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Dream About Committing Suicide meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a horse committing suicide?

I've been having strange dreams lately, and one of them has stayed with me into the waking hours. I am asking for people's interpretations of these images. I've read all the stuff on the dream interpretation websites, and it's all bs, so I want just ordinary people to tell me what they think.

I'm near a cliff, watching flood water roll in. Boats are colliding with each other. There are two horses on the cliff; one horse is trying to run to the edge, the other horse keeps trying to stop it, but fails. The first horse runs to the edge of the cliff and jumps off, hits the ground near me and splatters. There is blood and chunks of horse flesh underfoot. I wake up.

I can answer this because
1. I am a person (not a dream interpretation website)
2. I am ordinary (My wife constantly reminds me of this fact)
3. I am hung like a horse (so I can relate)
4. After a night of drunken debauchery I have also awaken to chunks of horse flesh underfoot. ( I am an expert, trust me)
So I believe what this dream is telling you is to get a Klondike bar.

Example: What does it mean to dream about my brother committing suicide?

I had this dream where my older brother committed suicide. What does this mean? We used to get along really well, but we've drifted apart in the past 4 years. He's 20 and I'm 16. Plus, he's a a******. We used to be like best friends as kids, but then he got into highschool, where he got into drugs, which got him into gangs, which got him into a juvinile correction facility. He's been out for 3 years, and has a kid. I haven't seen him in a year. And all of a sudden, I had this dream where he killed himself.

Example: My sister dreamed like i where committing suicide what means this dream?

i am priya , my sister dream that i were committing suicide at early morning 3.45am what this dream means ...

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your mom committed suicide?

My dream was about my mom committing suicide. Before she did, she called her brother in another state to tell him what she was about to do and that she was going to make it look like an accident. That way her life insurance policy would pay-out to me. She also told him to tell my in person and what she wanted me to do with the money and her house. Please if anyone know what this could mean, it would be very helpful.

Example: What does it mean if I dream about committing suicide?

I've also dreamed about going crazy and killing the people I care about. It really bothers me. Why do I dream such dreams?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a family member committing suicide?

It was the worst dream I had in a very long time.
I was sitting on my sofa and my dad walks into the room and is standing in my peripheral. It happens when I turn my head, but I never actually see the gun because of the angle, his head blocks it. He shouts, "No" and then there's a loud gunshot and he slumps over.
I woke up in absolute hysterics. My dad is very happy with his life right now, besides the normal frustrations of everyday work. In reality he would never commit suicide, not now.
I'm just really shaken up and looking for some insight.

Example: Dream Meaning: Friend committed suicide...?

I had a really disturbing dream last night which was very confusing. I was in this old building, and it was about to be blown up. I could hear the ticking... it was like a time bomb. I needed to get out the building but I was searching for my friend. Then I looked down the stairs and saw her hanging herself. It was very disturbing. Then the whole place blew up and I could see my friends and family struggling to get up as the building around me was shattered. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about someone committing suicide?

I dreamt about my crush committing suicide because of his father (I know he has issues with him) and I revived him...what does it mean? I remember me crying over him & him telling me he's gonna be ok

Example: What does it mean when you dream of dying/committing suicide?

Last night I had this dream where i was at school, and suddenly it was invaded by soldiers and everything was getting blown up. I was semi concious and knew it was a dream, so I kept purposely walking up to the soldiers to get shot, so I'd wake up. Or I'd walk into the path of a crashing plane or bomb, just so i'd die and wake up. but I couldn't wake up and kept coming back to life and dying. It was HORRIBLE, then finally I woke up for real.

Does it mean anything? Or was it just a silly dream..

Example: What does it mean when you dream someone commits suicide in your dream ?

i had a dream that a man i don't recognize/have never talked to tried to commit suicide but it failed.
i was with the man and there was a boy with us about 14 that i don't recognize/have never talked to.
there was many people i know at the moment in real life and my sister was in the dream too.
can someone please explain this it's confusing me..

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