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Dream About Colors meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does eye colours mean in dream?

What does blue, brown and black eye colours mean in dreams?

Black is the color of deceit and things hidden in a dream. Eyes symbolize seeing some aspect or issue.

Who has these eyes? Are they yours or someone else's?

Blue is a more healing color and the color of the throat chakra. Brown is an earthy color and the most common color of eyes - it could also symbolize seeing the "crap" or underside of life. I have green eyes, so its interesting that none of your eye colors in your dream were green.

Example: Dream meaning green color?

I have had reocurring dreams with green color and a little girl.I would appreciate if you helped me with interpretation. In one ream i was getting dressed by female members of my family and by my female friends in a beautiful green gown...then i realised they were preparing me for some eremony and i didnt find out which, i remember i was approaching the ceremony venue and i was wearing green hugh heels shoes and they looked gorgeous as well. Another dreamwas me packing things for the trip, particulary green top and green dress. My partner was vert happy that we are going tigether and he seemed fulfilled. We might havve been moving too. I had 3 dreams within the last 4 months period about little girl(3/4 years) who loojed like my niece but was like transparent and attached to me...and the latest one about red hair little girl, wearing white, not transparent and she seemed very radiant, beutiful. Help, what does this all mean?

Example: What does it exactly mean when someone dreams in "color"?

Example: Meaning behind dream-catcher colors, feathers and beads?

So I'm looking to get a tattoo of a dream-catcher, I already have an artist waiting to draw it out I just need to give him a few more details about it.
I was hoping someone would know that meaning behind the different colors in dream-catchers as well as the meaning of the amount of beads in the webbing, the amount of feathers on hanging from the dream-catcher and finally the meaning behind the type of feather. If someone could help me out with that it would be amazing!
Thank you!

Example: What do the colors of dreams mean?

Like I've heard that some people dream in all blue or red or some other colors. What do all those colors mean? And I dream in full color. Is that normal and what does it mean?

Example: What does color change mean in dreams?

I had a dream in which my friend's moped was a different color; his moped is a dark blue, but in the dream it was red.

Is there any meaning to this color change in my dream? Thanks!

Example: What does it mean to dream the sky is changing colors?

Last night i had a dream i was in the backseat of a car. I look up at the sky from in between to the two front seats and, as the car wasmoving, the color of the sky was shifting every time i blinked from pink, to blue, to green, to black, and so forth. I asked the guy in the passenger side if he saw it too, and he said no. I looked away and closed my eyes and curled up, but when i opened my eyes again the colors were still changing. what does this mean?

Example: If dogs see in black & white, does that mean they dream in color?

If you have had a dog since birth and you have gave it nothing but love, but one day you pick up the newspaper to read and it cowers down and sneaks away.

Example: What does it mean to dream in color?

Example: What does it mean when my dreams are in color?

Everyone around me says there is in black and white but mine is in color what does that mean?

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