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Dream About Colored Pencils meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Two dreams i had, just wondering what they might mean?

So, I don’t usually get dreams a lot, but when I do they mean something and there usually long dreams. The night before last night I had a dream that I was sleeping in my bed and saw spiders crawling down my wall on the floor and on the ceiling. I don’t remember doing anything about it but I mainly remember a really big spider, it was a goldfish color and is just its body was the size of a bottle cap and it’s leg as ling as two pencils put together. The spider was just crawling down my wall slowly. All the other spiders were as big as a penny and the were black. That’s all I remember from this dream. It may not mean anything but its worth a try.

Here is the dream I got the second night….I only remember one scene form it though…I was either in a classroom or some room with many chairs. The light in the room was really white because of just one window that was open. I don’t remember who else was there but I know I was and some other people. Every few minutes wind or dust or some form of sandstorm came through the window and overtime it did everyone had to grab on to something so they didn’t fall over by the amount of wind. It kept on blowing. It was hard to see anything; I don’t think I saw anything out of the window though just wind blowing through. Sorry but that’s all. Every dream I have I wake up in the most important parts of it and them remember it all, but than later on in the day I forget most of it: / sorry, I hope this helped. Please if you have any ideas what any of this means. Btw: it’s only this week I have been having dreams non stop.
hope this helps some.

the first dream is what i call a nothing dream... it doesnt really have any meaning and it is most likly from memmory. maybe earlier in the day you saw a spider an at school you played with your pencil. im not sure but it is either very hard to understand or it doesnt mean anything. the second dream sounds like a hard message to uncover. it might be that its you in life. maybe you dont have as many people you would like in your life like maybe your lacking some friends or maybe you have a lost close one... that may represent the empty chairs in the room (if there were empty chairs). and the filled chairs might mean the people in life that you have around that are struggling with the same problems as you through life. maybe their your friends and family members that go through the same problems as you. I think the wind is sort of like problems in your life at the time. The wind might be a problem your going through or will face. it might be saying that you need to just hang in there through your problems and in figure of speach "dont let go" the problem will be over soon just try your hardest and you wont fall! ;) hope i helped (im not an expert in dreams or anything but this is what i think about it)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hello, last night i had two dreams and this is the first one:
It was my moms birthday, and my moms birthday was in may, so it past. My dad worked in a card/gift shop and he got my mom some things.
She is fussy when it comes to gifts.
He showed me what he had got her and i looked, he got her some pencils (normal hb 20 pack minis) and some winnie the pooh pencils what was really pathetic. I told him how stupid it was and he said she will like it, and she defiently wouldn't and he wouldn't do that in real life. Then he got a massive blue mug and got a gold engraver and wrote a stupid message saying girl and stuff when she is 43. He knows in real life she doesn't like having mugs. I told him she wouldn't like that, but he didn't listen.
So i am going to secondary/middle school soon, and we had alook around when i am looking around in 2 weeks. It's cardinal wiseman, i have already got in but our frst propr day is in a few weeks. We went into the shower room and people were in swimsuits, and funnily enough there was loads of laptops in use in the shower room. Then we went into the pool and had a swim...i liked the appearance of the school, it didnt look anything like it really is it looked nicer and bigger, it also has a swimming pool though iit lookss different.

Example: What does my snake dream mean?

I had a dream last night that's baffled me. Above my belly button, about the size of a pencil was a hole in my stomach, and a snake, just as small as the hole came out, so I tried to grab it and pull it out, it stretched a bit but slipped through my fingers and went back inside my stomach, it kept popping out but I could never get it. Also at one point its tail came out of my back and was wagging almost like a dogs tail as I could feel it gently hitting my back as it swayed. Any ideas what this could mean? The snake was red in colour if that is of any significance. I, naturally wanted to get the snake out, but it didn't want to come.
Thanks in advance.

Example: What does THIS dream mean? Itll stump you!?

This is my second "What does this dream mean?" Question.

Anyway, I was in a basement.quite small,but,it seemed ENOURMOUS. Why?i was equivalent in size to a pencil's eraser.

I was not human. I was more of a cat-like animal.I was definetly a mammal,but i had pure white fur,and everything was tipped in red. I had cat like ears,a tail (only instead of it curving up like a U,it corved down like an n.)There were many,possibly two or three hundred of me,quite simliar.the difference was some had streaks of fur going over one eye,some appeared to have pigtails,etc.. all base colors were white,but a wide variety of tip color.

We were busily at work liek ants. Im wasnt sure what exactly we were doing,but we were collecting scraps of food.Then i realized a small windo,our only source of light that didnt do much.It was still very hard to see. I gathered everyone to try and jump up there. after jumping on much furniture(we were so light,we jumped as high as fleas) we reached teh window.It was slightly open,so we walked out.The secon i stepped out,we all fell over the edge,and hit -hard - against the floor.

Next thing i know we were walking along the gravel. Well,sand to you,but we were so small it was gravel.There were four or six train tracks.We were walking right on top of one.I was leading the way (we had NO idea what we were doing.)And then,we heard a rumble. We all jumped off the tracks.A giant piece of machinery (the train,but it was so big,you couldnt tell.) A ramp folded down.We kind of jsut looked at it blakly.We started to walk on.

We sat down on really tiny chairs. It hadnt occured to us that people (we lived on teh same Planet.Earth.) Coudl fit on thesemand they would be pointless to them.The train shrunk,faster than you can blink,And we were trapped in idividual cages.

A man,Who looked much like a ringmaster,the top hat and dramatic clothing,held us up.He smiled evilly and took off with us. I collapsed.

I woke up in a giant circus tent.Well,compared to the ringmaster,it was puny.I,was still in my cage,but i had something through my ear. A tag that said..Well,i dont remeber,but it was in the sixties. ANYWAY,Iooked up.There was a giant magnifying glass.My real self,the one that was sleeping,remebered flea circuses.Then my dream self,the odd creature,got the message.The man thought we were a breed of fleas.He was calling peopel to come look at us.

When i look back at te bars enveloping me,i almost exploded laughing! We were so small,we coudl slip right through the spaces!I put my finger to lips,and motioned everyoen to follow me.While teh ringmaster was turned,we sneaked away quietly.We went backstage,and were stricken with surprise.

Infront of us were ants.brutal,-rip-you-apart-so-we-can-eat ants.They were blood red,and hanging to the wall,Which had threads hanging down.My mouth gaped and we just stared.We couldnt get past.Then,teh weirdest thing happened.this is the first convorsatio ni had in my dream.

A girl creature of my type came up to me. She was tipped both pink and baby blue,one eye pink and one eye blue,and wore pigtails.

"I know how to get past them! " She said.
I let my head fall to one side.
"I read it in a human book.Soemthing about..(here she grabbed a thread)Gymnastics."
We all looked at her like she was crazy.She turned to the ants,and swung with all her strength.She kicked the ants off,and they fell into a bug zapper.She kept on swinging,and mentioned "Do the Tarzan!"Apparently we had heard of it before,so we went.We swung,and we swung,and we got across,.we fell into a soft bed of moss.We looked around.there was ponds,flowers,paths made by bugs,everything made for our size!Thats when everything started to fade.

Whenever a dream ends,I start to get pulled toward teh sky,and whatever characters that joined me would wave,and i could feel myself morphing into my actual self.And i woke up.

What in the WORLD did this mean ?!?!?!I bet nobody knows :[

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this funny dream a few nights ago. I remember it because it was so weird I had to tell friends the next day. First of all I was in this room that was dim and all one colour which was a dark bluey-grey colour with no windows even the door was bluey-grey with no window through it. The only other colour in the room was a row of hospital white refridgerators as clean as if they were on display in a store. I was standing in the middle of it when suddenly there's this giant seaturtle (okay maybe not giant but big) in the middle of the floor. I decided, gleefully to antagonise it and started kicking water at it (I don't know why the water was there because the floor was originally dry). The turtle got angry with me and with its mouth open started charging at me like a rhinoceros. I freaked out and started retreating thinking it was going to bite my hand off. Instead it laid eggs at me, blasting them at me like canons.

They were all really white and all different sizes, the biggest was massive. I would have needed both arms to carry them. Suddenly my arms were laden with my pencil case and school books and this guy had appeared in the room. I don't know how he got in because I don't remember the door opening but he said to me I had to keep the eggs because the goddess turtle had chosen me to care for them. I told him I couldn't because I had all these books to carry and he told me to keep them in the fridge so I put them in and walked out.

When I walked out I was suddenly on the porch of this house in the middle of nowhere. Everything was very green, pleasantly sunny and from what I was wearing it was like we were in the 1940s. There were four kids in 1940s style clothing standing in front of me. Two boys aged probably 12 or 13 and 9 or 10 and two little girls aged 7 or 8 and 4 or 5 wanted to go play at this lake. They didn't say anything it was like it was on mute but I just knew what was going on. The littlest girl asked me for something and I said yes and got it. As I got back the three older children ran around the corner, the littlest started crying and ran after them.

I wasn't there anymore but I was sort of watching it like a movie. Anyway the kids got to this massive lake, crystal blue, with blue sky, sunny weather and greeney. The kids went swimming and were pushing logs across the water. Three of them got out (2 boys and 1 girl) and they were bone dry like they had never been swimming at all. They looked around and noticed the youngest was missing.

There was a moment of panic then they got told (I'm not sure by who or what) that their sister had become the were-turtle and then the dream ended.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at this outside party, and i met 5 people. 2 guys and 2 girls. then there was this big car crash and the car flipped a bunch of times in the air, then landed perfectly. then me and the 5 people were going to leave the party, but i couldnt get in the car with them cause i wasnt 18. so we walked into the kinda foresty place. and there was fences and stuff. but then there was this pole and a strange drawing was on it. it had two people standing next to eachother but the one on the left was holding something. (i completely forgot)
Then we heard this type of grr-ing, and we turned around and started to walk back. but then i saw a mountain lion. it attacked one of the guys. the other guy tried to help him but he got attacked too.
it was about sunset when we were walking but now it was pitch dark. me and the 2 girls started running, and we climbed a short fence then climbed a higher fence.
it led to this really big house. we ran to the house and a lady came out but then we said "call 911 call the police !" and put our hands up. another girl was behind though, laying on the ground. i dont remember her getting attacked, but we did get cut by barbwire fence. then for some reason, the woman pulled out some paintings and colored pencils, and all kind of cool antiques, then she wanted me to draw something, i dont remember what i drew though. Then i woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does this two-part dream mean (it's very unusual and kinda different)?

The first part of the dream:

I was at the edge of the beginning of a bridge that spanned a large body of water. As I began to look at the huge bridge from the entrance, I was talking with my mom on a cell phone. I told her that I was about to cross "Big Red" (the name of this unknown mysterious bridge that I had never seen nor heard of in my life). She told me how dangerous it was, and I told her that I had to continue. She told me to be careful. Then, part of the bridge's entry sections looked collapsed, and I slid down the steep collapsed ramp toward the waterway below. As that happened, I saw the colour of the bridge - - it was blood red. This quickly transitioned into the second part of my dream.

Second part:

I approached a swingset, and the swingset was very very large. As I climbed on the swingset, I heard the many noises of hundreds of people talking. As I began to sit down on one of the swings, a French women told me (I guess in English?) to begin swinging, and that once I began to swing, she said that she would tell me something in a secret unspoken code of sorts while I was riding high in the swing above. As I began swinging, everything fell silent, and I saw the French lady use a beige makeup pencil to draw lines on her body. She wore a brown beret, and she was trying to tell me something through this code, but I never did quite understand what she was attempting to communicate to me. The deafening silence was remarkable, and I've never had a silent dream in my life like this one, to the best of my recollection.

What does this two-part dream really mean?

Example: Dream decipher, What does my dream mean?

It was kind of like one of those late 90s/2000s teen movies. The way everyone dressed and acted. I was walking to class with two friends and was ranting about how i a caught one of them who is gay giving a ******* to my homophobic dad in an rv at a my cousins house. I sit down and look at my desk and realize i have no idea what i am suppossed to be doing. I have an inchelada casuero from a previous class on the desk put to the side. And a binder and books opened up. My friend says you are suppossed to be reviewing and the teacher walks up and makes a joke about how unpreparred i am. And then this weird dude ask to borrow my grandfather pencil. I look down to the pens and pencils i have but dont know which one it is so i fumble with them and tell him to get it so he doesnt know that i dont know. Than i think "this is so messed up. Now my dad cant say anything bad about gay people because he is gay. Oh **** i have to study." i look down and then look to my right and this girl has a GIANT black spider with red dots going up her chair. I warn her calmly and she looks than freaks out the spider gets on her back shoulder area and than gets stuck there with like tarish stuff. It bites her and she runs pff just as the teacher comes up and the spider jumps on her and does the same. I try to back away calmly but the teacher rips the spider off and throws it at my desk and it lands on me and goes up my face and gets stuck to my cheek for some reason i use a leaf to try and pull it off But than it bites me. Then an announcement on the speakers say school cancel and to evacuate. Then i woke up.

Example: Help with meaning of the dream about ex crush and current crush.?

so in the dream i was going to the lake at first and nobody could find the life jackets to swim and everyone kept looking for them and two were in just a plastic bag and the others were in a blue bag and it was so obvious where they were but nobody found them then my mom who was on the phone called me to find them and i just look outside and find them, and then my mom told my aunt over the phone that i am always good at finding things but suddenly i was in a formal dinner with tons of people who were way richer than i was and i felt so iferior then i saw that i had a dress i wore when i was 11 that is really beautiful, but it fit me really well even though i am older than that, but i still felt inferior and then there was this thing that they announced where someone would write the name of someone they wanted to dance with and then everyone got the card for who to search for so they can dance and then i got the name of william drake but i never heard that name i know that this guy that asked me out was named william but thats all, so i got up and i went to find him and then my crush was there and he told me i shouldn't go because i wouldn't have anyone to protect me but i just brushed him off and then i went looking for him and asked everyone if they knew where he was so then i finally find him and i realize that he was someone that i used to have a crush on but he was taller in real life than in my dream and his name isn't william drake but i go and tell him i came to dance with him then i bit my lips because they are really chapped then he goes to get his jacket and then i see my crush who has this green pencil thats used for eyeshadow he tells me not to go so then i see william is turned around so i just go and start to kiss his neck but where i kissed him there is the same color of green from the pencil like i put it on my lips but i just keep kissing his neck and then william turned around and he told me he was done with me then i woke up please help me figure out the meaning of the dream

Example: What does my dream mean? I think I know, but what do you think?

I was in my school playground. I was with a couple of buddies, having fun twisting up the swings. (I don't remember who was in them, nor who my buddies were.) Eventually, I decided to walk over to the jungle gym to see what was going on there. As soon as I looked inside, three heads poked out from the tunnels: my little brother, one of his female classmates, and one of my female classmates. They all demanded to know what I was doing here, then scoffed when I told them I wanted to hang out. I left, and the scene changed to the library. All the computers were taken, so I was drawing to myself, hunched over the paper. The design I had drawn was a kind of a double Nike swoosh. It looked like it had once been orange, but it had been done over with a blue colored pencil. As I observed it, I decided that the blue needed to be darker at the thick side of the second shape. As I shaded it in, my teacher came in and demanded to know why I had asked my female classmate on the playground if she was vegetarian. I vaguely remembered that it was around lunchtime when I asked her, and I was probably innocent of any wrongdoing. On the other hand, I thought, I might have been trying to irritate her, or maybe I wanted an excuse to talk to her. But my teacher wasn't interested: it seemed she was outraged at the political incorrectness of asking someone if they were vegetarian: "Why not ask if she wants to become a dancer?" Irritated, I protested that she would have found that just as offensive, considering that the topic of diet was taboo. Interestingly, I never turned around to face my teacher: I recognized her by voice anyway, and I wanted to finish my drawing. By this point, I was tired of shading the blue in the traditional way; I started doing squiggly lines in different patterns to fill in the space. But, as luck would have it, just as I decided I was done talking to my teacher, and I could concentrate on my drawing, another female classmate of mine, who I had always found particularly irritating, leaned over my shoulder and demanded to know if the patterns I was shading in spelled anything. "Ninja," I sarcastically replied, and woke up vowing never to talk to my teacher or anyone I had seen in the jungle gym.

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