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Dream About Conversion meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does mean by this STRAING DREAM?

Actually it is very very shocking & I think it tried to give me some hints for my real life,
Actually The Fact Of My Dream Is That:
That time I had in house in a totally unknown place, their I was just totally ignored by people(I'm well liked & social, so it is unbelievable).
I had money!
but didn't know where to go to buy some food & ...
I asked the owner of that house but he didn't answer me, I asked him again & again with politeness & 'please' word,
but he was continuously talking to other people(even they know my language, that was not english)
& oh my god, after a long time he answered me & told only few words(I don't have remember).
then I had decide to come back in my real places or at least known places like kolkata mumbai or delhi (India)
so next I started to ask him, then after a long time he gave a ticket & said- this is a ticket of airport of Ekandar
after that I stated to ask him for direction to go their, but this time he didn't answer me!
so I went to main road & had waiting for car & THEN MY MOM! I should woke up :'-\
but main strange matter is that-he said me to go 'Ekandar' & their I'll find airport!
I never heard about any Ekandar befor, so
I have searched google,
& I have found that Ekandar is a small Village, located in the district of Maldah(A state of west bengal in India)
What is meaning of this hint?

You seem to be a top contributor in Horoscopes - it means you must be thinking a lot; your profiles says that you like phycological and logical conversion, and somewhere you've mentioned that you're a teenage girl living in India. Knowing all these aspects makes interpreting dreams a bit easier. Here is the interpretation of your dream:

'You had money but you did now know where to go and buy some food' - suggests that you've 'something - which can give you something in return' but you do not know how to utilize it, in other words, you have at least one 'source' but you do not know how to get benefit from it. In your case, this 'source' is your 'thinking' / 'logic'. That 'unknown house' is your current "field - where you're applying your this 'source' " - which is most probably Horoscope, and 'keeping asking the owner of that house' suggests that you are trying really hard to reach to conclusion or predict forecast but barely you come up with something true. Soon you'll decide to leave that 'field' for which you're appreciated (as the owner gave you ticket) and seeing your mom on the main road suggests that you'll be helped by your mom and she will guide you to the new 'field'.

You might be still wondering what could 'Ekandar' mean! In your dream, you were not surprised with 'Ekandar' and hence 'Ekandar' could never be that village - which is in West Bengal. This could probably mean nothing at all.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a gargoyle?

I had a dream me and my class mates were all in a group like we was on a field trip and out of the group these men pointed out this guy and was saying how intelligent he was and that's when i seen a image of a gargoyle and it was just stilling there on a building. What does this mean? Oh yeah and ever since i met this guy that believed in roots and voodoo and he just seemed different but its like he wanted to know so much about me and I told him somethings about me and my relationship that I was in with this guy. He was telling me to leave him alone because he was only using me and he was nothing but darkness. He said him and his aunt were psychics and that she was telling him about the guy I was with and that I should leave him alone and some of the things they said about him were true but It seemed weired because he wanted to find out so much about him even his age and where he stayed and it just seemed weired to me. So i start to believe him and stop having faith in god and start believe in that voodoo stuff but i never wanted to use it on anybody because i knew it was wrong.Ever since I stop talking to the guy it seemed like Ive been going through problem after problem and it seemed like my boyfriend just been treating me like crap and the more he do the more I summit to him and feel weak for him. Can somebody please help me understand whats going on with me.

Example: What does it means when u dream of buying a pork?

When..actually..you are forbidden of eating it...

Example: Dreams?!?!?

why do we have dreams,and when we do what makes us dream about what we dream about...

like last night i had a dream about eating nails (not nail clipping real nails), what does that mean, and what made it happen?

Example: I'm a christian and had this dream that I set fire to a part of a house with Evil inside. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream This jewish guy said to my mother I know we are married but I want to get married again by the jewish custom now and I was standing right in front of my mom and the guy and all I heard was ok of course I love you and then he said do you want a big wedding or a small one because we are going to get married again she said ok then for now a small wedding he said ok then ill get 25 people to come and then next thing I know he broke a piece of bread and gave it to me,which I didnt understand because he was remarrying my mom but when he asked her to marry her again It felt like he was talking to me, then we took a boat to jerusalem and the wind on the ocean was so strong that it felt like a tornado and everyone on the boat had tograb on to somethingbecause it almost blew us away then it stopped and we got to jerusalem and it looked so beautiful like paradise. Can someone help me with possible interpretations please! thanks:)

Example: What does this dream really mean?

So ive been having this dream so often like everyday,my mouth gets shut and i cant open it,its so hard then like i try to open in,but all i can do is rub my botten teeth with my top ones,then they start falling,like it hurts and i would stop,what does it mean,? I heard its death or something like that,but i mean ive been dreaming it for like 3,4 days straight.

Example: Whats my dream mean?

its starts out with my in the woods, I find a small bird, grab it and break the wing, then it turns into my cat(with wiings) and walks away. Then it chagnes to me being in some weird old house with a bunch of other people, fish hooks are stabbed through everyones mouths and we're being dragged up the walls.
all the people were dirty and scared looking, as we were pulled higher a man fell and we heard him hit the ground

it wasn't really a nightmare, I wasn't scared but it was just weird, whats this mean? I love animals, I would never hurt them so why did I break a birds wing in the dream?

Example: My Medieval Dream -meaning what?

Here is my Medieval dream from last night:
Inside a tall stone walled fence courtyard with a large building in the middle, there was some kind of a fight amongst some men (I have forgotten the details here), then when the battle was over some shadow figures including me as a shadow figure, (viewed from the side at a distance as if I was behind the car as well) effortlessly float or walk OVER the large wooden gate to the castle, and OVER the moat not touching the ground and into a long convertible car with a tall man standing ON the drivers seat. He is motioning me in, to sit in the front passenger seat. Of course, no one has a face, as they often don’t in my dreams.
There does not seem to be any romance happening or implied, just the scene as I have described above.
I am not especially interested in medieval times, but I have a feeling it has something to do with a current or future about my life somehow.
What would you think this dream meant if this was your dream?

Example: Dream meaning in islam plz !?

for the past weeks i have been praying to allah for help and guidance etc
someone that i know died some time ago and they were believed to be non muslim we were very close they were very interested in islam they studied the religion and found it peaceful they used to be very charitable and helped the poor a lot. that person has family members that are Muslim . this person died and it was a very sad time 4 me their relatives said they think he was a Muslim in his heart and was close to conversion like making it official
i always pray that the person did become Muslim and forgiveness 4 their sins if they were i know u can't pray 4 non Muslims and i cry a lot 4 them

last night was the night of power 4 muslims i stayed up and prayed, read quran read durood and prayed 4 forgiveness i asked allah to give me a sign in my dream if this person was muslim and if they are okay

i dreamt of someone (it wasn't the person that has died but this persons characteristics were similar to the person that died it's difficult to explain) this person was with my family we were all fasting and he said he wanted to fast i was happy that a non muslim was doing this and felt proud and happy in my dream my mother is in the kitchen and my dad and brother are outside my brother is digging a hole and i think it's a grave because i'm told to clean the house and make room 4 people to sit 4 the funeral i think ,i go into the font room and i think i can't remember a molvee says to the person well done for making this intention in your heart however it would be better if u made it official and public and the person replies i did

what does this mean is it sign that this person did become muslim thank u 4 helping in advance may allah bless u and grant u heaven

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