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Dream About Comb Over meanings

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Example: What does this mean in a dream?

duno maby somebody has had something similar or has some references to it or something.

i had a dream i was in the mirror doing my hair(lol straightening) anyway i saw i had like scars in my head like claws or something and they were all red and then i felt around my head and my skin started to like disapear and i could feel my skull was a wierd shape like a crest like those headbutting dinosaurs lol but the bone was all like a honey comb shaped, like it had been rotting away with some kind of a disease and then around my nose and stuff was all rotten like a rotten apple sorta looking, and i freaked out then woke up

i understand my references are abit odd but its the only things they reminded me of and to explain it id have to draw it or something.

OK now that's weird. One thing I wonder is you mention you can feel all this, but did your image change in the mirror?

Looking in the mirror means you are considering yourself, especially as you appear to others (not looks but behavior). I say dreams like this can be started, "When I look at myself, I see..."

Scars are vestiges from past hurts, and you've got them in your head, that represents your mind, so that tells me you feel that your past hurts are obvious to people, that you haven't quite healed.

Your skin is a protective layer and as it disappears your skull becomes a strange crest like a dinosaur. Your skull is an even more specific layer of protection; it protects your mind. So maybe you feel you have grown a thick, almost aggressive (headbutting) layer over your inner thoughts.

For the bone to have rotted away like that means you are feeling that protection is not as strong as it could be, that it's actually quite vulnerable.

Your nose can represent several things. For one thing it's right in the middle of your face, so it's sort of the center of your appearance. It also can represent nosiness, or inspiration (taking in air). To see that it's rotted away means you feel pretty rotten about some things you may have presented. It can also mean (again) that you have been some kind of victim of rottenness and the scars remain.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few weeks ago with one of my guy friends. We were alone in this grass area and I was sitting inbetween his legs and he had his arms around me. I was playing with his hair and my friend was telling me how happy he was when our friend told him I liked him. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?


I had a very strange dream that i was in front of the mirror and i had a small eyebrow comb and proceeded to brush one of my eyebrows, as i did, my eyebrow just dropped off. At this point i started to freak out, and for precaution (don't ask me why) i got a damp tissue and then wiped the other eyebrow, as i wiped the eyebrow- the other eyebrow came off. This may be hilarious to some but this is my dream, no exaggeration. Then i just looked at the mirror in shock where my eyebrows used to be...then started to ask myself why this happened, when i remember i recently used a cream hair removal application, and thought well that must be the reason as i must have had it on my hand and touched my eyebrows.

If you could shed some light on this dream, that would be helpful, thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

First i saw i had lots of lice in my head... i found 1 or 2 as i used a thin comb but then as i started combing my hair more..lots of lice fell out. It was really weird and i feel like it means something lol not in a stupid way. The second dream was..i was living in my friends flat which was just really very close to this big ocean and everytime i looked out..it was really stormy with big waves and it scared me because i felt like it would wipe out the flat. Then i saw my good friend and her couzin swimming in the ocean when all of a sudden..a big tsunami kind of wave splashed them and they drowned..but later i could see only their hands desperatly waving for help..i remember calling for ambulance but after that i saw them again and they had managed to swim all the way back but i had thought they were gonna die..so what does this mean im very confused.

Example: What does my dream mean ?

So my dream was seperated into 2 parts,
1 was at my dance recital, and i was having trouble getting my hair into a bun, and then someone gave me watermelon scented aloe vera gel for my hair, and a tiny water melon popped out of the bottle with the gel inside it, (weird i know lol ) and i saw these 2 guys on my bus that i never talk to because im sort of a loner on my bus and i only have like 7 friends in school.

2. then i suddenly reappeared in a grocery store where i saw a person from my school that i've never said a word too, she's not in my class and she doesnt even know me, but i hear about her sometimes so i know her name :p she was walking around with her dad, and she looked like a mix so i asked her if she was and she said yeah. I said me too, and then her dad vanished and i did some weird gesture thing and she did a weird face o.O

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was dying my hair roots, I was just looking at the instructions and then as I opened the box to get the brush and went to start dying them, I saw pink on my scalp. I was confused, went to touch my head, which sort of had a comb over(?) so it looked like I had hair. But I ended up feeling scalp, finding I lost most of my hair I screamed traumatically and was thinking to myself in the dream, I hope this is a dream. Please help!

Example: I had a dream about me combing my beard what does that mean?

i do not have a beard but i was just wondering because it was kind of freaky. in the dream i was sitting on my couch combing my very long dark grey beard that i was very proud . not sure why. i wasn't old, i was still 14 years old. do you know what this means. if not its okay but you should still comment on this so you can get points:)

Example: What does this dream MEAN?

it started off with this horrible 3-d animation of this bald kid in a basket-ball jersey walking up to this NBA player on a ghetto basket ball court. then it just showed them walking away together with the kid bounding a basket ball, and every time it would hit the ground it was REALLY loud, it echoed through out the whole city.

then i was in this huge, bouncy tube/cup type thing bouncing around from wall to wall. it was very lubricated (not in a dirty way) and every time i would hit the wall i would slide down a few feet and bounce off onto another wall. it was also very warm and cozy.

it was mostly white in color and had tiny black spots on it, and a yellow eyeball on one side near the top with a green eye-brow. the eye would watch me bounce around hopelessly in this thing. there was an opening above it where i could see blue skies with the occasional passing cloud. it was kinda cool at first, but it eventually made me sick to my stomach and i just wanted out.

then i woke up and fell back from a kneeling position behind my lawn-mower, i noticed the ground looked very strange like a giant honey comb with thousands of holes on it. i started to walk inside my house and i was unable to keep balance and was pushing myself from wall to wall in the hallways of my house. i eventually made it to the bathroom where i began vomiting in the toilet. then i fell back in exhaustion and went to sleep.

then i woke up again... but for real this time.

what does this dream MEAN?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I remember a while ago i had a dream that i messed with my hair. i first cut it short and layered it A LOT. i then bleached it and it got to be a strawberry blonde color, but i hated it it. i couldn't find a hair dye that matched my natural color, so i dyed it a brown color (my hair's naturally black). but i didn't have enough of it so i had random parts of my hair still blonde. for some reason in the dream my hair was straight (its really wavy) plus im not allowed to dye my hair so i had to hide it from my mom. but she never noticed.

what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Im just gonna say that my self-esteem isn't really great and I have low confidince.
So I had this dream where I was in a beautiful classic room sitting infront of a mirror combing my hair preparing for some sort of celebration and i think my mom was besides me and sudenly i forget that i was looking at a mirror and i saw that girl (me) beautiful? like nothing in my face was changed but i just saw her (myself) like that and i start thinking a bunch of compliments and then i ask "who is she?" and my mom awnsers "its you" and i say "imposible" then i begin to belive and wake up. wtf? i dont get it...

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