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Dream About Convent meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Catholic women, have you ever dreamed of being a nun at some point in your life?

just curious, because I sometimes want to enter the convent, even now that I am engaged.

Yes. As a teenager, I gave serious thought to a religious vocation. I was certainly convinced that I would die an old maid in any event. Marriage and family were never on my radar, and I was inspired by stories of women like Therese de Lisieux.

But then I discovered chemistry and gradually figured out that my best friend (a) wanted to be more than a best friend, and (b) was somebody I couldn't imagine going through life without. So, now I'm happily married and have a successful career as a research scientist. God has a way of steering you in the right direction.

I think the difference in my case is that once I got a serious career vocation and my husband went from best pal to significant other, I never looked back. That you are engaged to be married and still wanting to enter a convent gives me a bit of a pause. It might be wise to more thoroughly examine this as a potential vocation. Talk to your fiance about it, talk to some religious sisters about it. I think you would be well served to really *know* whether marriage is the right option for you before you take that step.

Example: What does my dream symbolize?

my best friend died and i was real sad about it and i'd always cry

Example: Thoughts on weird dream?

oh man I feel like im asking a lot so if this is the 3rd question by me you have read,im sorry, i just have a lot of questions. Anyway, lets get to it...

So I had a dream where me and, i think 2, other girls had to complete and obstacle course. It was a win or die kind so i guess we were trying to survive this obstacle course. There was, maybe 3, nuns that were over seeing it and making us do this. I could feel that they were evil or bad, forcing us. Whoever won the course got to join the convent. I know none of us wanted to join it but, it was that or death so we still wanted to win. I was in this dream, like i said but, i watching myself participate not looking through my eyes. I watching from a bit of a distance, above. Oddly enough I still wouldn't say it was a nightmare or scary dream, participator me was angry and scared, but observer me, real me (does this make sense?)didn't feel anything at all really, like i was detached from it completely. Your thoughts?

Example: What do you think these lyrics mean?

A friendly push
Off the cliff - is all I need
A sudden change
Or a smile
Could make me feel alive,
Anything to take the ignorance away

There is a hole in my chest
where my heart used to be
If you're looking for emptiness,
I'm what you need
Colder and darker and worse
Sometimes life's just a curse

My ashen face
My snow-white skin
Perfect Isolation
Time – slips
My asylum years
Will end in silence
Without tears

All illusions lost
All colours faded
A senseless pain
Like a sparrow to the ground
Leave no trace of life

Music as my ship set sails
Through the window
From the street

Leave no marks
upon my skin
Dreamless sleep
The convent walls on fire

Dreams and betrayal - hand in hand
Falling apart in a drug wonderland
Unable to move and talk
Unable to care at all...

Somebody is knocking at my door
Somebody - I think I have seen before
I'm trembled and shaken and stirred
I wish I could be a bird

It's Bird by Tristania

Example: Does an unside-down rainbow have symbolic meaning?

for years i have had the same dream of someone who has been murdered, but never found , on top of a mountain near where i live.. i have the dream ver yoften i see her face and it is always the same i find a fallen tree .. and there is a big rock cliff, with a white rock on the side.. in my dream i always find her in that spot . i have recorded evps and i hear a voice that says " pray for me" .. i have never been to the top so today i decided to search for myself .. i climbed almost to the top when i because lost .. i asked my friend which way should we go ? and he looked up and saw an upside down rainbow a very small one that was directly over a rock cliff in the distance.. after i saw the rocks, i said thats it thats the same one , and we looked up and the rainbow was gone, we found the spot i was dreaming of all these years , there was no rain or moisture in the are it was very strange.. hhhh i never found anything but i felt a sense of peace at the site.. but as we were leaving i feel a panick feeling like something was there that i overlooked .. i just think it was strange about the upside down rainbow because i have neer seen one before and i was just wondering if it has any specific meaning..

Example: I have had 2 dreams about my grandfather who has passed?

He is my mothers dad. He died when i was about 18, im now 26, and we were never close, ever. The first time he was at my aunts on a porch with her kids. We used to be very close to that aunt and now, not so much. But in the dream we were all still young, like when we were close. He was sitting and his face was blurred. Last night i had a dream i was sitting in my room at my mothers house and it wasnt a convent time to and there where a few other people were coming in the room and i was telling them to get out, and then he came in and all my focus went to him, i was actual relived he was there...and he held out a necklace it was a crystal heart with a purple little stone dangling off the top... i cant remember what he said to me, is it just me dreaming or could it all mean something? Im the first of all 5 of his daughters and many more then that grandkids to graduate high school, which he was there for and i graduated college and am goin back, he was a very hard worker and ran many businesses. I hope to open one someday, plus i have had trouble recently finding a job, and it is stressful.

Example: SO what is my dream about?

In reality I am an EXTREMEMLY insecure fat binge and starve eater. THis guy I like who use to like me according to my friends doesn't really seem that interested in me. I feel like a moron for liking someone as great as that and he'd never like me. I feel like he knows I like him and thinks I'm just this freak.I have never been kissed. ALL of my friends have. Even the REALLY homly ones. I have small boobs (I am a D cup) but compared to other girls I feel like Nichole richie standing next too DOlly Parton and Pamela Anderson.
So here is my dream...

We were Guatamalen orphans, my friend and I (it was like us at the age of 10). We wanted too escape the convent (IDK why we were in a convent) so we swam through these trenches and made it out of the convet and then we were in this dressing room and this man comes up and asks us who we are and where we are going and I say we are orphans headed to the fair and he scolds me and says I'm a filthy person and how short my dress is and calls me a whore then leaves. So I didn't think much of that untill I woke up. Then we got too the fair and lost my friends niece (Julia) and so we look through the crowds and find her on a pony then I woke up... What does this mean?

Example: Who is this nun and where can i find her?

In Ripley's Believe it or Not a nun died and her body decayed slowly. She later came to another nun in a dream, saying to restore her to her former glory..?
So they put her in her nun outfit and sat her up, and put a golden cross in her hands. This took place in Belize, I believe.

I know i sound crazy. lol but help me out here.

Example: What's the meaning of the poem "Ugly princess" by Kingsley?

Could anyone help me with the meaning of the following poem?

My parents bow, and lead them forth,
For all the crowd to see--
Ah well! the people might not care
To cheer a dwarf like me.

They little know how I could love,
How I could plan and toil,
To swell those drudges' scanty gains,
Their mites of rye and oil.

They little know what dreams have been
My playmates, night and day;
Of equal kindness, helpful care,
A mother's perfect sway.

Now earth to earth in convent walls,
To earth in churchyard sod:
I was not good enough for man,
And so am given to God.

I get the gist of it, but not all. Who are 'them' in the first line, why are they led forth? What does the line 'to earth in churchyard sod' mean?

Thanks in advance.

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