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Dream About Companion Of The Road meanings

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Example: What does this dream about dogs mean?PLEASE HELP!?

Thank you if your ansersing,
Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Last night i drempt me,my cousin and some girls i know were walking down the road on my street and for some reason my lunch lady from school was way behind us up the road and was running after us shouting for us to wait up.We ran right up the road past my house which was weird as the lunch lady is really nice.Up the road a bit we stopped at a big around 7t tall 3 meters wide bush the neighbor' have and went around it and behind it were 3 huge Rottweiler's big scary HUGE Rottweiler's we all screamed and my cousin pulled out her phone and called her mum screaming,the dogs went wild barking and ran at us when suddenly the hedge had turned into a huge black bookcase filled with books and i was on top of it sitting [like you would on a horse].I was terrified and when i looked down everyone else was gone after the dogs attacked us.I tried to move forward on the bookcase but it was thinner at the sides.The dogs were soo scary and wanted to tear me apart as they jumped up and down yowling at me REALLY loudy and i was so F-ing scared wondering how id ever get down.
i woke up panting and was really shaken for some reason and just lay in bed! Its weird but it affected me and im really wondering what it could mean...

Your imput is appreciated.Thankyouxxxxxxx

p.s Im studying for junior cert mocks cuz there in 2 weeks if that means anything.

I'd say your upcoming mocks have a good deal to do with your dream, especially if you (like many!) are at all nervous about them, or feel, on some level at least, somewhat unprepared for them (a common feeling about the mocks, to be sure).

Running away from the school lunch lady seems to symbolize a desire to run away from school (or at least your upcoming mocks and any other academic pressures) to such a degree that you would even forgo the nice lunch lady, if you could just get away from school/pressure/mocks. Yet, even though you ran away from lunch lady/school/, there seemed to be no safety zone. The great big bush, which *might* have served as a refuge or hiding place, ended up harboring 3 humongous and scary Rottweilers who clearly were looking to hurt you and your companions. It is interesting that the hedge then turned into a bookcase filled with books (signifying school/ the mocks again), because it was on that bookcase that you were utterly trapped, given that the dogs below wanted to rip you to shreds. It's almost as if you feel trapped by having to prepare for and take the mocks (and/or pursue your education), for if you don't do so, you fear you'll be eaten alive by the 'dog-eat-dog' world out there.

Then again, you were straddling the bookcase as if riding a horse, which suggests you *do* on some level sincerely want to be in control of, or master, your studies (and do well on the mocks)...it's just that you don't much care for the idea of being forced into that position by being forced there by threat of failure or death.

I don't blame you for being shaken by the dream. If it's any consolation, upsetting dreams such as yours are not uncommon prior to exams. Wishing you the best of luck on your mocks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was on another planet. It was nighttime. I noticed that there were insects by the side of the road, looking much like the crickets, katydids, and moths we have on earth. I noticed the road appeared to be paved with asphalt, just like the ones we have on earth. I began walking down the road. Another man began walking beside me. We walked through the darkness until we came to a bend in the road, and then I noticed the bright lights of a big city. I saw a group of rough-looking men sitting on a bench. My companion suggested I sit down next to them, and the rough-looking men moved over to make room for me.

Example: Lgbt: what do you think my dream means(intense)?

I literally just woke up from it rt now, and it was the best dream I have ever had in my life. If this actually happened my life would be complete(almost)

So, I was at my ex gf's house and we were hanging out having a good time, but then some punk guy came asking for her. I was sitting on the porch, she opened the window, and they were talking and then she kissed him on the lips twice! I was so disgusted and started to cry, and sat down on the side of the road. She was leaving with him to go to some concert or something and getting wasted. I was furious. She came behind me and sat beside me she started to like comfort me but she was making fun of me since I was crying. So eventually I got even more pissed and started screaming at her(I don't remember what I Said) and I ran off as fast as I could! But I was i'n slow-motion like i'n a movie scene, and looking back at her. I ran across the insersection(I was running as fast as the cars we going)
And stood across the street. I saw her come looking for me with her friend and that lame guy and his friends. She was on the opposite side of the road. And for some reason her hair and outfit changed. First she was wearing black with her hair up. Now her hair was down with a gold shirt on. So I ran back across the street and it was just her and I. We looked into eachothers eyes, and then I just planted on on her! We madeout really slowly and sensually. And then she whispered I love you, I got nervous and then a few seconds later I said I love you too. We made out for a while then she said softy " you know... It's not okay when someone else is here for me" (something along those lines) and I said I know. And the she said "when I'm ready to settle down I know your the one for me, I know that later on we will still have love between us." and I said, " I know, I will always be here for you, always waiting for you okay? You don't have to worry." and then I kissed her cheek, we walked away and I woke up.
I loved that dream, it was perfect...
What do you think it means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream a while back about a guy that i now know. i was crying and running away from him up my back alleyway but then he caught up to me and comforted me, then we kissed. the dream cut out because i woke up but then when i fell asleep again, we were there again wearing the same clothes but this time we were happy and lying on a field up my local park. he told me he had feelings towards me and we kissed. in reality he got my number and kissed me. can anyone help me understand this dream and if its linked to whats happening between me and this guy?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've had it three times now, but the most recent was at the beginning of March.
It's a long road with an abandoned tire station off the side, and across from the station is a road, called the dead end road. In the dreams, I've never been all the way down the road, but I know it's a dead end.
In every dream, I walk down the 'dead end' road, but a boy is at my side. I call him 'Toad', but I don't know why. He's wearing ripped jeans, snearkers, and a brown hoodie. I'm wearing a short black dress. We don't talk to each other, but sometime in each dream, I start to follow Toad.

People have told me the road is a choice I know I must take. But people disagree on the meaning- is it a road of love? Failure? Is the outcome good or bad? And they tell me that the tire station is ominous, something to run from.
And no one has been able to tell me if what Toad symbolizes.
But the dream itself isn't scary- it has a feeling of very clam anxiety.

Please help me? All two cents are appreciated.

Example: I had a dream that a golden retriever bit my hand. What does that mean?

At first I saw the dog running toward me and I got really scared that he was going to attack me... but he ran right passed me through a fence. I felt a sense of relief, and then all of a sudden he came back all aggressive and latched on to the side of my right hand with his teeth and wouldn't let go. I was on the side of the road crying screaming for someone to help, and then i woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had this dream repeatedly for a few months.
I'm walking down a road alone at night. It's the road that leads into my neighboorhood. I keep walking and I see dogs on the telephone wires. They keep barking and jump down at me. They run towards me and before they get to me I wake up. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a house fire?

Ok so I had a dream that my Grandma, Mom and I were sitting outside kinda towards the evening hours. While we were sitting there the house up the road from us caught on fire...in the mean time we just sit there and didnt really pay attention to it...but after hearing sirens I said should we call for help and an ambulance showed up...so at first we didn't but after a few minutes did call for help...while on the phone with the fire dept. I remember them saying already got the call about that house fire they are enroute to the location...next thing is the fire is out and over with...what would you interpurt the dream to mean? anything at all?

Example: This crazy dream I had must mean something?

I know that there is alot here please bear with me lol. This dream has to mean something I just dont know what...
I woke in a HUGE bed with a fluffy comforter and sat up. My boyfriend sat up at the other end then some guy sat up in the iddle of the bed and we looked at him and we said "who are you?" Evidently we had partied a little to much the night before. (I forgot a little bit of the next part) but we were drinking and stuff again then my bf and I were in an abandoned factory with desks and we were making out on one of the desks. Then somehow I was with my friend Tracy in a store and it was like a back alley store connected to a big building and it had lots of junk like purses, shoes, and jewlry. I dont know why but I was looking through some ladys purse trying to steal from her but the owner of the store kept giving me weird looks so Tracy and I went over and we each took 2 pairs of shoes and stole them. The shoes I took were flat shoes like ballerina slippers.

Example: Tornado Dreams (anyone know this?)?

Being "Isis" I pay attention to my dreams and believe they have meaning. Lastnight I dreamt I was driving along the mountain side road when I saw ahead a short tornado zig zagging toward me. I stopped to watch it and felt like it was trying to get to me. As it got closer, I backed up and watched in awe some more. Then a big dog started running from it and I saw the tornado wrap around the dogs leg. I heard the dog yelp in pain but it managed to get free and run away. I felt happy the dogs leg was okay. Then the tornado started trying to get to me again. But I kept backing up. Finally I turned around and drove up the mountain road. I told my friend later I watched in awe as it tried desperately to get to me but it just couldn't.

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