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Dream About Clothes Iron meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone tell m the meaning to these dreams i have?

ive had 3 weird dreams and i want to know if some one can help me

the first one is kinda weird. im iron man or im fighting iron man. im trying to like charge up to make a power sword or what ever and i cant i keep trying and i just cant do it i also have a dream when im a power ranger but i cant morph

the second dream is about my dad. my dad had died recently when i had this dream. my mom takes me and my siblings to a store to buy cigarettes. my dad is outside the building.hes wearing his suspenders his hat and one of his shirts and his old jeans. somehow he got to spend 24 hours back on earth. we go to a pizza place and go to our house. we watch movies and talk. then he goes to the bathroom. i look at the clock and times up. i run to the bathroom and hes gone.

then i had a dream where i go in my house after school and the kitchen is wallpapered with pictures of apples. a strange guy is in my kitchen eating a big bowl of bees. hes got a long beard and no clothe on. then he chases me outside into the street

please explain what these dreams mean. thank you

Second Dream- I dont know if you believe is ghosts or whatever but it has been said they can connect through dreams. Maybe your dad was missing you and he knew you were missing him so he decided to come visit!

Last Dream- I have no idea but it made me laugh out loud. Laaawwll.

Hope I helped somhow (:

Example: What does dreaming about bungee jumping, jumping over a balcony and losing consciousness means?

About two nights ago I dreamed about bungee jumping over a swimming pool, but I didn't hit the water. Then I was in a house (that wasn't my house) and there was a guy with a gun and he told me that he was looking for the homeowner. I saw the man who owned the house ironing his clothes or something and he seemed unaware that an intruder with a gun was in his house, so through the balcony connected to the master bedroom, I jumped because I was trying to get help, but I lost consciousness while jumping over and then I opened my eyes still in the dream and found myself caught in tree branches with open cuts on my body. Then I actually woke up. I also recall the walls of the bedroom were blue and the sheets were white.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have been having really weird dreams recently. Usually, I dont remember my dreams in the morning but recently I have.
My dream on tuesday or Wednesday was that my friends came over to my house and straightened my hair with an iron and it went really long and not striaght but wavy. Although the person who's hair was been straightened was me, it wasnt my face and my hair most likely wont ever get like that because its afro hair which is average length. In brief, my dream this morning was that I went to some place with my mum and there was like a couple (my age, one my friend and one boy i kind of liked) where slow dancing and also my mum was trying on new clothes and two boys who were eyeing up my pretty friend who always gets chatted up were insulting her about her weight. And me, one boy and my mum had a mini argument andmy dad sorted it and my friend later told me one of them said my house spelt like african food, is tnhat a sign I need to spray/clean my house? I am fourteen btw.

Example: Dream that I'm clothes-free at high-school?

I have this dream that I'm naked at high school...everyone is laughing at me. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I have had a couple of really weird dreams lately and I wanted to see if any of you could tell me what they mean. There are 2 which kinda have a simular theme but one is a lot weirder.
Ok so first one :
Im in a huge field on a lovely sunny day with my mate mark, all you can see is miles of grass and flowers. I roll him a cigarette and pass him one and he tells me he doesnt smoke. I tell him I just saw him have a *** not 10 mintues ago and he tells me im wrong. Then I woke up.

The second dream is a bit weirder:
Im downstairs in a hospital, it doesnt look like a hospital but just a room with loads of boxes and a security guard but I just know its a hospital. I ask the security guard for directions to the ward I need to get to. As he is telling me, a man comes along and shoots the guard dead. I stare at the killer and he walks to the door. He looks at me in a slightly apologetic manor then shrugs and says 'dirtbomb' and shuts the door. When the door clicks shut all the boxes explode and nails go everywhere. I cover my head with my arms and I survive. I then realise that there are bombs all over the hospital. I start running up spiral staircases screaming for people to get out as there are bombs everywhere. Kids and their parents start chucking themselves out of.windows and falling to their death.
Suddenly im out of the hospital and running down the street, people are throwing petrol bombs everywhere and im running through a town centre. I end up getting lost in a department store, walk though a door and find myself in my office. I run up to mark (same guy as the first dream) and start shouting at him to get everyone out of the building because petrol bombs are everywhere. Im covered in blood and muck. Mark looks at me weirdly then tells me there are no bombs and there is no blood on my clothes. Then I woke up.

Any ideas? Its really freaked me out xx

Example: I keep freezing in my dreams, what does this mean?

Please read this!
i keep on having dreams that im sleeping then i cant move or talk or shout and im just stuck in the bed then i cant wake up from my dream then my arm a legs go all weird then i wake after ages then if go back to sleep again it happens again but for longer this time. but if i move then it don't happened again.

This is another dream i had.
i had a Jacuzzi in my bed room and my mum was next to me ironing some clothes and sunk in the jacuzzi and got stuck i and the same thing happened i wouldn't talk or move but i don't think i was drowning thought i cant remember


Example: What does this dream mean?

There were 2 school trips on the same day and I wanted to go to both, it was a trip to new York and a special event at school. I chose new York. I packed my suitcase but only packed clothes for 2 days and it took ages. I went to a party and my mum said I have to be out by 8 so I'm not late to the airport , I brought my mum some iron brew fudge at the party because she likes it then I left the party after 8 and got in the car and I was half an hour late to the airport, then it ended. What does this mean?

Example: I had dream that I was cutting hair and ironing clothes; can someone interpret?

I went to dream-of and look to see what it means. Don't give me answers saying go to that website or anything from dream-of or from any other online dream dictionaries.

You know, dreams have meaning to them. Every a person has a dream that can tell that person something. I don't want answers saying, it was just a dream, that dreams don't mean anything, you should of not ate that before you went to bed, or you watch too much TV. Plus, don't use any bible verses or links to bible verses, because they cannot interpret dreams. I want your own interpretation and I only want serious answers please.

I was in my bed under my covers using my clippers with a guard on it cutting my hair. After that, I was now on the floor ironing my clothes when I notice some rust water was coming out of the iron and ruining my clothes. So I decided to put the clothes in the washing machine to get washed. Now, I was back in my room now ironing my quilt and some rust water stains got on the quilt. I sprayed the stained with some white spray cleaner. After that, the dream was over.

Example: Weird spiritual dream, can you help me figure out what it means?

im in a life after death sene that everyone is fighting for their lives and i see a guy in a white horse mask and bloody black rode stretching his legs and see a cross  he says theirs a spiritual-war, at the end the cross breaks and I'm trying to fix it...

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So a couple nights ago, I dreamt about having an infected tooth (not exactly sure which one. One of my molars.) and having it pulled out by my dentist (also my employer atm.) and while he was "cleaning" the infection, I couldn't breathe. I was struggling and trying to pull his arm away but I couldn't. It's like he didn't notice me struggling. Then once he finished, he put the tooth back and I woke up.

Anyway, it's kind of a legend from our culture that if you dream about falling teeth, etc, something bad's supposed to happen/will happen. Which for the most part is true. [My dad had a dream about his teeth falling out, his shoulder popped out of this socket a day later. Another time he dreamt about it, he fell off the roof on a construction sit, breaking his foot. My sister had a dream, and her, my mother and me ended up getting into a car crash the next day. My sister had to have a knee surgery. Anyway, they said their dreams were never as complicated as mine, so I'm a little curious. What might this one mean? [Yes, I've had a bit of bad luck for the past two days- falling off my chair, getting a rash, and dropping a hot clothing iron on my leg which resulted in second degree burn.] Still, could this be something else?

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