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Dream About Coat 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do the following dreams mean?

Come on humor me. I WILL report you if you say "dreams mean nothing"

Dreams 1 and 2 has my close friend in it in real life he's like a third brother to me(I have two brothers), a male version of me only older.

Dream 1 was about me being in LA, his homestate(GO SAINTS! =D) I went to a restaurant at night, minding my own business until a group of guys started yelling at me and started ganging up on me. My close friend comes in and rescues me, drags me out of there and outside in the pouring rain. He doesn't have a coat on but I hug him and then I nuzzle up to him, and kiss his jaw, then we start kissing. Then the dream moves to we run to a green wheat field(I dunno it looks like wheat only the tips are bent and they're green), and we roll around, and I get on top of him and kiss him and he rolls me over and kisses me.

Dream 2 is about I have feelings for this guy and we start dating. I hang out with him while he works. we are in an open cave(walls around, sky above, pond in the middle and sand all around). I kiss him and then he plunges me in the water, we swim to the shore and I kiss him again. Then he gets on top of me and starts french kissing me. My close friend(same guy that rescued me in dream 1) comes, I lift my head and look behind me, he comes running towards me, grabs my hand and literally pulls me out from under the guy who wouldn't get off of me. I run away with him, then he starts limping and he has a huge gash on his arm, so I help him up on the cliff. Then it switches to a room with bags and he's there.

That's it =)

Dream 1:
Maybe deep inside you, you know that you have more feelings for the guy who rescued you than being just a friend. Maybe it mean he likes you too and he would help you in you were in trouble for anything , anywhere, whatever the weather or circumstances.
The people ganging up on you may suggest that they are jelous of something that you own, or a physical attribute of yours.

Dream 2:
If your close friend fancies you, he wants you to get away from that other guy because he wants to be with you. If he just really likes you as a friend he may be feeling protective of you. Either way, the gash on his arm is because he was scared for you and it scared him, or if he fancies you it left a wound in him to see you with someone else.

I think you should try and find out if he thinks of you as maybe more than a friend and if you feel the same try to ask him on the subject.

=) Hope I helped!

Example: Very disturbing dream, what did it mean?

Well the dream was very long, but I will shorten it up. I went on a trip with my friends, and when I came back, my mom told me that I better check my phone, that there was a very weird text on it. She said it was a video message so she hooked it up to the T.V screen so everyone could see it, my friend's little sister was there also, and the video was of a whole bunch of weird, unknown symbols and shapes and words, that was for some reason wanting to make everyone turn away, then it turned to a young boy staring at the screen, for about ten minutes he stared, until all of a sudden he screamed bloody murder and the screen went black. Everyone had their heads turned away except for the little sis, rose. So we shut it off in fear and decided to go walk about outside, (By the way, it was dark.) when Rose grabbed a knife from somewhere and mutilated everyone she could possibly see.

She murdered our neighbors in front of our eyes, some little kids and was trying to kill us but we ran inside and told everyone to be quiet and lock the doors. Including her mom who was visiting mine at the time. We could all hear screaming and crying outside, Rosie's eyes were glowing red and she looked like she was almost dead and malnutrition ed, and her teeth were sharp. After a few seconds of silence, I peeked outside and saw a headless body next to my porch along with many body parts scattered across the yard. Then while i was looking through the peep whole, I could feel the locks moving, when rosie busted in, and began to try to kill us, all of us ran next door to her mother's house, and rosie just casually walked in, holding a knife, sat down at the table, and gave us all a threatening look. "Get out you stupid,ugly murderer." I yelled. her mom snapped back "She may be a murderer but she isn't stupid or ugly!" Everyone was devastated that she was actually defending her. Because in REAL life, no matter what, rosie does get away with anything. But back to the dream. I saw rosie get up off of the table covered in other people's blood, walking towards me, it seemed like she was singling me out. So i finally snapped, grabbed my phone, and my coat and ran.

I wanted to run as far away as I could from that place, I ran very far, and in an alley I stopped and dialed 911. after reporting several murders, i heard a beep, as if someone had hung up. A man walking his dog on the street beside me, asked if I needed any help, but I ignored him and continued to run. I ran until I didn't know where I was, i saw a bridge, so I decided to go climb up it and see if if another call would work this time. I walked into a group of little girls who were with their parents, and were playing an innocent game of pushing their doll's in strollers. I walked in front of them and again dialed 911, until I saw a little girl emerge from the group behind me, it was rosie. she had been following me and blended in with those little girls. She lunged toward me almost knocking me of the tallest part of the bridge with nothing but pipes below. but i turned her around and kicked her off. I saw her falling and when I turned away, I heard a loud pain full bang and looked down and her lifeless body was caught in between 2 big pipes.

But at the end of my dream, someone had seen her down there, called for help, and she was alive again. and then I woke up because I couldn't take anymore. What did this mean?

Example: What does my skin-coming-off dream mean?

I dreamed that there was a huge gash on my arm and torso, and underneath was wet, bloody skin. It didn't hurt at all, but I could see under this layer of skin all across my arm and torso, it was almost like a coat or jacket made of my skin. I could peel it back to see what was underneath and it was pretty much how you'd imagine it to be in real life (except with no pain).
I tried googling for this but didn't get any good results. Does anybody know what it could mean?

Example: What this dream means? Help me!?

Well! in my dream!
My family and I bought a new house - it is a 2 storey kind of house! It is located at the center of a grass field - the grass was so high that you couldn't see what's ahead or beyond it! Also we havent got any neighbors!
Then, there was a night that my family went to town and i was left on the house alone
So, excited i roam all over our new in every corner i could see!
Then, suddenly i saw 2 men outside! but i didn't actually see them but i saw shadows of the 2 of them!
so! i ran outside the house! they began following! and i was rushing in the high grass field before i knew it! i found a gear factory!
i entered inside! then noticing that they are still following me! i hid in one of the closets inside that gear factory!
When they came in they heard a nose that looks like a door shutting! that was me inside that door!
when they opened it! my dream stop! I have awaken!
2 men
1. tall wearing a hat with a coat - the asst
2. the boss - not so tall, & chubby!

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so i had this dream a while ago and i have no idea what its meaning is. ok so here we go...

i had his dream where it started out with me seeing this good looking guy he had spikey golden blonde hair but his face was all blurred out but he was wearing a navy blue hollister shirt that had HCO and kacki cargo shorts. and he had a red plad backpack slung over onto his right shoulder and his right hand on the strap and his left hand on his pocket. I think that this was in high school or college because in the back round there was lockers and it was day time and there were several clouds in the sky. and he said really sexy like in a masculine voice "hey baby." Then i was in a different scene the backround this time was blurred out but i could hear people talking and i still couldnt see my mystery mans face but he still had the spikey golden blonde hair but he was in a tux with a red rose in the front pocket i though that maybe this was prom or we got married i have no idea which it was, then we were at this ranch house it was HUGE which also makes me think we were very wealthy but the house had white paneling and black shutters and it was hilly in the background it was breath taking but i dont remember seeing my mystery man beside me and i dont think i had a ring on my finger. then i was in a different scene we were in stables and we had 5 horses i dont know what the coat color was or what breed they were all i know is that i had 3 females and 2 males and two of the females horses were pregnant but the other one wasnt. so i think that maybe i had to go through 5 relationships before i got into a stable one. or i got pregnant twice and had a miscarrige or i had 5 kids 3 girls 2 boys. but the weird this is when i first saw the house i didnt see any stables. then i was again flashed to another scene where my mystery man and i were in bed and we were both naked but i couldnt see his man parts as they were also blurred out but i dont know if we were having sex or not but i also dont know if he even had a condom but he was on top of me and my legs were spread open all i knew then was that all of my parts were also blurred out but i had blonde hair and i still dont remember seeing a ring on my finger. i dont remember what the bedroom looked like but all i know about my man is that he had a a great body he had a 6-pack and was muscular.
I am a teen now and i think that maybe this has something to do with the future bcause i ahve always wanted to go to Furman University in SC or North Carolina University which in both states there are mountians. Also i want to be a CSI which they earn a good sum of money.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was driving on the highway at night. My coat was unbuttoned, and I had a sudden urge to button it, so I tried to button it while driving. While my attention was distracted, I crashed into the car in front of me. Suddenly I'm at the police station. The officer says I have to go to jail, and there's nothing I can do about it. I realized that what I would regret most was not the time spent in jail, but the inevitability of being raped. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm outside on the side of a road. It seems like I am in some part of Europe judging by the architecture of the houses and buildings, possibly England (I have never been to Europe by the way). It is snowing quite heavily, and there is a lot of snow on the ground as well (it appears to be winter). There are a large amount people standing on the side of the road that are cheering/applauding, but I cannot see their faces because it's too bright, and it seems like there is a parade of some sort coming through. I am holding this girl's hand, she is wearing a red coat and has blonde hair. I can't see her face though, only the side of her smile since she has a winter hat on. I must say, this is probably one of my most memorable dreams, a moment where I was actually happy. I don't quite understand it though.

Example: What does my dream mean?

it was me and my younger sister at this old old house watching movies, and all of a sudden all kinds of ghosts started appearing and scaring us (one was michael jackson..weird..) so in the morning we ran home and i started telling my mom everything that happened.. and while i was telling her about it i had it vivid in my mind.. but it was different then it really happened, like the ghosts were in my thoughts making them different, so my mom went over there to check things out, so we waited for a bit but then decided to go check on her, on the way there this big red truck with huge tires almost hit us... i was caring a package of sliced cheese and a blanket, i told them to watch where they are going and they yelled at us, then i asked if we could have a ride.. they were really mad so we continued running down the alley and through this construction stuff, there were tons of packages of cement etc, and we kept jumping over them to get to the house, once we got there, instead of going just through the hallways (which would have been faster) we decided to go through the rooms (they were all connected) we ran into this work shop and this fat guy was there, we tried to explain to him what was up and he didn't believe us, so we decided to show him the film (for some reason it had to be the old projectile film to catch the ghosts on it) and before any ghosts showed the power went out, so he tried to start turning it on, and then this ghost tried to start attacking us, we had to *kill* him, and the only way to do it was to make it not whole (like take off a body part, make them not complete) which we did and we started running...(then i became a young child...) and all kinds of law enforcers riding on horses wearing the same suit with flash lights started helping us, and catching everything on fire... we were killing all the ghosts, then i decided to go down into this basement to find my mom. and a ghost grabbed me and started choking me against the wall, then tried to stuff me in this hole with all this hay, and that fat guy came and he strangled him to death, letting me go, so i ran up the stairs by the light, and this little boy ghost was tormenting me trying to take my clothes off... cause he wanted to disguise himself as me so he wouldnt be killed, and the fat guy turned into a ghost and confronted him on what he was doing then laughed and killed him, then he picked me up and we started to fly upwards, and his black coat (which all the ghosts had) started to turn white, and then everyone on horses started to lift up into the air too and it started snowing, turning everyones clothes white, and me and the fat guy where smiling, because we won the battle, then i remembed i still havent found my mom :X then i woke up PLZ NO MEAN COMMENTS!

Example: I need enlightenment for this dream I had 2 years ago...?

I had this really weird dream. when I was 16...two years ago. I've been wondering like crazy what it means and dream websites haven't helped me much. This is like the third time I've posted it and haven't gotten any great answers. Maybe now someone can help me since I've waited months before re-posting it. Here it is.

I flew down from the sky and onto the deck of a HUGE japanese-style one story mansion. There was a blue sky with hardly any clouds, cherry blossom trees and regular trees. When I hit the ground, it was like I never stopped moving. I was just running. I ran up to a gong and stopped. I moved to the right past of it. I started running again then I stopped. About 50ft ahead of me, there where stairs that descended onto the ground and a little girl in a kimono was at the bottom of them. She wanted me to follow her but I was scared of her and I didn't. From the gong point and on, I repeated that scene 3 times, then I turned left and went inside my home.

For the next part of my dream, I lying done, in a dark room with light peeking from the glassless windows covered by wooden shudders. I hear a knock on the shudder, to the left of me at the far end of the bare room, which only had a bed in it with tall posts, possible a canopy bead. I walk up to the window, and open the shudder. This gorgeous, tall guy with long silver hair and light blue eyes (mid 30s) appeared. He asked if he could come in. I looked behind me at the black shadow figure on my bed. I felt guilty, as if it would be considered cheating. Then he said 'Fine, I'll let myself in.' and started walking towards the door, which was just a few feet away...right next to the windows. I quickly put on my robe, that was on the coat rack next to the door and opened it. I went outside, pushing him backwards and shut the door behind me. He took my hand and said 'I need to tell you something.". He then, took me under this HUGE tree with this amazing aura. It looked like sparkles/glitter, and it was clear, but at the same time it wasn't. The tree wasn't huge in height, but It was huge in girth. He took both my hands, looked my in the eye and said 'Listen to me, I have something very important to tell you." I nodded my head and said "Okay.". He started saying "You are...". then it was like I'd gone deaf, but at the same time I didn't I could hear him clearly, hear him speaking but I didn't. After he was done, he said 'Okay?' and I shook my head yes. Then I said 'Wait, I didn't hear what you said!" Then he looked at me, smiled and disappeard. Then I woke up. BTW, he looked like a real-life sesshomaru off of inuyasha, except he was nice and had a different kimono, and eye color...and he was so real!.

My questions are:
1.What does my dream mean?
2.Do you think I'll ever have it again?
3.What do you think he said?
4.How can I find out what he said without meditating? (because I cannot focus enough to meditate. I just cannot meditate or concentrate on anything)

I BELIEVE all dreams have meanings. I believe they weren't randomly put together. Watching anime has nothing to do with it except a resemblance so you know what he looked like. I also don't care to hear your answer if you don't share the same 2 beliefs I do.

Please and thank you.

Example: The meaning of my dream?

Ok so i had a dream a couple nights ago and its stuck with me for a while.And i cant really figure it out. so the dream will make at least some sense ill fill you in with some background info
Dorian in the guy i like
Elton in his brother
I don't know who the person in fixing the stair step thing with Dorian's dad, i thought it was elton at first. but it wasn't
Wileshia is one of my best friends
The lady in the shower im pretty sure is their mom
The place is a hotel i think... they live in a house and the way the things are set cant be a house, plus it has a pool
Thiers gold EVERYWHERE! not like gold gold but gold looking paint and designs on the walls, and the bathrooms are half baths and then the shower is all the way near the back of the hotel in glass and gold. I think that's all the background info youll need for now(:

Ok so the dreams starts out with me and wileshia and my mom in my moms car. we drive past this place... (the hotel) that i don't know what it is at the time. Theres a big blue beautiful pool with a gate around it in the front so everyone driving by can see. As i look at the pool i see cooley, pg, 2 other guys and dorian. (cooley and pg ar his best friends nicknames) their all looking at the cars go by and they had just gotten out of the pool and we getting ready to sit down at the chairs.
The next day or a couple hours later, im not sure its a dream, im in the pool, but i have clothes on and im with welishia, i still see all 5 guys at the pool but this time their coming in. from dorians hotel room.. and me and wileshia are still in the pool. so dorian hollers "aye! he likes you! pg right here, likes you!" and i look around and see that me and welishia are the only 2 people other than them. so then dorian goes "you, genesis!" (my name) so then i get out of the pool, go over to pg who's still at the entrance with dorian and them and walk around him. then i say : you like me?" and he goes "yeah," and i say "join the club" (which sounds conceited and in fact... i wouldn't even go over to him, in real life id just say "oh yeah? cool. whatever" or something like that.and go on with my day) so then Dorian's all like " he thinks you have a nice bod, and if you were his hw hes do you errrnight!" and im like " oh , really? then you had better wait to get an a... cus you ain't gettin near me at all" so then i walk past dorian , and touch his arm and weleshia follows.

next thing i know im in this big hotel/apartment thing ... in this room, that looks like my friend welishias. it has a bunk bed, a tv, and the closets in the back and its a walk in... then the windows on the side. so me and her are talking about the pool thing. then all of a sudden dorian knocks on the door and says "aye me and elton are going to the pool later y'all comin?" and welishias like :yeah: and i just look down at this magazine and say mmmhmm.
then Dorian's all like " in an hour kay?" so then i walk out of the room and see Dorian's dad and some dude fixing this step , vent thing. its like a door less coat closet that has a step down.
i then walk back in the room to talk to welishia. so i say " i dint got a bathing suit, imma wear my gym shorts." so shes like yeah ok and then im like oh no those are semi see through ish... so then i ask her if shes got any thing and she points to the closet. before i go in i look out the window and i see pg and cooley and the 2 other guys out in the pool, which almost makes me not want to go out with dorian and elton later. and then i see this NAKED LADY ( unknown why) on a table tanning, cooley and pg and them are all looking at her... so then i just close the blinds and walk in to the closet.
welishia then seem to be like ready... for swimming .and dorians running around looking for stuff i guess. so i walk out and dorian runs past me and into his room on the right of the hall. i still see dorians dad and the stranger on the ledge thing. fixing stuff. so then i walk back into the room. and welishia says she going out and sheel meet me later. so then i like run around the closet tryna find somthing that fits. so i end up wearing her yellow spageti strap shirt and shorts. so after some time in here. i go back out and still see the people fixing the thing so then i walk out into the living room and see elton on the couch watching tv.. all of a sudden dorian comes from somehwere and so i go where he came from and i see the kitchen. and all the way in the back of the house i see their mom showering. so i walk backto the living room and then back into the kitchen but got nothing then i walk back out to the living room and see dorian going into the half bathroom. and elton still on the couch. so i then walk back to my room and then i walk back out...
dorians then done with using the bathroom and calls out :tahnks mom: and then im about to go out the door but decide better and i just wait for dorian, but then i woke up.

please help me try to make sense of this dream

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