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Dream About Climb meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about climbing a vine of leaves and the bottom there's alligators?

i use to dream a lot of this, know not at all but i wanted to know what does it mean. i jump on top of alligators to get to a look alike monkey bars but there made out of flowers slash snakes and underneath there's more alligators and crocodiles and its hard to get down.

Sounds like you may be at a difficult place in your life, perhaps with several possible paths with an element of danger in each.

There's a Dream Interpretation forum in Social Science; try posting this again there. Right before you post your question, there's an opportunity on the right of the page to choose a category and sub-category. Good luck!

Example: What does it mean to dream about fishing and climbing on wooden structures?

OK so here's how it starts... first I'm watching two guys each sitting in their own small boat doing some fishing. They were floating around near a wharf or a pier. The water was dark (not dirty) and you could not see through it.

I was not in the boat with them but I was kind of still there present with them (weird!)... They were happy and enjoying themselves.

One of the guys decided that they had enough and were leaving. So then I took his place instead. I got into the boat. I realized it was very small and I was worried that I would tip over.

The other guy caught a small fish (a bream)... he was kind happy about it but we both knew that that was not what we were after. In fact I dont know what we were after and I dont even remember holding onto a fishing rod or anything. But what I did know was that neither of us were after that small bream that he caught.

After this I decided that I had had enough too... and decided to pull myself up the pier, which was a large wooden structure, but it was weird. It was not a typical pier but it was just like a complex wooden framework with bits sticking out everywhere. I climbed to the top and noticed other people there. I was kinda glad to see them there.

Anyway that's it. Would love to hear any ideas you have on this.

Thank you.

Example: Dream meaning?

i just had this dream. i was like in a small field and then i spotted a climbing wall. im not sure what this wall was made of, but it was dark grey and shiny and smooth. Then i tried to climb over this wall, i managed to lift myself with my arms, something almost impossible in real life... I Lifted myself like three times and i could not climb over this wall...

what the hell does this mean? thnx for reading!

Example: Dream:climbing down a bridge over large body of murky green water, trying to cross under but cant? Meaning?

I had a dream last night that i was first climbing down the very large bridge and at some point the bridge was swaying. I was able to get down to the underside of the bridge to try and cross the water but there was no way to cross it. I looked around and saw some nets it was too far to get to the other side. There was a large body of murky green water under the bridge. I don't know if that has meaning. I've been going through some emotions over a relationship, especially yesterday. What does this dream mean? Can someone please help me find out what the meaning of this dream is.

Example: What does climbing a stair case dream mean?

What does it mean when you climb a winding and sound stair case of a very top building quickly and confidently all the way to the top room/office of the building. Mature and respectful answers please.

Example: What does a dream about mountain climbing mean?

I dreamt about being out on this mountain climbing excursion. The location was out in the desert, there were many people and for some strange reason the city bus route ran all the way out there.(strange) So we checked our equipment and began training for cliff jumping and repelling. It started raining(hard); noone had a tent so everbody did some kind of ninja disappearing act and I was stuck out by myself. So, now I'm in the mountains, in the desert, alone in the rain, and the last bus to town just left. What is this about?

Example: What does this dream about climbing a mountain mean?

i had a dream that i was climbing up a mountain with my crush and his two best friends who were helping me climg the mountain, and the view at the top was really pretty and sunny.
we were taking pictures, and i remembered being really happy because my crush liked the pictures.
suddenly they were gone, and i was scared of going down the mountain by myself because it was unstable.
what does this dream mean? any help with interpreting it would be great.

Example: Dream meaning climbing mountian with boyfriend?

Does anyone know what it means to dream of walking up a mountain with your boyfriend? It was beautiful with snow covered tops with a cabin at the top where all my family was.

Example: I keep having dreams about trying to climb the Eiffel Tower, what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about climbing a high bridge?

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