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Dream About Convent meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

The dream was clearer than any dream I have had in a while.
A group of coworkers and I go to the coffee shop where J works and when I get to the register I must have a look of annoyance on my face because J looks into my eyes (he has a wierd way of reading my thoughts through my eyes) and apologizes for ignoring me and being petty. Then we start to talk again like before, only this time we seem to get closer to eachother!
Then it jumps to a couple weeks later and we are at one of his bands concerts and I am outside talking to one of the other band leaders. J comes over to me with his girlfriend and introduces us (i think she knows that he used to like me).
Then out of the blue R (his girlfriend) becomes a nun or rather turns into one. And she grabs me and tells me I must enter the convent because of my impure thoughts.
I am in total shock at this statement, as I wasnt having any "impure" thoughts at that time...I was just Happy (I dont know what it is with this band but their conc

It could mean you feel guilty about impure thoughts.

It sounds like R is an angel bringing you and J together. It also sounds like, deep inside, you want sex with J, but your religious up bringing and maybe the holy spirit is telling you not to have these thoughts, (it sounds like you are Catholic).
This could make a great book.

Example: Midsummers Night Dream?

1. What is the setting of Act I.1 of AMND?


2. What options does Theseus give Hermia if she does not marry Demetrius (Act I.1)?

a. She can marry Lysander and leave Athens
b. She must toil as a slave in the olive groves
c. She will be beheaded and her body drawn and quartered
d. She will be put to death or spend her life in a convent.

3. What secret plan do Lysander and Hermia make (Act I.1)?

At the next moon, they will kill Egeus in his sleep
They will disguise Helena as Hermia and have her go to bed with Demetrius
They will meet in the woods outside of Athens and then go to Lysander’s aunt
They will plead their case with Hippolyta

4. What role is Bottom to enact in the tradesman’s play (Act I.2)?

a. Achilles
b. Hercules
c. Pyramus
d. Thisby

5. According to Puck (Robin Goodfellow), why are Oberon and his queen (Titania) quarreling (Act II.1)?

a. Oberon wants Titania’s changeling boy
b. Oberon wants to date other women
c. Titania has dropped love juice in Oberon’s eyes and he is angry
d. Titania wants to rule the fairies on her own

6. Which two characters’ eyes does Oberon want anointed with the juice of “love-in-idleness” (Act II.1)?

Demetrius and Helena
Lysander and Titania
Theseus and Hippolyta
Titania and Demetrius
7. Whose eyelids does Puck anoint mistakenly with the flower’s juice (Act II.2)?

a. Helena’s
b. Hermia’s
c. Lysander’s
d. Oberon’s

8. In what way does Puck transform Bottom in Act III.1?
He anoints his eyes to make him fall in love with Titania
He changes his head into that of an ***
He disguises him as Oberon
He gives him the wings and flying ability of a fairy

9. Which two characters are fighting over their love for Helena (Act III.2)?
Bottom and Peter Quince
Demetrius and Lysander
Oberon and Puck
Titania and Egeus

10. Which two lovers are on stage at the beginning of Act IV.1?
Demetrius and Helena
Egeus and Mustardseed
Oberon and Puck
Titania and Bottom

11. What good news does Bottom arrive with in Act IV.2?
He has found Oberon’s treasure of gold in the woods
He is free of the ***’s head
He is to be married
Their play is preferred by Theseus

12. According to Theseus, what three kinds of people “are of imagination all compact” (Act V.1)?
a. Kings, priest, and soldiers
b. Lunatics, lovers, and poets
c. Politicians, farmers, and scholars
d. Singers, dancers, and painters

13. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, Bottom is married

14. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, Helena rides a bicycle into the woods.

15. In the A Midsummer Night’s Dream movie, the role of Thisby is played by a woman.
a. True
b. False

Example: Dream interpentation?

i dreamt that i wanted to go live in a convent i didn't want to become a nun though just to go live in a convent like a i was talking about it and deciding where to go

Example: Dream meaning of being protected by a snake?

Okay well my dream really trip me out lol...I I was talking to a person with power and we were in a convent or something like that... Then I had a sister I think that was evil and she wants to destroy me and a man was sopposely bad but he try to help by sending a bird to get her but she controlled it to get me and a cobra jumped in to protect me and I felt good

Example: I had a insane dream! What does it mean?!?

I had a dream that I, a woman, switched bodies with a asian man and went to work for him where he is an accountant. btw i suck at math. Then as i was walking to a convent we switched back and i went in the convent, put a bed together, used the bathroom and helped cook dinner. there was a point when i was putting the bed together that i became very frightened about something but i dont know what. What does all of it mean? I was more vivid then ne dream i have had in a long time.

Example: I want to stay in the convent, but I need your help...can you help me?

I joined the convent when I was 18, right out of high school. I thought being a nun would be great. the real reason I joined was because I thought the bishop of our diacease was so cute. He was there at my confirmation when I was 16.

From that moment on I dreamed of having sex with him. I knew the only way to get close to him was by joining the convent.

It worked I saw the bishop at least three four times a week. he was all I could think about. I would lay in bed at night and finger myself till I came.

I needed more, so one night I went to his house to visit him. I took off my coat and I was wearing a black silky see threw nitey...

as he was looking at me, out walked another man who was naked, and yelling come on bishop I am not going to stay hard all night long... the bishop had a boyfriend. we ended up having a threesome. now I am pregnant. and i dont know which bishop is the father.

neither of them will leave the church and marry me. Should I stay in convent?

Example: A chase theme in every mem0rable dream-- whats your interpretation?

in every chance i can remember my dream its always about someone chasing me.

it will start with me walking alone or with someone then some house/ mansion/ convent will catch my curiosity.

and then i/we will sneak in, tip toeing here and there

and then suddenly the owner or guardian will find us then he or she will chase us.

lately there were a lot of stairs involved

in my dreams last night there were 3 chases in 3 diff houses

what does it mean?

Example: Can anyone interpret a strange dream about dead nuns?

Yesterday night I had what could be considered a nightmare, meaning I woke up feeling completely paralysed, and had to calm myself down before I could move in my bed.

It started as following: I was in college and it was during the evening, and I had to leave class early for some reason. I hurried up, notified my teacher and headed to the college parking lot. I got into my car and out of nowhere my brother was with me in the car. So I'm driving towards home, and all of a sudden one of my friends is with me in the car.

We pass by an old convent (i don't know if that's how its called... where nuns live) and my friend tells me that she used to attend that convent and that it is haunted by dead nuns spirits. She starts telling all kinds of creepy stories and I refuse to hear her, close my eyes and put my hands over my ears not to hear. So out of nowhere we end up parked in front of the convent and all windows of the building are covered by light blue drapes. And there's a creepy feeling I feel.

Finally I find myself at home, in my brother's room. It's late at night and he's sleeping, while I'm watching TV with the light on. I'm afraid to go to bed because of the stories my friend told me. I then see the light of a flashlight thats coming from downstairs. I approach the stairs and see my mother going up the stairs. I tell her I can't sleep and that's where the dream ended.

Also, during the entire dream I had a necklace in my possession. I don't know if I was wearing it, or just holding it, but a necklace was present for the entire dream.

Anyone know what that dreams might mean?

Example: What Could This Dream Possibly Mean, happy and scary at the same time?

Last night i had a dream that was set in a silent hill type town. Well, in this dream, it involved one of my random male friends. Say his name is Rob. In real life, Rob will do anything for me (cuz thats what friends are for after all) seriously, he will go out of his way to do anything for me! But we're just friends and i dont think im his type anyway...

Well, in this dream, I lived in a wooden cabin type house in silent hill fog world, (google it, if you dont know what silent hill is) and i lived there like some sort of church convent where there were all these other families.. Well, in this dream, Rob had invited me somewhere, and as friends we hung out, but then it got more serious in a matter of seconds, In a matter of seconds, he attempted to hold my hand, and i was really reluctant at first, but then i gave into it. So we spent time in the dream like...lovers? and it's weird because in real life its definitely not like that at all, he even offered to buy me a sweater that said "Norway" on it. Now, in real life, he had offered to pay for my lunch one time when i didn't have any money, i've been broke lately, and plus i have this thing for the country of Norway, i don't know why, and there's a song that i love on my ipod called "Norway" by Beach House (google that too, it fits the mood of the dream) and it was weird.
Anyways in the dream, we stayed out all day, and knowing that i was deifying all rules made it better. When i got back to the cabin/convent place, my family questioned me about where i was all day and i forgot what i told them, so throughout the dream it was just calming and really euphoric, even when near the end it started to turn into the "otherworld" version of silent hill, demons came out of the walls and monsters came out of the mist that surrounded the town, oddly, while i was running for my life, scared, i was still in a euphoric state of mind.

When i woke up, i was shocked that it was a dream, and kinda bummed that i didn't get to keep that "norway" sweater. :S

But i swear i saw that dude like 5 times today. Odd.

What could this dream REALLY mean? it seems like it would have some symbolism in it.

Example: Dream Interpretation?

I dreamt I was in my bosses office discussing a deal we were working on. I was very distracted by the double red rings around the cornea of his MIDDLE eye. The third eye was quite natural it was the rings that had me distracted. I woke up and started laughing out loud at this dream.

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