was a storm cloud up ahead over the city and a bridge. It was the source of the negative energy that made the colors in the camera glitch up. I warned the driver not to get on the bridge and it was too late thunder from the cloud was so strong it broke the bridge and we drowned in the water. I felt like it was real and when I died I slept and felt someone warm carry me in their arms after drowning. Before this I was in a distorted tower. Where two things were happening. A grown man captured a fat guy in a cat suit and fought each other, during this I found a hall haunted by a Man with 3 deformed women attached to his head, all by a different limb. I ran and used starlight purification on the creature setting them all back to normal after a voice told me to. Then I saw a tornado in the sky and jumped in. Later today there was a tornado warning in a nearby city.

I wish i could remember my dreams that well. I think its common to have weird dreams like yours, after all, dreams are effected by the things you see in day to day life. I have weird dreams all the time, one time about some ducks on skateboards chasing me while i was in the back of a bus. But your dreams are exceptionally weird. to be fair though, i think if everyone could remember their dreams as well as you can, they would remember some pretty weird stuff too..

Example: What could my dream mean? ?

i need to give you a little background about the people in my dream..
(i changed everyone's names)

i am a girl, anna is my best friend, who is becoming good friends with another one of my long-time friends carrie. i'm worried because i'm afraid they will become best friends and anna will leave me. they already spent almost every weekend together, while i have to sit back and watch. next, colin was my best boy - friend (not boyfriend) for over a year, and suddenly he told me he liked me and asked me out, but i told him i felt like we'd be better just staying best friends, so he decided he didn't want to speak to me anymore, and he said, quote "i don't want to be friends with you anymore." i haven't spoken to him in over a month, and i cry almost every day, but i try to act tough and happy because i don't want him to see how much he hurt me. also, during the past summer, colin and anna had a thing, and i got really jealous. anna always acted like she owned colin, and colin never stopped talking about anna. i can't help but love them both though, although sometimes they act like they like each other so much better than me, so i constantly feel left out. (anna and colin still talk every day, call each other, and hang out, even though anna knows exactly what colin did and said to me)

alright, so now my dream:

me, anna and carrie were walking back from the city pool one day at lunch time. it was a REALLY hot day, so anna decided she was going to stop at colin's house (which we were passing) to ask him for a drink. i started yelling and was like NO YOU CAN'T GO, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? anna rolled her eyes at me and said in a really rude tone "whatever, you can wait outside or something." so her and carrie go into his house, and for some reason i followed them upstairs to his room, except before following them into his room, he slammed the door in my face. i stood outside his door and leaned against the wall to wait for them. i heard them laughing in the room, and for some reason i knew it was about me. about a minute later, he opened the door, but slammed it again. then in another 10 seconds he opened it, and slammed it once again. this went on for another 3 or so minutes, each time i would hear them break into a fit of laughter. this next time, he opened it, and looked at me, not saying anything. i stared at him and i was unable to look away, no matter hard i tried. then, he walked forward and put out his arms like he wanted to hug me. i had the biggest urge to run at him and hug him, the hugest temptation, like i have never wanted this so badly, but i turned away and started walking down the hall. i heard him call my name, and then he ran after me. he kept yelling COME ON, but i would just yell back things like LEAVE IT ALONE or STOP IT. he followed me down the stairs. when i got to the bottom, i turned around and he was standing on the stairs staring at me. out of no where, i started screaming at the top of my lungs, i was yelling things i have been wanting to yell at him since that day he told me he didn't want to be friends with me anymore. he began to cry, and i just yelled even louder. i started walking up the stairs towards him, and i backed him into a corner. i was yelling as loud as i could, things like "you're a selfish jerk, you don't care how i feel, you couldn't find any other way to deal with it so you decided to push me out of your life, and now you want to go back to the way things were" etc.. tears were streaming down my face but i couldn't stop yelling. then, he pushed past me, and i fell down the stairs. he ran past me and out his bottom garage door. i stood up and ran after him, but then i stopped in the door way, because i told myself not to follow him. i looked up, and we had somehow ended up in a huge flat desert, where you could see for miles and miles and there was not one thing surrounding us, just a huge flat surface of sand. i watched him run for at least 10 minutes, but he didn't seem to be going anywhere. i didn't run after him or call for him, i just watched him desperately trying to run away, but failing.

does anyone know what this might mean?
i'm sorry it's so long!

Example: Weird Dreams. What do they mean?

Okay so lately I've been having really weird dreams. First, I dreamed that my family lived in a hotel and someone in the hotel was killing people, and they found a dead little girl under the floorboard and in her pocket was a note that said "Dear Anna, I couldn't deal with my life any more. I committed suicide but don't tell anyone" but she was only 5 so I didn't believe she really did it! I had no idea who this girl was but I was nominated to speak at her funeral. As I started off the speech I said, "You took your own life." and as soon as I said that the dream flashed back to a image of a little girl holding a knife in my room (not the room in the hotel, but my actual room) and then I woke up. It was extremely frightening.

Another dream that I had the night before last, I was at my grandparents house and scientists had just discovered a cult of cannibals living in the area and a little cannibal boy escaped from the woods they lived in and found me and was eating a raw dead squirrel right in front of me, and then he started to chase me, and somehow I ended up in my grandparent's house and a group of cannibals were chasing me and i had to jump out of the window into a swimming pool to escape them, and i looked back up and at least fifteen cannibals were looking out the window glaring at me. then I woke up.

And last night, I dreamed I was in an altered universe or something, I really don't know how to explain it. There were people all around that I knew, but they were different. And I just had a sense I wasn't in the real world. But I guess that could just be my mind recognizing that it was a dream. Also, it was in some town or city I've never even been in, but it felt completely familiar. Like, My house was there, my grandparent's house was there, and it was perfectly normal. Next (Well, not really next. Some other stuff happened for a while but I don't really remember it, it was mostly just walking around in the town with friends) I was in my grandparent's house, and I was running down a hallway and some woman was chasing me, and I hid behind a Christmas tree, and I knew she was going to see me so I made sure that she saw me then as soon as she blinked I went in a secret door behind the Christmas tree, and she was trying to get in and i had to hold it closed for a long time. Then, I was running through space! It was so weird. Then all of the sudden, the dream rewinded or something, and I was running down the hall again. And I hid behind the Christmas tree and was about to go in the trap door, but the lady got to me too fast, so, since she caught me, I said: "Wait I did that wrong let's start over." And she agreed! So once again, I started over and that kept going on and on because I kept 'messing up'. And everytime I got through the trap door I was somewhere different. Like, the bottom of the ocean, then in an amusement park, then she kept getting through the door so we'd start over! then finally, I got through the trapdoor and locked it and then I was in my friend's backyard throwing snowballs and it was over! It was the strangest dream I've ever had.

Example: What's does my dream mean? (2/4)?

Ok so I actually had 4 dreams in one night. My first one was when I went to bed (obviously) and I was dreaming that I was with 4 of my friends. My phone had been taken away by my former teacher (I'm going to highschool and this was my grade 8 teacher) during the day. He told me I could get it back at the end of the day, so eventually the evening came (we got outta school at 3:30, but in my dream it was like 7) and I went to school with my 4 friends to get my phone back. The office told me that my phone was in the classroom so when we go outta the office, the lights in the hallway were on. Banners on the walls were things about kids with Autism (haven't heard the word Autism since 4 months ago... So I couldn't of been thinking about it) and this little boy comes crying and running over to us and he hugged my leg. I looked at my friends and they gave me a look that was like "what's going on?" them I heard kids laughing and playing around the corner down to the end of the hall. And then I woke up still hearing their laughter in my head. Nice and clear. Then I when back to sleep.My second dream was that I was in a play ground so sticken huge, it was like a city just for kids. I was with my 4 friends again (forgot to mention that 2 of my friends were boys and the other 2 were girls) and I was on a swing then one of my guy friends came and started crying, I stopped swinging, then the chains to the swings snapped somehow and I fell, like, more then 100 feet from the ground. Then I felt a huge amount of pain on my back and felt my breathe get pounded out of me. That's when I woke up and my back was hurting when I wasn't in a bad position. I was on my side like I always am when I sleep and I couldn't breathe. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I was so tired though that I went back to bed. (I only had enough room for 2 dreams. But plz tell me what these ones mean)

Example: Strange Dream? What Does It Mean?

here goes...
In my dream two lesbians were getting married.
They were getting married in my school gym (top of bleachers)
It was like the first gay marriage in my city or something so a lot of people came to it.
I went and I was sitting in the middle of the bleachers but I decided to go out to the hall for a minute and while I was walking out I saw the younger bride walk past some of my male class mates and one tripped her.
I walked over to the guy who tripped her and brushed his arm while I asked why he did that to the lady.
He mockingly brushed my arm and didn't answer but had a mad/disgusted look on his face.
I like sighed and walked away.
Then I turned into the youngest bride and I walked up the bleachers and then I don't remember the rest...
what does this mean?
also the guy who tripped the bride is a funny, outgoing guy at my school. I like him as a friend and he likes me as a friend too but we aren't that close...on friday I skipped the last 2 periods of school and when I came back I told him and he went and told alot of people...

Example: What could this dream mean?

I asked this before, on a different account, but all I got were people saying it was because they were my favorite books, blah blah, but I actually REMEMBERED this dream. And it was months ago!

It started with some one who was supposed to be me, or the main character, and a very short, round girl with black hair, and some boy. All around the age of 13. Anyway, we were packing things in my big blue duffel bag. All I packed were pajamas and baby books, and the dude packed underwear only (weird). We were going on a quest, like in the percy jackson books, but we were packing in my room, with my bag. We opened to door, and started going out of it, to start the quest, but we looked down in the kitchen and it was dark and there was a monster and we got scared. I actually felt scared. We decided we didn't want to do it anymore, so I picked up a purple (lavender and one shade barker for the border) baby book, I believe I said something about it being from Athena, I opened it, it lit up (Actually filling a few feet with white light) and pressed my face to it, and I basically "saved the game".

The scene changed. It was percy jackson and annabeth or me and my friends, I'm not sure. It was dark, and all the buildings in the city were gray and black. Only, it wasn't a city, the buildings were made of cardboard. Painted. We were running, terrified, and we kept getting lost, in dead ends. A giant jet black hand was chasing us. We finally darted into some place, and big black metal bars came down and blocked the curves, castle door. Inside was brown wooden walls and grey cobblestone floors, or vise versa. Sometimes brick, I think. There were a few people in the long, gloomy halls, but it was mostly empty. After wandering a while, I, alone, came across what I appeared to be looking for. It was a big brown wooden gate with black hinges. But black metal gates on the side, so you could look in. The gate was taller than me. I looked inside, and there was Lavender Brown, from harry potter, and a bunch of hogwarts people. Only, they weren't in their uniforms, they were wearing normal clothes. Lavender was wearing light pink. She stared at me, terrified, giving me a warning look. On the bottom of the gate was a small recktangle hole, I tried to look through it, but all I could see was the ground. For some reason I needed to look at the teacher. A voice, the teachers, said "no one gets into detention without my aproval" or something like that. I turned, and almost got hit in the head by a ball, and saw Draco malfoy and his gang throwing bludgers at Harry Potter, sho's back was turned to me. Draco and his gang were on broomsticks, harry wasn't. They were trowing the bludgers with lacrosse stick things. One bludger hit my head, and I fell. They ran away, and Harry helped me up. We followed them into the halls, and there was a box filled with broomsticks and lacrosse sticks, labled "Quidditch gear". Harry asked me to help him beat Malfoy, and we began playing quidditch. After a while, I hit Malfoy on the head with a bludger, and I either threw my lacrosse thing with it (oops) or started hitting him with it, I can't remember.

Then, I woke up, before it ended.

You will need to know a bit about Percy Jackson, and more about Harry Potter to understand this!

Oh, and one time I had a dream that Ariel and sme other fish, maybe Freddie the fish, were trying to get desert food floating on innertubes to a tempermental fish who exploded things and was sitting across the small lake. Any ideas what THAT means?

Example: Two nights ago I had a dream where I was in front of Toronto's Old City Hall?

In this dream, there were revolving doors in front of Old City Hall and there were people coming in and out. There was a man (a bald man, Caucasian) with a baby boy. The man also had on a blue jean jacket. He told me to stay with the baby while he went in to get the baby's mother. He went in and started talking to the mother, who looked either Spanish or Guyanese or Trini or Indian. The man kept telling her that he wanted her back and the lady kept saying no. The next thing I remember before waking up was walking through a stairwell and a guy kept leaving messages on my phone saying that he was waiting for me and that he was also looking for me.

Example: Dream about getting married (in city hall)but changing my mind at the last minute? what could it mean?

I had this dream a few nights ago:

I was walking with my dad, and a young ugly guy with a beird , in my dream i knew he was my fiance, but till this day i have never ever seen him in my life. and his dad was also with us. we were dress shopping for some reason and we had bought some real gold jewelery for me. we bought a ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings. they are meant to be a set but i didnt see them, i somehow knew what i bought?
so we didnt find a dress after hours of looking. and the guy with me wouldnt even talk or look at me or treat me like his wife to be. so we get to a place where we were to sign the marriage papers and write the demands i have .before i signed my name i told the guy i wanna talk to him alone, he sits near me and his dad follows, i asked him one question and he turned to ask his dad for an answer. when i saw that i said i didnt want to marry him and he can take the gold back. and i heard my dad say in a low tone "thank god" he was really relieved. so what could this dream mean?

also i am not married or engaged or dating or anything so this dream is sorta weird.

Example: What does this dream mean? Recurring dream about a house...?

I have had recurring dream about a huge house for over 20 years. It has been in many different places, in the middle of cities, countrysides, places I've lived or traveled a lot through. There are many bedrooms on several stories, halls that seem to never end. Sometimes it's a house that I've lived in before but much larger. Sometimes I live there or have lived there, but it's always a house that I'm finding new discoveries but seems so familiar to me. I feel like its always the same house. My grandma used to have the same recurring dream. What do you think?

Example: How can I get him to agree with me to have a wedding, and not just city hall?

I have planned my wedding since I was a little girl, and I know that him wanting to be with me for the rest of his life should be good enough, but I want the wedding. It dosen't have to be a huge $30,000 wedding or anything like that. I just want to have my dress and my family and friends. I want my special day, but my fiance wants to do the city hall thing only. I need help how do I go about telling him wut I really want?

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