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Dream About Cobwebs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is this dream's hidden meaning?

I'm pretty sure that there are three constituents to this dream: blood pressure medication, depressing apocalyptica music, and shooting down enemies in Call Of Duty. But hey, these things don't happen for nothing.

So I was at my grandparent's house, I walk in, and they say that I have to look after my retarded cousin Donnie, (of which i don't have one in real life) I'm not joking. I look to the loveseat in the living room, and there are like these 2 easel chalk boards strapped to the seats. My grandparents tell me we are to be strapped to these so we won't beat each other up. (makes no sense) Basically pinned with our backs against them and our hands tied by our heads.

They leave, and we're left alone. Donnie disappears, and I find him driving my mom's car into the ditch in the front of the house, i push him out and try to get the car out of the road after pushing it out of the ditch, but in order to turn the car on I had to plug the car into an extension cord. (?) I start running up the driveway chasing Donnie back into the house, all while carrying a chinese machine gun in my hand (of which i never once fired in the dream.)

I flash into another part of the dream... I'm at my house, my dad gives me the keys to this minature trike version of his new Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. I ride around the house as the trike slowly turns into a motorized toilet. I stop in the backyard, and I see smoke coming from a house down the street where my friend Sarah used to live. We hop over the fence to go see, the fire is no longer there and immediately we go back in time to a western era. I find this small toy house next to the fence, I pick it up, someone behind me says "look it has a burglar in it!", the house starts to crack and crumble in my hands.

We walk over to this store, like a country style sort of restaurant, kind of grungy. I meet this boy about my age, I didn't find out his name, but we become friends. He runs over to give his mom (who is a waitress and/or store owner) a hug.

At the end of the dream we walk to the opening of this huge barn, some animals are alive and just naturally hanging from the beams above like tobacco. There is this weird llama that bleets like a sheep, and my friend's pig tried to wiggle itself into the barn. There are horses there also, which reminded me of the ones in the movie The Brothers Grimm (which spiders and cobwebs in their mouth). I had a bad feeling about this barn, a very bad feeling. Then I saw this huge mass of an animal, it looked like half giant horse, half elephant with the pinkish gray dapple of the elephant and the chestnut hair and body of a horse. This horse was huge, like the size of an elephant. I was terrorized by this horse, of which I didn't find out but somehow knew his name was Bronx.

Just a dream from the meds which cause vivid dreams, or is there some signs of hidden meaning? You don't have to translate all of it, just maybe parts of it if at all possible.

But the hidden meaning is lost for me, as i do not know what has been going on in your life.

perhaps you were traumitized as a child by a big adult and you have never gotten over that fear.

Something happened yesterday that triggered the reaction and the dream manifest itself

The medication suppressed your inhibitions and this came to the forefront

Example: What do repetitive dreams about rodent infestation mean?

I am not afraid of rats or mice AT ALL. I think they're cute, and would love to have a rat as a pet. However, lately I've been having dreams about rodent infestations in either my house, or someone else's house. The first dream had rats and bats (both of which I like) that were in our attic. In the dream I felt that I needed get farm cats to rid the problem. The second dream was with mice in a house someone was looking to buy. I was warning the current owners of Haunte virus that is found in mice. Does anyone have a guess as to what this would mean? I've read that reoccurring dreams usually are a sign of your subconscious trying to tell you something.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having dreams (in different settings) that I find an abandon barn with all the animals all still inside, dusty, old, abandon, but somehow still alive. I immediately start examining them and determining what care they need (I want to be a vet someday). There are all sorts of farm animals, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, even ducks) they have dust all over them and I brush away the cobwebs from their bodies. The dream doesn't last too long after I start caring for the animals and washing them off, could someone interpret this dream? Serious answers please

Example: The meaning of my dream?

Well as much as I don’t want to be one of those people who ask about their religious dreams on here, this one has been bugging me. On night of Feb. 24 I had a dream where I was in this small, gray room. It was full of cobwebs, and covered in cobwebs was a table. The table looked long enough that 5 people could fit on one of the longer sides, along with 5 chairs, but only one chair was there. In this chair was a skeleton, positioned to look exactly how Jesus looked at the last supper (in the painting). He was wearing the same clothes as he was in the painting, and his expression in that painting perfectly matched that of the skulls (obviously, skulls in real life are expressionless). I looked, and strangely, I wasn’t scared. I looked down at the table and in front of him was a knocked over gem studded (old, dull-colored gems of dark blue and red) silver glass with a small amount of blood pooled inside of it. I turned to the wall on my right, and more blood was spattered all over a 3 by 3 ft. area of the wall.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was in an old theatre that was full of cobwebs and ready to collapse.
i sat down on a chair, and suddenly the lights came on, and on the stage there was this girl. she was dressed in gothic dresses and had long black hair. she was dancing over and over, just spinning and twirling.
then, dancers joined her- they were all creepy-looking. i kept watching. i felt happy because the show was all for me, as no-one else was there.
but then, suddenly, five men sat in the row behind me. they had gloved hands. before i could move, they reached over and pushed my into my seat, trapping me. then, then put thier hands across my face and pulled off a mask. it was white with golden swirls on it.
then, i looked down and a necklace was now on my chest. it had a silver button on the end.
i felt really happy, and wanted to stay, but then i woke up.

Example: What could this dream mean ?

i dreamed i was preparing to go on a first date with my new boyfriend and then for some reason we had to stop at a house to do something and the lady that lived there said the garage was messed up and so i helped her lift the garage door up by myself and i noticed my hand got cobwebs on them and i was fine then all of a sudden i noticed i had mosquito looking bites on my hand and i was like oh crap spiders bit me ! i didnt feel pain in the dream .

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am on a trip to Oregon with my family. While we are there I go to get my name changed. The only place in town to do so is a place they call the "haunted courthouse." I went there and as I am standing in line a very nice gentleman brings me in. It's a very old courthouse with cobwebs and dust everywhere and smells of old rotting wood. While I am sitting and waiting I open my panda wallet and there is hundreds of dollars inside. When I ask the judge how much the filing fee would be, she says that I won't be giving her money but it's otherwise 19 dollars. She proceeds to cut up strips of paper and asks me to fill each one out with the required information. I do. I can't remember my drivers license number for one of the papers, so I go to look in my wallet. I pull out my ID and my picture is cut out. I go through the rest of my ID's and various cards in my wallet and find all my pictures have been cut out, and an awful, creepy sunset has been painted in watercolor over top everything in my wallet. Some of the cards were taped together. There were two separate types of paintings of the sunset on my things. 1 set of paintings had a very creepy tree painted in an almost black brown and was completely barren. The others had no tree at all. But all the paintings had the same sunset. When I found my pictures that had been cut out, they were also painted over. After all this i started freaking out. I was so frightened and went to the desk to tell the people that worked there what happened. When I looked at the desk there were 2 tin cans that had been painted in the same fashion. I was so frightened and began asking if anyone knew what happened. No one knew but they called a detective to come help me. While I was waiting for the detective a man came up to me and tapped my shoulder and whispered in my ear that I was being watched. I was so terrified I had them call my uncle who came to me. I woke up in tears.

Example: What does my dream mean...?

Recently, I've had some dreams about violence and gore and stabbings in the head.
Here's the first dream I had:

This random group of people and me broke into this abandoned house. A guy told us our groups. I was grouped with a Swedish man, a Chinese man, and two little Chinese kids who are in the Boy Scouts. The abandoned house is something you'd expect to see the ghostbusters to venture in. Everything is in ruins though; floorboards are pried up and cobwebs every where. Anyways, we walked down a short narrow corridor, fit for a single file line. The Chinese man was in the front and he suddenly runs ahead to the end and into this room with an open door and we heard a short scream. The two children ran ahead and I yelled at them to stop, and I ran after them. When we all reached there, the Chinese man was hanging in the door, a single long nail impaling his forehead to the door. His skin was ripped off and is trailing in the floor. His flesh looked like a leper's skin, all bubbly and hardened like boils. I went up close and he opened his eyes. That's it.

The other dreams are similar: me witnessing this French general throwing people to the ground and stabbing them in the head with a sword repeatedly, stacking the bodies ontop of one another.
Then there's the other dream where two Muslim girls in head wraps were crying over a Muslim girl with a sword stabbed in her neck and out through her eyes. They were on the bus, and I'm just watching them.

May anyone analyze my dreams and tell me the meaning of them?

P.S. No, I don't watch the news much.

P.S.S. I'm still having stabbing-in-the-head dreams every night.

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the dream I walked down stairs and saw a huge cobweb with lots of spiders on it, the thing that caught my eye was one type of spider. It was bigger than the others, was completely white, and it had what looked like a cross carved (carved) on it.

What the hell does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

i keep having this weird dream that im on some farmland or something. and theres an old white house with dark green trimming in the clearing of a forest. its summer, the grass is bright green, etc. But i don't recall seeing animals. Not even birds..
Im always there with a group of friends, 4 or 5 of them.

We go into the house and then a voice tells us "you have to find ___( # ) of spiderwebs? So it tells me i have to find a certain number of these webs in my given time which was an hour, or something bad will happen. (i don't remember how many webs i was told to find.. 6 or 8,)
So we go outside looking for them, And we find 4 every time. When we find them they are very sparkly webs and they look like there is morning dew all over them.
But before i can find all of the webs i am forced to return to the house. my friends and i go into the house, into the kitchen, and it is very clean, like. empty.
Then the voice says something (i can't remember what it says though)
My friends all leave without saying anything and lock me inside the house, Then this thing appears. it's like 4 and a half feet tall. It's a person but it's just skin. no face. no clothes. just skin. And i have to kill it to leave to house. But before i do anything i always wake up.

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