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Dream About Coma meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

What i didnt mention is that I was really scared in the dream after she went back into a coma. Plus I was I believe with my mother and I was about to ask her " did you see that?" but I woke up. my mother had her back to her. Another thing is that my friend wasn't lying straight on the bed. Imagine a person lying on the bed. Straight and facing up. From her waist down she was in that position but from waist up neck included were towards the left side on the edge of the bed. Like an upside down J. I hope you get what I mean. I could not see the left hand but the right hand was on her tummy.
And I havent seen the girl I dreamed about for 8 months. I am not jelous of her or anything and I havent wished for anything that she has.
The only talent I have and I know about is drawing. I have not found another. Also I am very interested in medicine.

Your dream was a short but meaningful message from the unconscious!

Everything in the dream was an aspect of you, just as the dream was inside you.

Your friend in the dream was a part of your own psychological makeup. Although she was in a coma, she was in your house, which is a way of saying, she is in your psyche.

The coma means that this part of you that she represents is asleep, and the fact that the dream brought it to your attention means that it's time for this part of you to wake up! In fact, when your friend waved to you I think it was a lighthearted way of saying, "Here I am. Notice me."

I don't have enough info to know what part of you the friend represents. Is there an artistic side of you that is waiting to be wakened? Is there... LoL ~ I'm full of guesses, but it could be anything! Here are two clues: First, your friend - the waking world friend, not the dream one - might have a certain characteristic or talent that you admire, and that's why the unconscious chose her to represent that part of you in the dream. The second clue that you can find is hidden in you. Look inside yourself and ask what really seems to matter to you lately. Other dreams that occur now can give you clues, too. 

Something in you is sleeping: a talent, an instinct, an interest, a project... It's time to wake it up.

That's what I see in your dream.

Added 1/22
Hi Nighc, 

I read your additional comments. I still feel that the bottom line is this:
Some aspect if your personality that you have neglected or avoided in yourself is ready to wake up

Perhaps it isn't an artistic talent. Often the awakening dream figure is an instinct like awakening love or the waking sexual development. 

The reason this person in the bed was frightening in the dream is because the unknown and avoided parts of your personality are frightening in real life! Your job now is to get to know yourself and make friends with yourself. 

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Ok, so a week ago I had a dream that I had this random fling with my brothers friend who's kinda cute who lives across the road. Then a week later, i have another dream that I was in a coma and he whispered in my ear and I woke up. What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I have this new best guy friend (Cody) That will be his name on here.We became best friends during youth camp. The night after youth camp ended and I was home I had a bad dream. Yet, it confused me. In my dream me and Cody were in a hospital and Cody was lying in a gurney because he had a really bad kidney disease. He needed one of his kidneys to be taken out and replaced. I gave him one of mine. The doctor said that he would go into a coma for a little while then wake up healthier than ever. Right before he went into his coma I told Cody that I loved him. ( me and him are only friends, I sorta have a small crush on him but thats all) He went into his coma for a long time and I never left his side. He woke up suddenly one day, told me that he loved me then died. There was no cause of death either. I cried in my dream and woke up crying. He is fine in real life but I want to know why did I tell him that I love him? Why did he say it back? Why did he die after saying that? Im so confused! Please reply an answer asap! If you have any questions just email me at gracenshakey@yahoo...

Example: I've had a strange dream where i was in a coma for 7 years? could this have a meaning?

so i dreamed that as i was going to school i met a guy who told me everything he did for the last 7 years, but then i realised he was dead, and then i realised i've been in a coma for 7 years

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream means?

So, I'm at the cemetery, and next thing you know, I'm falling into some kind of coma. My body is shaking and I'm literally dying. The background is melting, and I can see all these colors. I can hear a female voice saying, "She's so beautiful. She's gonna be so beautiful."Then a male voice says, "Quiet. Let her die."

Is my dream trying to tell me that I might die soon? Or, to be careful about something?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I had a dream last night and it won't get off my mind ...

Anyways it started with me and my boyfriend (guy in my pic for my avatar) we were at his house and we were outside laughing and talking and i don't know who but they shot or stabbed him im not sure but all i remember is that he felled down and he was bleeding and i was holding him saying to calm down that hes going go to the hospital soon and everything will be alright and i started crying really hard.

then it fast fowarded to the hospital scene kinda like a movie...
he was in a room and he was on life support they said he went into a coma he lost a lot of blood and not sure if hes going to make it.
So his mom and dad were there as long as his brothers and me,his mom and dad decided to take him off of life support and i said no i said i know hes alive still hes going to get better ...but they decided to take him off of life support anyway.

His mom and dad and brothers said goodbye to him first then I was the last one...

When i went to say goodbye to him ..I was saying that he cant do this to me he cant leave me when i need him...i was hugging him and holding him as much as i could...as always i caressed his face with tears falling down... i said if you dont want to leave me if you want to stay with me please give me a sign touch my hand or open your eyes please.

And he touched my hand..as always he caresses my hand with his...
And then I woke up cryingg so hard that it felt like it was real...

I don't know what it is supposed to mean?

I know I really love him so much more than anything in the world.

And what does it mean on his part?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Dreamt that i had three circles on my upper left shoulder. The circles were perfectly round in shape, color, tone, smoothness and distance from each other. Everything about the circles were simply perfect. What does this mean?

Example: My boyfriend had a dream that i was in a coma, what does it mean?

Example: I had a dream about my ex boyfriend he was at the hospital in a coma what does that mean?

I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend he was at the hospital in a coma and his best friend called me to inform me about his condition but that didn't bothered me much. After that I went to see him at the hospital and I woke up. what does that mean?

Example: My dream was too real about my brother who is in a coma.. anyone know what this means?

My brother is in a coma for four weeks (tonight) and my mother and I have slept in the hospital every night since. I started going back to work last week and I can tell you I have been holding up stronge for a good amount of time.
But this morning I took a nap at my house before I got ready for work and it was the first time I remembered one of my dreams during this whole time.
Please note: my brother is still in ICU and he has def brain injuries so they are saying it could be years before he awakes fully. And he currently has an phnemonia.
I dont have enough space for the whole dream but here is the jist:He is at a rehab facility and I left to go home to get ready for work. I get a phone call that maybe I should go back there and I got worried at first but they assured me it was ok. I get there and my brother is awake! Functioning and acting almost like nothing is wrong. When I ask him later in the dream why no one told me he was ok.. he gave me his sly half smile.
I woke up.

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