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Dream About Clubbing meanings

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Dreaming with Clubbing may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

when a woman you admire starts calling your first name but looking at the person with the same first name as you then the person with the same first name looks up then she stops calling your name for a second then she starts calling your name again you turn around and shes looking at you but she looks worried. what dose that dream mean?

dream 2
some you know has a nose bleed and a clot lands in your mouth and he says sorry normally

these are two people i both know from a club is this leading up to anything?

A woman can represent many different things. For clues to her meaning, consider the context of the woman, and your feelings about her.

A woman you know in real life may represent that actual person or the type of role she plays in your life (supervisor, mother, friend, doctor, business person, etc.).

Whether you know the woman or not, she may represent:

* The key characteristics that stand out about her in the dream, such as humor, nurturing, femininity, intelligence, etc.
* Stereotypical feminine characteristics such as nurturing, beauty, gentleness, creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, peace, fluidity, or receptivity

Dreaming Of A Nosebleed
Life force, life energy, or the essence of humanity.

Someone being injured and losing blood can represent a situation in your real life where you feel someone is in a weakened state.

You bleeding can mean you are feeling weakened or tired (emotionally, mentally, or physically), or you feel something is sapping your energy or time or attention.

Bleeding as a result of someone else injuring you can mean you are feeling threatened (emotionally, mentally, or physically) in real life—or you may be having a Toxic Dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this recurring bad dream. I'm working as a bartender at a place I used to work (10 years ago). I attempt to help a female bartender who is obviously busy by taking a customer's order. The female bartender is someone I know in real-life (who I'm attracted to, despite the fact that she's unavailable) and who is not really a bartender in real-life. For some reason, I can't come through with the drink, it takes me hours to find the right glass (after searching all areas of the club), when I find the right glass, I can't find the right booze. When I have the booze and the glass, there's something in the drink that causes me to have to start all over again. I never do finish this simple task before I wake up. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Inside story:
I had to dump this friend. I'm not going to tell you the whole thing, because it was pretty immature and I could have stopped it before. Look I'm going to the right path of maturity.

Dream #1
Someone rings the doorbell and I go open the door. I see my ex best friend with her mom smiling a lot to me. Behind them was white meaning it was bright.

Dream # 2:
For some reason, I was a penguin in Club Penguin (yea I'm 13 i still play it HA HA) and she was there and was said something rude and I said don't shut it or something like that.

Look I do not miss her. She was a real jerk to me. She was probably jealous of me and tried to tear me apart. ALMOST worked. But then I got a "slapped on the face" and went straight on to mature.
I don't want to have friends like her. SHe's not even supportive but she was funny and nice.

Whatever I have other friends.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i have this dream alot it might not be the same dream but it's the same theme. i'm in some kind of store sometimes a grocery store sometimes a store like sams club and there are things chasing me (clowns zombies etc) and i jump on top of the aisles to get away (i somehow have powers but there always limited like when i want to fly i have to get momentum and sometimes i can only fly like a foot off the ground and have to climb with my hands if i want to get higher) sometimes i try to escape out of the store but i can't and there's usually like frankenstein trying to stop me or the doors shut

Example: What dose this dream mean?

i was in school and walking down the steps to the door (even though we don't have any steps to the door in my school) at the bottom of the steps there were some boys in my year and i got the feeling they have or they were planing to do something bad. Then the woman i admire came out of the door that was on the other side of the steps and told the boys to come in even though she isn't a teacher but she dose voluntary work with youths at this club. The boys went in and then she looked at me and said you to. then i went in and i think me and the boys got in trouble for something but then they found out i was innocent. so i went back to class. what dose this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed the other night about this guy i like.In the dream ,we went on a camping trip with some friends and he started courting me.In that dream,it seemed like hes so into me.I was wearing horrible outfits with no make up on but he still liked me.

In real life,I met this guy in the club like 3 weeks ago.He approached me and asked for my number and kissed my lips.Im not sure if he likes me cuz after meeting that night hes only texted me twice,first was a group message asking to watch hes show on tv(hes a male model),-i didnt reply.2nd text was asking if i was out-again i didnt reply.And then the other night,i texted him to ask if hes out,but we werent able to meet up cuz were in different clubs.So do you think this guy likes me or no?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this weird dream that i was fighting with avril lavigne, may favorite singer in a coliseum. are weapons are only guitars; as in we use them like swords or clubs to hit each other. I then knock her down unconscious. the crowd cheers but I feel guilty for doing that to her.

what does that mean? is it because that she's coming to our country to do a concert and that I will not like it(according to my brother's interpretation)?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that i woke up and there was a girl sitting on my bed, she was talking but i didnt hear her than she walks out. I get out of bed to go see who she is and when i open my door there is a big man with white hair. I ask who he is and he says the bounty hunter, i say why are you here he says the girl that was in my room was dangerous and to get out of the house quickly. I run downstairs and tell my brother to leave but i dont see my mom so i go back upstairs, and everyone is in my bedroom. I ask the bounty hunter where the girl he says she locked herself in your bathroom, i walk into my room and open my drawer and hand everyone scizzors to protect themselves. I stand near the door and hear her come out of the bathroom, she opens my door and stabs me. The bounty hunter cuffs her, and my dad rushes me to the hospital. When he's on the phone with the emergency room, the guy says this was meant to happen to bring your family closer. And when we got there he told me god healed you, and i looked down and the wound was gone. When i woke up i opened my drawer and there were scizzors in there that i didn't know was there and now im creeped out! What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream about me hanging out with my friends a a club and one of my friends got drunk so we had to leave her car and i had to drive her to my house. When we got there all my friends were there and they slept over. The next day i contemplated on making breakfast for everyone but that didnt happen since i woke up late. It suddenly got late and me and my bf needed to drop everyone back home but when we were about to leave it started to rain but we were still going to drop everyone home. Before we departed i forgot my shoes so i went upstairs to get my boots and when i was trying to put them on i woke up. What does dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that the president of a club you're in is smoking weed?

I know his mom, and she's such a sweetie! In my dream, she was there, and she was crying when she found out that her son was smoking,


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