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Dream About Civet Cat meanings

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Example: Do you like the hyena?

im 33 and in the uk...im an animal lover partuclarly dogs, ravens, magpies, hyenas, fox, shark, rhinoserous, the bull, are my favourites.

the hyena in the plains of africa...very wonderful thang...they yelp and seem to laugh.

whats your opinion of the african hyena?

Oh I absolutely adore the Hyenas mainly because they are the enemy of my favorite animal: The Lion, but nonetheless hyenas have became an interest in me a lot because of how powerful and awesome that these animals really are and I would love to work with one someday and hope I get to live that dream and you've mention "African Hyena", but let me tell you that there is more than one species of hyena that not only resides in africa, but as well as asia, but i'm guessing that your referring to the Spotted Hyena in which is commonly seen more often than the others, but yeah this are my favorite species of hyenas, can't believe most people would call this beautiful animal ugly in which it is not, it's so adorable especially the babies they look-like little puppies, but are more closely related to cats and the relatives of mongoose, meerkats, civets, etc. which is pretty interesting to me because i'd always thought that these we're some how related to dogs lol, but if you'd like to try watching some documentaries on hyenas, if you'd never seen them such as "Eternal Enemies by National Geographic, Animal Planet's Growing Up: Hyena - The Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson, etc. really great person and shows, if you'd ask me.

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