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Dream About Coat Of Mail meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Looking For Someone Who's a Good Critic For The Emerald Dragon?

The Emerald Dragon

The emerald dragon pulls a covered wagon,      
across the sagging swamp.
Among the reeds and willow trees,      
he staggers, sweeps and stomps...

O, Mary, Mary, sweet and scary,      
meet me there beneath the moon.
By the estuary, we’ll meet sweet Mary,      
to steal the dragon’s boon.
Deep within the night, such a horrid sight,      
we’re bound to see him soon.
Hold me dear and tight, as we prepare to fight,      
that ghastly, greedy, goon…
Such a vulgar beast, he feeds and feasts,      
upon the flesh of loved-one’s lost.
We travel from the East, for he expects it least,      
surprise shall pay the penance cost.
Soft and slow, we creep, to where the dragon sleeps;      
doused in dreams he’s torn and tossed.
My heart begins to leap, as we enter the deep,      
to fight the dragon to exhaust…
As we approach his lair, shrewd sulfur fills the air,      
and the ground beneath us shakes.
We sing a quiet prayer, as flames around us flare,      
and the emerald dragon wakes!
Its massive talons spear, the ground it slept on shears,      
and shudders with a quake.
We rise to face our fears, wipe all our burning tears,      
and charge to plant our final stake…
I take a faithful chance, and with a leaping prance,      
I pounced upon his tail.
I then take steady stance, and with my trusty lance,      
stabbed through the dragon’s scales.
At that sweet Mary bows, and with her swift arrows,     
 she pierced the dragon’s mail.
And as the dragon slows, his blood of emerald flows,     
and he whines his final wails…
The dragon shifts and stirs, his blackened vision blurs,      
as I rise to end the deed.
The ground digs in my spurs, as I pierce his fur,      
and leave him there, stripped bear, to bleed...
Open wide the chests, end this quixotic quest,      
in love and land we’re bound to lead.
We poke, we joke, we jest, we passed this lover’s test,      
we have strong minds and hearts, indeed…

There is poetry meant for fairy tales, and yours is one of them. Quite a work, would make as lovely story book for children (despite some of the adult words), needs some wild and wonderful illustrations to go with your wild and wonderful descriptions.

The poem stands well as it is. In the fantasy land of dragons, Giants made of ice or rock can stride the earth, mermaids half-human half-fish can swim and sing, fairies made of light can create mischief. There is no end to the imagination. Of course the real world also has 'magical' creatures that seem to defy reason: Bats that fly having skin and fur but not feathers, that see using sound. Armadillos and tortoises that carry heavy armour like rock (or 'emeralds') on their backs, yet they can move. Bower birds, and others, that would steal your rings and other glittery things and hide the treasure in their nest. The praying mantis insect is definitely a dragon to its victims (a lovely colour green).
The ancient dinosaurs, dragons if ever there were such, once strode the earth in reality. Their modern ancestors, the birds, still retain the same foot structure as (some of) the dinosaurs, retain the scales, as well as the soft down that is their 'fur'.
With modern science we have already, by genetic manipulation made composite animals (E.G. mice with human ear on back, pigs that glow fluorescent green in the dark etc).

In fairyland it is quite acceptable to give life and emotions to the inanimate. 'Shrewd sulphur' has quite a pungent punch, why change it into something more reasonable and ordinary, when your poem is not 'ordinary', its subject matter a knight's quest that flows so beautifully? A child can imagine objects to have feelings, that a rock that is kicked might hurt and, if it could talk it may complain loudly. Fairytales, indeed poetry itself, helps to teach the human race to be more human and compassionate by expanding the minds and the feelings of readers. Not all dragons are dinosaurs, some are critics. A mighty sword is a pen.

No matter what the personal meaning of the poem is, it still stands alone as an enjoyable work as a fairytale, well worth the time you took to compose it. I for one, enjoyed it very much. Children would love it and you could use the poem to teach them the meaning of the 'bigger' words, to expand their vocabulary. What bright child would not expect there to be mysteries and secrets in words in a fairy tale: "What does 'estuary' mean?" and you could answer and enjoy lighting up a new world and language for them. There are 'emeralds' in the real world worth the effort of seeking, some of them are discovered in the mystery of new and bigger words. Your poem ,as is, is a treasure.

Example: Does anyone know a decent poem about dreams?

I need it for art research, preferably something that is well known, by an actual poet, not some awful internet posting effort, thanks.

Example: If you supposedly "worked on a project", but there's no audit trail showing what you did,?

Lament for the Fall of Seville (1267)

Abu al-Baqa' al-Rundi (d.1285),

Translated from Arabic by James T. Monroe
Little is known of Abu al-Baqa' al-Rundi, a poet from Ronda who died in 1285. This poem was written in the hope of gaining aid from Muslims in North Africa to help battle Christian armies. Although the fall of Seville is its theme, the text was actually written in 1267, after the Nasrid ruler Muhammad ibn al-Ahmar surrendered several cities to Alfonso X. The poet refers to events in ancient Arabian and Persian history as well as to the capture of Seville in his attempt to inspire military support. (ORC)

Everything declines after reaching perfection, therefore let no man be beguiled by the sweetness of a pleasant life.

As you have observed, these are the decrees that are inconstant: he whom a single moment has made happy, has been harmed by many other moments;

Example: Can you make any sense out of this?

In my dream, me and my oldest sister, who is four years younger, are having dinner at our aunt's house. We use to spend a lot of time there, but don't anymore since I moved away. Anyway, we're having dinner and this asked gun with a gun breaks in, which is strange cause my aunt's house is never locked. He's not wearing a ski mask, he's wearing a red demon mask and a long red coat to match. Well, my aunt and uncle disappear and he takes me into the master bedroom where he shoots me three times in the stomach. For some reason I just seat down in a nearby office chair and wait to die. I close my eyes. I fell myself pass through something. When I open them, I'm in a office and the bullets are gone, not even a scar. A women in a crimson office suit hands me a back pack. When I step outside the office, I'm on a street full of all my high school classmates. Someone tells me, “You were friends with Matt in this world too.” (Matt is the name of my high school buddy.)

Example: Can you help me with my english homework?

i have to write one word yo make tree compund nouns

2. fall

















Example: What does this dream mean?

Right, I come to school and go to the computer room and send an e-mail to my ex sayin hi as I usually do in real life, me and my ex are good friends. My ex and her boyfriend walk in and log on to two computers, so I check my e-mail and she hasn't replied and in real life she usually does and then mine and my ex's friend walks in in a white coat and I say hi and she ignores me and starts talkin to somes friends and I say hi again and she ignores me and then walks up to my ex and they start talkin to each other happily and then my friend Adam walks in sits beside me and asks what's wrong and I tell him what's happened check my e-mails again, no replies and ask Adam why are they ignorin me, then I wake up.
What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean it was very wierd?

Me and Charley(my ex) were in the computer room at school talkin on e-mail while she was talkin out loud to Joe(her boyfriend) who was sat next to her and then he stood up suddenly slamming his hand on the keyboard took his coat off and I found he was only wearin his underwear and Charley gave him her I love you look then he stormed out. Then me, Charley and Steph(mine and Charley's best friend) went to dinner and I got three jam tarts and walked past the till and forgot to pay so I walked back to pay and told Steph and Charley I'd find them so I paid cos there was no queue but when I came to find Steph and Charley the place was packed and I couldn't find them so I sat on my own then Charley comes up and hugs me from behind and says you got three and I said yeah and Steph sat beside me and said I shoulld have a proper meal. Then Steph and Charley started havin what they call girl talk and I joined in as usual if I'm gonna go to dinner with them might as well. Then we went out side...

Example: What does this horrible nightmare mean?

I had the worst nighmare last night. i have a huge fear that my family was in danger(i'm a teenager) and they mean everything to me. Here is what the dream was:

A man pulled up to the house in a beat up old pick up truck at night time(everyone was going to bed and it was dark) and then he came up to the glass front door and rang the doorbell and pulled a small handgun out from under his coat. My dad told me to run up to his room where there was a shotgun and he followed afterward(that part is a little blurry) the man got in somehow and found us all upstairs. My parents and brother were cornered in teh bathroom and i was able to get out their side door and climb out the balcony and jump to the hill, but the neibors were ambushed to and i had to run. that was when i woke up sweating. it makes me want to throw up just thinking about it, and now I am so worried, especially with the mail truck now and everything when someone pulls up the drive way. I am scared to death and I dont' know what to do. I keep praying to the Lord to protect myf amily and to keep me safe, and to help my fears go away, but I'm still really scared. I think it might make me feel better if I knew what the dream meant? Is it just an imagination dream, or will it come true?

Just to let you also know, my worst fear is death. I am not afraid of me dying, but I am afraid of a VERY close family member, dying and leaving me behind. Such as if my mother were to die. I am sure that in the process, my father would die from depression and my brother wouldn't be too much better. If they both were to die, then I would have to lvie with an aunt that my brother and i love, but we don't neccessarily want to live with her... we can't stand beign at her house for the full day.. They are just... crazy. They let their kids watch rated- R movies, and all kinds of great stuff. And lets just say, taht the scariest movie i have ever watched was the Disney movie last year with the scrooge in it. In the movies, though, they always have happy endings, and in real life, they just don't. Can someone please tell me what this means? Also, is there a hotline of any sort, where you can express your fears and get help from being so upset?

Example: I need help trying with these kennings and imagery words.?

1)the coat of mail that came through all fights, through shield-collapse and cut of sword. i need to know what shield-collapse means.

2) when the dragon awoke, trouble flared again. he rippled down the rock, writhing with anger when he saw the footsteps so close to his dreaming head.
i need to know if #2 is imagery becuase im doing this project and its due tomorow PLEASEE HELP ME PEOPLE!

Example: Bet you don''t know the name or the group who did this song...?

Woke up/Didn't choke up/ Found my AK/ It was broke up/Put it together like a jigsaw...
If you do, I'll give you 10 pts.

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