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Dream About Computer Lab meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Well I had a dream like this
In my dream I was in a minecraft world picking out some blocks and then when I got out I saw this girl kissing another guy. I then woke up and I thought that I was dreaming in the real world I went back to bed. I then went back to bed and i walked past them. I then teleported to this strange world. It had cats flying around in the sky. I was in my high school's P.E clothes when I heard the news that some blonde girl died. I cried and then I found myself in the computer lab dressed in my street clothes. I woke up.

Well that girl that was kissing another guy I liked her forever and now I'm trying to get over her.

I woke up screaming 3 weeks ago.

What could this dream mean

That dream means almost nothing its just you unconscious mind playing tricks on you. As of the girl it is still linked to your unconscious mind. It is just the fact that u liked her before an she was from school. The rational part of your mind is suppressed so nothing makes logical sense. A dream is sometimes bizarre but still holds some little reason or message. When having dreams of this sort think of the bigger picture.

Example: What does it mean to dream about puppies and fish?

I had a dream last night about 3 lab puppies, 1 was chocolate (healthy) and the other 2 were black except on was sick and didn't thrive as much as the other. The healthy one (black) my daughter had named him Theodore. This little fellow ran around the house I didn't recognized yet it was obvious that I lived there. Then I remember sitting at a desktop computer (in which I do not have, I have a notebook) and water was pouring over the keyboard. I was trying to wipe up the water and prevent it from soaking the keyboard. Next I looked over my shoulder and seen my fishes jumping on the lid of the tank, they were jumping so high that many of them landed on the floor. I grabbed the net and placed them back into the tank. Except this part of the dream I was actually at my home. What could be made of this?

Example: What does THIS dream mean? Really weird?

Ok so i had a dream that i was walking to my science class and when i got in the room everyone was talking about some rumor that some kid that died in this class left a journal somewhere on campass so everyone wanted to find it. so me and this kid named dalton went looking for it and we went to the computer lab supply closet and we found the journal. then weirdly my dream switched to some creepy dog dream. i was in a home in california and i woke up looking for my dog named ''gypsy'' [i dont have a dog named gypsy, so wtf] and i couldnt find her. then i looked all around the neighborhood and saw her in my car, driving down the road. so i ran after the car and then suddenly a huge crane picked gypsy and the car up and swung it around and dropped them.. then i woke up lolzz can anyone tell me...what this means?! xD

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a guy I like die when I was 13 and he was 19 in a car accident. I think about him everyday. I had a dream a few nights ago and it was extremely odd. I'm not sure what it could mean.

where him and me were in the computer lab at the grade school we both went to. I don't remember what we were talking about in there but then as we walked out I told him about my crush on him and he laughed and said "that's cute." Then later I had lipstick on my neck, no idea where it came from. he showed up next to me and used his hands to wipe the lipstick off..well what he could get off. A friend was next to him..I'm almost sure it was his best friend. As he wiped the lipstick off he laughed and said "I can't get this all off and I don't have much more time." He then gave me a hug and smiled at me and disappeared.

Any ideas what it meant? What could the lipstick mean? The lipstick was just so odd.

Example: What could my dream mean?

I have always had a strong sense of clairvoyance, ESP(extra-sensory-perception),and Witness POV (point-of-view).
And For the past couple of months, I have been having a dream about a guy at my school. I Have never met/talked to him, and then I started having odd dreams about him.(re-occurring dreams).
Like, In one (the most vivid) I am at the public library, On the computers (doing research or something), and I cant find something and I'm getting frustrated, Then He appears and comes and helps me find it. Then as I'm working, I have a flash of the ESP (about the building burning down because someone wanted the documents from the Law firm office that is attached to the library) and before I even say anything about it, He's like "Come oN! we Have to get out of here!" and then he picks me up and slings me over his shoulder and runs me out of the building and across the street, and then 5 minutes later, the building goes up in flames. THen as fast as he appeared, He disappears and I'm all alone, and I run off when the news people arrive.

And in another one, I am at school, In Biology, and we're supposed to be doing a lab. but right before we start, the school goes into practice lockdown, and we cant do the lab, or leave until the VP says so. And then He appears in my class room cos he was out in the hall, and then, when I'm under the desk, a binder is about to fall onto my head, and then he runs over (from across the room) and catches it right before it hits me, and then he returns to where he was before.

I never really noticed him before I started having the dreams, but now, I see him every day (in the halls, in the different class rooms, in the office, and outside.) and on the days that He isn't at school, I don't have a dream about him.
And I never heard him talk before the dreams, and then I heard him afterwards and the voice was a perfect match. (o.O)

Anyone know what this all means?
I have been trying to figure it out for a few months now, but I'm stumped...:/


(I forgot to mention [[even tho it's quite obvious]] He is always the hero... :/)

Example: What does my dream mean?


The dream started off in a building maybe a school where I wLked around and looked at everything then a man came up to me from a crowd of people walking looking much like the lemony snikets guy he gave me a tiny bottle that had a name on it "Pandora something i can't remember... It was green dark green like a prescription of some kind next I was suddenly talking to Michael in a narrow corridor it was brownish orange and beat up like an old hotel hallway talking about dynamite and blowing things up. We both left through a maze of doors back into the strange school and came upon the man again he creepily said have you drank that I looked down in my hand i was holding that little dark green bottle not much bigger than a cap on a sharpie pen he then told me or die and slowly walked passed me. After that i was entering the computer lab much like the west valley school computer lab when inside I spotted to the left of me chris orozco with long hair I looked around and found Alfredo sitting at one of the computers I asked him to look up the name on the small bottle that i held up for him to see He went to google put it in then we found are selves in another place where it was a square building with water in the middle and an opening at the top of the water then i saw a man i acted like i knew him  i was scared for some apparent reason maybe he was the man who gave me this bottle I'm not sure, I looked from across the square structure at the man who put himself in different shapes like the cat off Allison in wonderland he made himself seem like a shadow with purple and a weird face then suddenly he made himself a clock with different faces of himself on every lap of the hand after staring at him for a time we(me and alfredo and mark accompanied us in this scene) someone told us to go to him we did. We went to the corner where we had to jump onto white shining circles to get to him when we got to him he disappeared then a car pulled up and suddenly about 20 were around me some getting into the car then I saw a guy with hair that was flames of fire I asked him about the bottle and he gave me another bottle and it had flames much like a hot sauce he said careful its hot! He slowly walked into a crowd of people i soon found myself in a mosaleum of some kind where the man that I had seen earlier who could change shapes and sizes was staring at me his form was in a dark black mist changing from red to blue to purple every second. I finally spoke who are you? His silence was unbearable with his face unknown from the darkness in this huge place with no light shining anywhere he stared and stared it felt like hours have gone by...suddenly two brown figures arrested from the darkness they looked similar to a dog but they weren't i had a feeling they were something more strange. As scared as I was i began to walk toward the man or thing! With his two doglike creatures starring at me as if they were thinking what to do with me about halfway to them I awoke from my sleep and was amazed at what had just happened was it a dream or a adventure soon to happen

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

ok so it started out in my history class (im a freshman) and we were working on posters and i finished mine and wrote my name on the back but i couldnt spell it right and when i went up to my teacher (who was actually my 7th grade history teacher) i apologized for forgetting how to spell my name. then i was in my next class in the computer lab and we were supposed to make some kind of graph on the computer but i couldnt get it right while everyone else could. we watched a short video explaining how to do it and then underneath there were words that said "don't try this it is only a sample" so i figured out we didnt really have to make the graph and i was relieved. then it switched to the football field, which was huge and there were millions of people in the stands, but in real life there can only be a couple hundred. my friends were all running through the field to get the their seats and i tried to catch up with them so i wouldnt be the only one on the field in front of everyone but i was too slow. then my history teacher(7th grade one) came out on the field and proposed to me (she's a girl) and i said no. then we were back in class (a diff class) and someone said i was pregnant. we switched to a church and my class was on one side of the pews and another class was on the other and we were facing eachother. then a guy up front said "does anyone have any health problems?" and someone screamed out "(my name) is pregnant!" and i said "but i didn't even have sex!" and i screamed it to everyone but the only person i really wanted to hear me was my crush but he couldnt even hear me and i didnt want him to think i had sex. so thats it. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that my class was in the computer lab and then my friend, who is a girl got up to get a paper that she just printed, and then i quickly ran up to her computer because she was on Facebook, and then i typed "I love Ted" on her wall. What the heck does that mean.

P.S. i don't really like her as more than a friend myself, so that i why this is somewhat confusing to me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i was on a cruze boat with a friend of mine that i havent seen for years and there were like 5 other cruze boats and there was
confetty everywhere an people were yelling my name even i was because i didnt want anyone to know it was my name they were yelling so finally we get off the boat and i was with my class and we were walking down the road and we came accross this big old building that was a highschool that had been abandoned and i had know about it because i grew up in the city we were in and so i was telling my class mates about it and so we went inside and there were students walking around in their uniform going to class and we were wearing our uniform and nobody seemed to notice it was different and i was mad that nobody noticed and so we went to the computer lab and our teacher was there and said we ha to do an assignment and i didnt finish mine on time and so i went outside and it wasn the same school it was my elementary school that they tore down and a girl who was my best friend at that school was there and she was talking to me but she was like a figment of my imagination and she was talking to me like i had to make some sort of decision amd then i woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt I was in a computer lab at school and I saw a boy from treatment that I was 'together' with.(It was always our plan to atleast get a hug but we never did...we left treatment on the same day and he went back home, and so did i...he lives in AK and i live in TX.I broke up with him beacause I couldn't handle not seeing him, and I wouldn't be able to see him for a long time, so I made up a story that I was pregnant so he would leave me alone.But we still loved each other the same.)
ANYWAYS...I turned around because I heard someone call my name and everything got all quiet. I saw him to my right with his arms spread like he wanted a hug. I turned back around and my belly got huge like I was pregnant. I turned back around and he was standing right behind me with a big smile on his face. I stood up and embraced him and we started kissing...
I have never hugged or kissed anyone in my dream...or at least to what I remember...
Explain please?

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