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Dream About Climbing A Mountain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about breaking down mountains?

In my dream my mom told me that I have to use tools to break down these mountains in one day.She told me had a map and said in the map I cannot break down the white moutains but I can break down the brown ones.I never actully saw the map though.I thought this really random,maybe no meaning at all?

Yes, this dream is significant, and it is an excellent dream.

The mountains represent the difficulties you will face as you follow your goals. The map represents the things your mother and perhaps others in your family have taught you. It might also represent your education and your faith traditions.

The white mountains are those difficult but valuable difficulties that you must surmount (climb over) rather than break down.

This beautiful dream will become increasingly precious to you in years to come.

Example: What does a dream about mountain climbing mean?

I dreamt about being out on this mountain climbing excursion. The location was out in the desert, there were many people and for some strange reason the city bus route ran all the way out there.(strange) So we checked our equipment and began training for cliff jumping and repelling. It started raining(hard); noone had a tent so everbody did some kind of ninja disappearing act and I was stuck out by myself. So, now I'm in the mountains, in the desert, alone in the rain, and the last bus to town just left. What is this about?

Example: What does this dream about climbing a mountain mean?

i had a dream that i was climbing up a mountain with my crush and his two best friends who were helping me climg the mountain, and the view at the top was really pretty and sunny.
we were taking pictures, and i remembered being really happy because my crush liked the pictures.
suddenly they were gone, and i was scared of going down the mountain by myself because it was unstable.
what does this dream mean? any help with interpreting it would be great.

Example: Dream meaning climbing mountian with boyfriend?

Does anyone know what it means to dream of walking up a mountain with your boyfriend? It was beautiful with snow covered tops with a cabin at the top where all my family was.

Example: What does my dream about me climbing a mountain mean?

last night i had alot of dreams
one of them were about me climbing a mountain.. and theres a sign at one point where i think it said "this is the point where no one else had gone farther than" or something.. and i keep climbing and then im at the top!
what does this mean? plsssssss help
i appreciate it :)

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream of climbing a icy, snowy mountain?

the emotion i felt during the dream was basically fear of not slipping and falling while going through some type of course while climbing mountain.

Example: What does the dream mean?

I had a dream where I was climbing a mountain with 3 other people. Then we reached a big hill where we had to jump but one person was afraid, but we were like trying to jump to a black stove? It was weird. So anyway, so we turned back but only me and the person who was afraid, so we went home. For some reason we went to the other girl's house who was afraid (lets called her girl1 and the girl who stayed back is girl2), so we went to Girl1's house I guess it was her house and I saw a guy from my school named Wesley, then we played with a Sing-A-Ma-Jig, those little toys, and I have one so maybe some was playing with it while I was asleep.

What does this dream mean? Please help!

Example: Reoccurring dreams mean anything?

I have this one all the time about a big icy mountain on the horizon. i climb up it and theres a village at the top.
Do reoccurring dreams mean anything?

Example: Climbing high mountains in dreams?

This night I dreamt that I was climbing a large mountain which stood in a sea. I got to the mountain by a small boat, the sea was calm. I started climbing the really high mountain...sometimes the cliffs were sharp and not good to climb...and sometimes when I looked down I got scared because the scenery with wild nature was great to see. Most of the time I was scared to fall down and die.
When I came to the top I was surprised by a large green forest...I looked into it and soon discovered I was standing on a small road filled with small stones, leading to a small house standing alone. No people around.
I went in to the house and it was some kind of a passage leading me into a city street.

What does climbing high mountains mean? especially when connected to feelings of fear?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dream that I was climbing DOWN mountain. It was misty and dark, but somehow there was light? I know it's confusing. I was with 2 strangers, and I wasn't wearring any climbing gear. When we safely reached the bottom, it was a forest, and somehow I ended up at my school and it was nice & sunny. anyways what does it mean to climb DOWN a mountain?

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