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Dream About Conga Line meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is there any particular meaning for elephants in dreams?

I dreamt that when I came down the stairs in the morning there was a line of multi- coloured conga line of four foot tall elephants. The rest of the family were joining in the party and they invited me into the line with them but I stayed at the bottom of the stairs because I couldn't believe that we had brightly coloured mini elephants in the house and that nobody had thought about who would be cleaning up after them. I didn't mind that they hadn't woken me up to join in, I was just surprised that they were there. Does anyone have any ideas about the meaning?

No. Its appearance is irrelevant. Our minds work 3 times the speed they do during the day at night, its a random compilation. The only thing I can suggest is that by being surprised and wondering who was going to clean up after them suggests that you're too boring. This is your life and its ending one second at a time. Get to it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I actually had some dreams before and after that dream last night but this one I can't really figure out.

Ok so my whole entire grade and a few other teenagers were on a cruise ship. All of us were in this dining room which also had enough space in the middle to become a dance floor. One girl [that used to be my friend] and the girl she ran off with were flirting with some of the boys. I was eating one my own staring at them. I apparently over heard them saying to the boys that they with exchange something (I can't remember what, I think it was a secret or something like that) for s*x, which is very young for my age. My ex friend grabbed one of their hands and was about to walk out when I walked over to try to convince her to do something else. Though before I could a group of older teenagers (or people possibly in their twenties) brought her and her new friend to the dance floor. They started dancing really wildly and the gang yelled "You are officially in our group!" and they clapped. I knew something was wrong because that is very cliché of them then they left including the boys they were going to have s*x with. As I was feeling more and more alone a conga song came on. I got up and since I could never say no to a conga I joined in when it was still forming. Even though I was on a conga I still felt alone. Then someone yelled my name along the conga line and it was my crush and his friends (that i'm really close to, closer than him!). I started talking to them and I felt a lot better. I don't know what happened to the big group that left though.

I barely have any female friends anymore just to help with understanding the dream.

Example: Can someone interpret this dream please? : )?

okayy this was my friends dream, she has a boyfriend named jon. jamie is her ex boyfriend. jamie has a girlfriend.

everyone was in the cafeteria at school and the tables were like pushed around the outside, and it was a big dance mosh pit thing in the middle. they had this train conga line thing going, and instead of putting his hands on dani's shoulders they were on her hips. after they went outside and jon was just playing basketball. dani and jamie and a few other people were talkingg in a circle and jamie was like cuddling with dani like with his arms around her and stuff. jon was like staring at them and came over to talk them. jamie started tickling dani's thighh and was like 'does that feel good?" and he kept on grabbing her *** all in front of jon. jon was just staring and like it didnt matter like okayy whateverrr. then she woke uppp.

someonee tell us what this means?
best answer goes to most detailed.

Example: What are the best online shooting games were you can talk to people and playlive. Ex: gunz the dule ?

online games

Example: How Do u get Free Stuff?

like i want free stuff i love free stuff any ideas or is that like a dream =P

Example: I need a jazz and a contemporary song for dancing?!?

So for my jazz, I like any style really. I like the song 'Welcome to my Nightmare- Alice Cooper' and 'All that jazz- Chicago', songs like that but I need more ideas?
And for my contemporary, I like songs that don't have words but the music sounds strong and powerfull.
Any ideas please?

Example: Any jazz dance solo songs?

I need a good song for a jazz solo...mostly around the lines of Black & Gold by sam sparro...songs like that:) Please help!

Example: Dance song help please? Jazz and Tap?

Does anyone know any good jazz and/or tap songs? For jazz I'm looking for songs that sound upbeat and sassy like let me think about it by ida corr. Not stuff like black and gold or my strongest suit.And for tap any instrumental songs. Nothing overused please. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Example: New songs that I can make choreo to?

hip hop- r and b
something along the lines of z100.
new! and make sure it has hard beats. not a balled..

Example: Need a song for senior dance recital!?

I'm a choreographer and I need a song for a senior recital.
Something similar to "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" (with that jazz/Gatsby feel, but modern. Something I could do a kick line to at the end) or something similar to "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oats. I'm looking for a song that people will know and that has that has that special fun quality. Something relatively fast that has a good beat. Doesn't have to relate to being a senior (in college) but I want this dance to be huge, badass, and unforgettable.
I recently choreographed to "All That Jazz" from Chicago and it was a hit because I put in a kickline at the end. Yeah...I need something THAT big and memorable.

These are some of my options but none of them feels like "the one:"

Ain't no other man by Christina Agulaira
High school musical from High School Musical 3 (thought it could be cute)
I'm a believer
Brave by Sara Barellis
Buenos Aires from Evita
crazy little thing called love by Michael Buble
let's be bad from SMASH (NBC)
mambo number 5
best I ever had by Gavin Degraw
paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf

The 2 songs that are at my top (because they're closest to my 2 examples above) are Ain't No Other Man or High School Musical.


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