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Dream About Coat Of Arms meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do the following dreams mean?

Come on humor me. I WILL report you if you say "dreams mean nothing"

Dreams 1 and 2 has my close friend in it in real life he's like a third brother to me(I have two brothers), a male version of me only older.

Dream 1 was about me being in LA, his homestate(GO SAINTS! =D) I went to a restaurant at night, minding my own business until a group of guys started yelling at me and started ganging up on me. My close friend comes in and rescues me, drags me out of there and outside in the pouring rain. He doesn't have a coat on but I hug him and then I nuzzle up to him, and kiss his jaw, then we start kissing. Then the dream moves to we run to a green wheat field(I dunno it looks like wheat only the tips are bent and they're green), and we roll around, and I get on top of him and kiss him and he rolls me over and kisses me.

Dream 2 is about I have feelings for this guy and we start dating. I hang out with him while he works. we are in an open cave(walls around, sky above, pond in the middle and sand all around). I kiss him and then he plunges me in the water, we swim to the shore and I kiss him again. Then he gets on top of me and starts french kissing me. My close friend(same guy that rescued me in dream 1) comes, I lift my head and look behind me, he comes running towards me, grabs my hand and literally pulls me out from under the guy who wouldn't get off of me. I run away with him, then he starts limping and he has a huge gash on his arm, so I help him up on the cliff. Then it switches to a room with bags and he's there.

That's it =)

Dream 1:
Maybe deep inside you, you know that you have more feelings for the guy who rescued you than being just a friend. Maybe it mean he likes you too and he would help you in you were in trouble for anything , anywhere, whatever the weather or circumstances.
The people ganging up on you may suggest that they are jelous of something that you own, or a physical attribute of yours.

Dream 2:
If your close friend fancies you, he wants you to get away from that other guy because he wants to be with you. If he just really likes you as a friend he may be feeling protective of you. Either way, the gash on his arm is because he was scared for you and it scared him, or if he fancies you it left a wound in him to see you with someone else.

I think you should try and find out if he thinks of you as maybe more than a friend and if you feel the same try to ask him on the subject.

=) Hope I helped!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was driving my car at night when I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a man's hand holding up three fingers. The man had been hiding in the backseat. I did not see his face, just his arm in a wool coat and his hand holding the three fingers. It was the his pinky, index, and middle finger. It felt scary. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Murder, being chased, blood?

What does this dream mean? Bear with me, it's long, but very interesting. This whole dream was set out like a horror or thriller movie - different "camera" angles, sometimes I would be watching myself, dramatic or suspensful music would be playing, ect.

I'm only 17, but I was with the police and detectives trying to catch this serial killer. He was a black man who liked to kidnap and murder young girls. I was staying at some "hotel" that looked like my primary school, and it was night. I was reading on the balcony when two young girls walked past me, giggling. I asked them where they were going and they said "To take a bath". I didn't think anything of it at first, then suddenly realised they were going to be murdered.

Then my dream switched "angles" and I was watching the black killer slowly open the door to where the girls were.
The dream jumped back to me and I ran down to this large tiled room that was the school bathrooms, where there was like a hot tub in the middle. I could see blood all over the floor, the girls were screaming, one of them completely covered in slippery dark red blood so she didn't look human anymore, the other one crouching away. The man had a gun and was wearing a purple suit with a black and white checked shirt. He had one girl under his arm and the other he was coating in her own blood. He worked very quickly and frantically.

For some reason I was braver than I would have been. I don't think I even had a gun or any weapon but I told him to stop. He turned around and said to me "Come closer, please." And then from another door in the wall m parents suddenly burst through, yelling. The man decided to escape and, holding both girls, ran very fast our of the room and into the playground of this "hotel" which still looked exactly like my primary school. It was still night and so he vanished quickly, but my parents and I still gave chase.

Whe chased him right up to the fence of my school. For some reason we couldn't get around or over this fence. I was angry because I had run so fast after him and nearly grabbed him a few times by just missed. I knew what this criminal was like, so I tried to provoke him, gain information about his character, maybe distract him for a while. I didn't know how dangerous that could be.

"Hey!" I yelled at him. "You always want us to get closer to you. But you never come closer to us!" The man had stuffed the girls' bodies in a small blue car, and now he turned to me, almost perplexed. Then he started to walk to towards. Then my parents finally caught up to me, and we all stood behind this fence facing this criminal. I knew he had a gun and was a psychopath but I kept taunting him. I also knew he thought of himself as very intelligent, so I said "You're nothing but a stupid idiot, aren't you?" He was becoming angry. My parents were telling me to stop.

Suddenly the man ducked behind another parked car and began sneaking towards my mum. I shouted a warning and my dad attempted to break the man's neck but it wouldn't work. Instead the man threw him off and began chasing me. I remember running as hard as I could, but it was so dark and the terrain so unstable. I was so scared. I knew he was a faster runner and that he would catch me and shoot me.

THEN, thank goodness, the dream changed (I'll be brief with this one).

I was at a friend's birthday party, which was being held in an abonded shopping center, and to reach the other floors you had to go down very long and very, very steep metal ladders, the ones with tiny rungs.
The whole time I was there I thought something wasn't quite right. The place was grimey, the carpet old and pulled up in places, the wall's scatched and dirty, with insulting messages scrawled on them. And the walls and the carpet were all a dirty shade of red, like old blood. I felt very uneasy there.

I started to go down all the ladders, which made me scared too because I believed I would fall. They were very high and not very stable. I was going down floor after floor till I reached a basement. And then I knew the source of unpleasentness and evil was coming from here.
Then everything became a bit blurry but I know I saw some strange cult of people who would cut off their own legs from the knee down and insert metal bolts all over their body. They were building some sort of trap or machine. Some of them still had legs. They noticed me watching in horror and one man without any legs who seemed to be the leader yelled at his minions to get me. I was beging chased again, this time up so many ladders and horrible humans, some with legs and some without, would crawl at an alarming pace after me.

Then I woke up.

Oh, it was so scary. I feel like this black killer is out there somewhere still with these girls, even though I know that is impossible. And I'm not a racist person, I do not know why he was black, but in my dream he just was.

Can anyone have a go at decoding what this means for me please? I know

Example: What does this dream mean?

Basically, I am in Tokyo. And I'm from Texas. America. I've never even been to Tokyo, or out of America.

I'm running around, trying to find people I guess. I'm trying to find my friends, running around and hurrying to some places to retrieve them. I find them all, and then the scene changes.

I'm in a playground, a giant playground surrounded by a giant wall. You can still see and hear the city over the wall. My friends and I are placed a certain distance apart around the wall inside.

Then dinosaurs, yes dinosaurs, scary as freak dinosaurs come out and begin to chase us. I remember being scared as freak because these things literally wanted to tear us to shreds.

It killed a boy in my grade, not really my friend, first.

Then me and my other friend ran underneath the playground to these kind of bars and hid. Then a dinosaur, kind of like a small T-Rex came and stuck it's head in the bars. It was close to reaching it.

I remember that it bit my friend in the arm, and I kicked it's head in, and then I wake up.

The second time I had the dream- I got farther. Basically after that the scene changes, and I'm walking through a giant gate in the wall.

Then there are two giant, burly men with black trench coats on. You can't see their faces, it's all black. You can still see and hear the city, because now I'm in it.

"It's time." They say, and I wake up.

Any ideas?

It's so dreaming random.

Example: Why is the glasgow coat of arms so effin depressing?

why is glasgow lumbered with such a shitey theme tune ?

1-a tree that never grew ? bloody obliterated with acid rain and a drunk guy pishing oan it, or a junky carved their name into it and killed it

2-a bird that never flew-probably a shitey george square pigeon wi manky wings

3-a fish that never swam- well i thought they only lived in Ireland ?a wee tadger fish that just stands in the bowl and waves at ye. a fish that doesnt swim means its pan breed in batter in Marios fish n chip bar does it no?

4-a bell that never rang- think that bloody quasi modo took the muffler oot of it in the shoap. or else some junkie banjoed it to get scoof money at the scrappy

no very flourished

Example: What does my dream mean? please help?

it starts off with me(but in female form) being the headmistress of a school, and me sitting on a desk talking to students and some teachers(im a very young head mistress) when somebody calls me to fix a fence/gate and i run over and i fix the gate, then i get called on again to go over to some place to open a lock, i run over, and there are two guys waiting for me, then this truck drives by and we all have to act natural cause they would catch us, so im laying down on the ground and the two(white) men are standing up with their arms crossed acting casually, then the truck drives by, and their is a security guard, there and one of the guys takes him out, while the other guy is the lookout, *please note that the lock is in like a square of fence wire, and i crawled in through a hole in the fence( to get inside) they got inside through the front gate, i try and fail the first time, then i respawn, and i try it again and the lock comes open, and idk if i die or something, but then the two men are in Antarctica(im assumeing cause it is snowing alot, and they have coats on, and they are on an ice burg, and there is a crane, and they put people on the crane and throw them off the iceburg useing the crane. what does this mean? please reply

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed that I was floating in Jennifer Aniston's coffee cup. The only thing that kept me from going under was a mini sugar- coated donut that I was using for a floatation device. Each time she took a sip, I pushed her huge lips away with my arms for fear that should would swallow me. I remember thinking at the time, "Why does her breath smell so bad?" I couldn't believe that she would come to Starbucks without brushing her teeth and/or gargling with some type of mouthwash. I'm usually pretty good at deciphering my own dreams but this one really has me baffled. What do you think this dream means?

Example: Do these dreams mean anything?

okay the dream is about
me being home alone, listening to music(as i usually am and do)
then i hear something but just carry on to what i was doing. a man in black swings open my door takes off his coat and starts to unzip something and he is about and inch away from me before i wake up, the next dreams he actually layed a finger onto my arm...

Example: What does my dream about being shot mean? GRAPHIC?

I dreamed that I was walking through a bad neighborhood with my brother, his wife, and his 2 kids. I've lived in some awful neighborhoods but this was the worst. We were walking along then we saw a person to our right fall down and die from a gun shot wound. Everybody on the street scattered. For some reason we tried to climb on the roof of a building, but we couldn't. So my brother and his family ran down the street while I was still trying to climb up. Then I feel to the ground and was about to start running towards them but I heard gun shots. I tried to hide in a corner by curling up into a ball behind a trash can. Then I saw a child to my left and the child's mother and father. The gunman came out of nowhere. He pointed the gun at the child, he had this sick grin on his face. I remembered hearing about a bank teller on the news telling a robber that Jesus wouldn't want him to do this. I'm not religious but I thought maybe I could guilt the man into stopping. I jumped up and said something like, "You can't kill this child! Jesus loves this child!" He then shot the child and aimed the gun at me. Then, we were in front of an old pawn shop w/ tv in the window, so he broke the window w/ his gun, pulled a tape out of his coat and popped it into a VCR which was under the tv. It was video of a black woman in the exact same situation(I'm white, if that makes a difference in the dream interpretation). And as she was telling the man "no", he shot her in the forehead. He rewound it & made me watch it again & again. Like he was showing me my future. The video was slow motion, it was awful watching the bullet enter the woman's skull and exit, as she screamed "NO!" But she didn't die. Then he aimed at my head, I knew I was going to die, then he fired. I lay back on the sidewalk waiting to bleed to death. But I didn't. I sat up and he aimed at me again. I told him, "Jesus loves you! He knew you were going to do this before you were even thought of, but he still let you be born! He loves you!" At this point it was clear that instead of calming him like I had hoped, the Jesus talk was just angering him. He shot me again. & I didn't die. But he didn't seem surprised. Just this creepy smile on his face. He grabbed me by the arms and started shaking me, the child's parents, still alive, started screaming. Then he started to rape me & I was thinking, "Really after you've shot my in the face several times you're going to rape me?" And I wondered if I was already dead. Then I woke up feeling VERY disturbed.

Example: Dream meaning? Bus crash?

In my dream I'm back in high school waiting for the bus on a steep hill in the winter. It is snowing, so i'm standing back a bit from the road under a tree, when the driver comes over the top of the hill he doesn't see me so I run out waving my arms as the bus goes past. The bus slams on it's breaks and skids of the road crashing. I run to the bus and start helping the kids in the bus who are hurt. for some reason even though this is a high school bus there is a small child about 5 or 6 and i have to help him zip up his coat as we wait for the police and other emergency responders, then i wake up. I have been out of high school for 25 years. what does this dream mean?

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