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Dream About Coat Hangers meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Everything was made of metal, and it was christmas time. Little metal children were sucking the metal tops of coathangers rather than candy canes. Everyone shunned me because I hadn't upgraded to a metal person while I had the chance.

This is a dream about heartlessness. It's Christmas, a time of caring and closeness, and yet everything is made of metal -- everything is non-caring and non-close. Children who are innocent and sweet are similarly unapproachable and non-existent. Candy, which is supposed to give you pleasure and be fun, is nothing but a coat hanger (I agree that there may be an association here with abortions which would again represent non-life). In fact this is a very good and interesting dream. You are rejecting the heartlessness you perceive in certain things around you. Some people around you are being cold and ungiving. They should be warm and fun but they are are not there for you. They want you to be like them. They want you to have no joy, compassion, innocence, pleasure. But your dream is saying that you refuse. This is not who you are. You like Christmas, children and candy. You want to have innocence, beauty, caring, closeness and fun. And you are drawing a very clear line in this dream between what you want and what you are being asked to be or do. Your dream is saying no. Let me have those things and let me keep my values. You know what you want. You do not want to be a metal person. (There may be some personal association with the word metal. This could be a key. What does that word bring to mind? Medal? heavy metal? etc) Hope this helps.

Example: Weird dream (made me laugh though), any ideas of what it means?

okay, so...
i cant remember what night i had this dream, couple of weeks ago probably and i have NO IDEA what the hell it means...
but i have this wardrobe in my bedroom that's got WAY too many clothes in it (lol), and the clothes are all hanging on coathangers.

i dreamt that me and a huge group of people (the ones i remember were all from my school) were all mini (like, had shrunk) and we were all standing on the coathangers. the song Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs was playing in the background and we were all dancing on our coathangers (hahaa!).
one of the guys from my year was on a coathanger near mine. he fell off the coat hanger when the song got to the bit that goes "aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" and as he feel, he was sorta singing "aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" (lmao).
it was sooo funny and all the people that were dancing on the coathangers started laughing (including me).

i just wondered if anyone could tell me what any (or part) of it meant. i'll be actually shocked if anyone can explain it too me lmao! one of the best dreams ever - woke up in such a good mood cause it was so funny.

anyway, thanks if you have a go as trying to tell me what it means. (:

Example: Artists who specialize in drawing dream catchers?

For my art grade i need to research artists, and the project im doing involves dream catchers and Native american animals, so it would be great if you could tell me an artist for each of the two that i can then research,

Example: Dream interpretation (about having a baby)?

Hi. I was wondering what that means. I had a dream this afternoon that I was pregnant. In the dream I didn't even know I was pregnant until I felt movement. It was crazy because I was wondering why my stomach was getting so big. Just as I found out I was pregnant, I went into a pain-less labor that lasted about 60 seconds. I had a beautiful little baby girl. I told the father that I had just had a baby and he was shocked. After that I woke up. What does that mean? Do you think I just ingested to much sugar or fat in my dinner?
I don't have any children right now so do you think that could have something to do with it? Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed. :-) Thanks

Example: Pulling a coat hanger out of my mouth, what could that possibly mean?

I dreamed something in my mouth bothered me. I reached and pulled out a white coat hanger followed by feet of white wires.

I was very upset and proceeded finding who had put this in my mouth.

I've had silly dreams in my life but that one has got to be the most obsolete.

Example: Keep dreaming about my deceased father ? Please no negative answers?

My dad passed away 4 months ago of cancer. Since his passing I have had 2 dreams about him . The first one he came to me ,and hugged me ,and told me he was worried about me . He then left the room ,and came back carrying a little girl dressed in white ,and gave her to me . She wasnt a baby ,or newborn ,more toddler size. In this dream as well Dad told me he needed help. Last night I had another dream about Dad ,but this time it involved a litter of kittens . Im sorry to say this ,but Dad was strangling the new kittens . In my dream he said they wouldnt survive ,and he strangled them with a coat hanger ,he had asked me to get for him . It wasnt mean ,or murder in my dream ,more that dad was helping them if that makes sense. He then laid them in a box ,and checked to make sure none of them were still alive ,and suffering. He didnt kill the mother cat though ,just the babies. My dad was an animal lover in life ,and would never hurt an animal intentionally. Dad was the type that nursed injured animals back to help ,not the type to kill one. At the end of my dream ,My dad was in my bedroom ,and when i woke up in my dream he was standing by my bed wearing his old work uniform. After my first dream of Dad i did contact a physic friend ,but im not 100% sure her interpretation was true. My dads death was very painful for him ,and he told me many times he was not ready to die ...Could this be what he is telling me ? Thanks for any help you can give me

Example: My dreams are usually disturbing, but this one...what does it mean?

Well, I was near some dark woods at a Mechanic shop, apparently my car broke down..anyway, there were two people working there, one of them kept saying no to me, and "go away we can't help you" but the other one was saying it was ok and being strangely nice, there was a party going on over the street and suddenly i heard an explosion over there and everything went quiet, then I was in my old room and it felt like I had a coat hanger in my throat, it was scraping my throat, I was gasping and choking and it was actually painful. There was also a grey number 7 on my t.v.

Then I looked in my mirror and I had skin growing over my mouth and eyes, and then it was like I had another face (a mask) I could see through it now. I called for my mother, she came running but she had no expression on her face, and she grabbed me frantically, I was whimpering and all I remember saying to her is something along the lines of..."I don't want this" or "I can't be like this" or something...I have no idea what that dream meant, but it scared me.

If anyone has a good interpretation i'd love to know.

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

I had a dream that I woke up in a trailer. It was really cold and had two rooms. The room I woke up in had two lines of coat hangers with people hanging on them. There were also on the floor. The ones of the floor had 3 or more days to live, the ones on the coat hangers 1 or 2. The woman who had us there would choose how long we had, and when it was our time, she'd take us in the other room and torture us.

Anyways, I was kind of the one who 'bid' to the woman holding us there. She's keep me in three days if I helped her and such. Well, I escaped and ran through the trailer park until I got to my neighbor's house, where her children were there alone. Her kids told me the woman I bid to had taken their mother, so I left. I ran behind the house and into the forest, but I soon met a fence. On the other side of the fence was a city, but I couldn't get over to it.

And then I woke up.

Example: Dream interpretation?

what does this dream mean? i was in a library wanting to take some books out and the woman behind the desk said 'you can't take these out because you have outstanding fines' i asked what for and she turned her computer screen around and showed me two pictures - a coat hanger and a tap. I recognised the coat hanger and said ' i brought that back' she said according to their records i hadn't. Then i noticed it hanging on the wall behind her and said 'there, look, it's right behind you'. She deleted that picture from the computer. I said 'what's the tap?' She said apparently you broke the tap in the toilets the last time you were here. I remembered a tap breaking but said 'it broke when i used it but i didn't force it'.

Is my mind making up crap jokes in my dreams? force it - faucet. or does it mean something else?

Example: Weird dream!?

i had this dream last night that me and my b/f were living together again and having a baby (i really am pregnant) and he kicked me out, said he was gay and he had been with all my ex's. then he tried to stab my eye out with a coat hanger. whats that about? any meaning behind it?

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