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Dream About Cookie Cutter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The same thing keeps appearing in my dreams but can't tell why!?

There's this part of my dreams that keeps coming back in random nights. In the first dream were I saw this I was visiting a hospital and me and my friend wanted to spend the night and we couldn't find an empty room, every door we opened there were people, some were only heads some were just arms and some were just pieces missing. So the next thing that happened is I slept somewhere and when I woke up I couldn't find my friend and I went outside and saw her hanging all these sick people in a square box and it was like a room and the walls were made of plastic or glass.. There was a lot of blood around that room. In recent dreams that same room is always there but in each dream they are drier and less bloody. Now in this dream that I just had they were still tied up but none of them were in pieces they were whole and they looked like dying leaves. Somehow I was walking through that room with them with my friends mother and as we walked through we saw that come of them were standing there alive kind of and they just stared at us. They looked like zombies. So I'm sure these dreams are connected but I can't tell why I'm having them and why they keep showing up in my dreams. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Thank you very much!

Hospitals symbolize healing some issue. People with parts missing could be your subconscious minds way of saying most people are missing some element i.e. compassion. Square box could mean that most people live cookie cutter lives not out of the box. Zombies are very popular dream symbols as they appear in the media: tv, books and movies. As a symbol, they can symbolize people who are cold and calculating. Maybe you have a bad impression of other people.

Example: Dreams about beautiful buildings made me happy?

I had a dream where I was in this building that was shaped like a "regular" octagon, that was made of redwood and towered up really high into the sky, about forty stories high. The building was about fifteen feet wide all around. Into the ground, the building had a really beautiful, victorian style basement with torches and long rugs, but no furniture (just plants). The basement was shaped like a big square donut shape with a ladder to lead up to the tower... and where it wasn't the tower, there were really pretty octagon shaped ceiling windows. Like this:

l...l-----l...l <-------
l...l l...l basement

In that dream, I was with some unknown people, who had odd tattoos on their faces and stuff, wore exotic clothes, and stuff, and I was wearing odd stuff too. But I was really happy, thought the building was beautiful, and I was with this guy with blue hair. I think I might have had superpowers and stuff, but I don't remember.

What do buildings mean in dreams? The number 8? Why do people have dreams about beautiful buildings?

Example: Feminists: What SERIOUS justifications do you have for the current state of male reproductive rights?

I mean aside from the farcical ones I will now list.

Cookie cutter response no1:'' Keep it in your pants''

If my only choice to avoid being saddled with the responsibility of supporting a child is to abstain from sex, then the same should apply to women, no post-conception opt outs.

Cookie cutter response no2: ''Use contraception''

Again, if my failure to use contraception is grounds for me being held liable to support a child I sire, then the same should apply to women, so no post-conception opt outs.

Cookie cutter response no3: ''It's not your body''

But it IS my money. Any permutation of the above argument is countered simply be replacing the word body for money and throwing it back.

Cookie cutter response no4: ''The man can skip town''

This doesnt change the law. The fact that a man might be able to avoid the seizure of his earnings and property by uprooting his life and fleeing from the law doesnt make it right.

So other than these justifications, which are so weak a three year old could counter them, yet which are wheeled out EVERY time this issue comes up, do you have any other reasons for why a man should be held financially responsible for a decision that only a woman gets to make? Preferably one that stands up for more than 5 seconds under casual scrutiny.

Example: Christian question about dreams?

Dream #1. I was standing in a dark room, and a lone light suddenly shone, and Mary stood before me, holding a snake. She was staring down at the snake sadly, but had a tight grip on it as it struggled to snap and strike at me, but never did because she held onto it so tightly (had this dream during abuse and my mother giving me away to my aunt)

Dream #2. (i can not remember if this was before or after the #1 dream but in the same situation). I was in a very tall tower. The tower was made out of skin. Looking down the tower there was many levels that went down into a large pit of fire. I immediently knew that this was Hell. Everyone was short, had green skin, huge long noses, and gross stingy black hair. Every person looked exactly the same; and the worse you were in your live, the closer you were to the pit of fire at the bottom of the tower. I remember slowly looking up and seeing a huge eerie,smiling face behind the wall of skin, and watched it slowly push itself through the wall so it would see me. This was Satan and I was terrified. (when i awoke from the dream i right away drew what Satan looked like, but it frightened me so much i threw it away.

Dream #3. (recently in 2012, other dreams were many years ago when i was a teenager). I was sitting in a bathtub at my mothers (who i left from abuse). I held my kneese and was sitting in the tub full of water naked. I had my back to the bathroom door and 2 priest came in. One older man and one younger man. the older man told him to start cutting my hair. He cut one side of my hair short, and then cut stars into the other side of my hair. The stars were perfect (like cookie cutter deep and perfect shaped). After he cut my hair, he washed my back, maybe to get the hair off? (im not sure what the stars, or bathing or cutting of the hair means. I am religious but still in the process of learning things from the Bible. I have had all these dreams without any knowledge of anything really from the Bible)

Experiences while awake:
I went to a Catholic high school after the abuse. The front of the school beside the front door and sidewalk, there was a large statue of Mother Mary. I remember walking with my head low, but i could see the statue in the corner of my eye. for a second i could see her raise her head more and move a little. I looked but the statue was normal.
After a abusive relationship, and a miscarage in a hospital, i was wheeled to a elevator to wait next to a large Mary statue (just always seem to be around her statues)
3 years later i married a great man, and moved to saint louis. I was driving to work and I suddenly saw a large white picture of Mary int he sky for a split second. It startled me that i pushed on the breaks for a moment then just continued to drive.
A few months ago i was driving to our apartment before Christmas, next door they were building a large building. I looked at the construction and saw a bunch of lights showing down on a nativity scene, i gasped (because i love them) and opened my mouth to tell my husband to look, but i blinked and it was a bunch of construction men standing under a bunch of lights.
Recently became pregnant and i took a picture of my sono on the fridge and the glare of the light was a cross next to the baby

Why are these things happening to me? I was not raised to be religious. but a teacher in high school helped me pray, etc, and i later became Christian. I love God now and beleive in him, but am i crazy or is someone showing me messages?

Example: Should I follow my dreams of Film Production?

Hi All,

in 2006 I had a dream to produce low budget movies. I wanted to make movies that are not generic cookie cutter movies that Hollyweird produces but movies that incite passion and tell true American stories.

Since Hollwood is a private club I knew the only way to break into the film industry was to make my own films rather than begging producers to make my work. I wanted the world to see my untainted visions. But for me to do this I needed my own funding and working my retail job full time was going to get me know where.

So my plan was to go to nursing school, get my bachelor's save up money for a couple years while studying film production through self study. With a nursing salary I can support myself and put some of my earnings into making films. I am single with no attachments.

Here is the thing.It has been 5-6 six years since that time and I have gotten my bachelors in Nursing, but in this economy and the cut throat business of Hollyweird I wonder if it is possible or even worth it to stay on my original plan.

My safest option is Graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. In my specialization I can make $100,000-250,000 as a nurse practitioner if I dedicate another 4-5 years getting a graduate degree. That means sacrificing years I could be working, making money, and producing films. And grad school is not cheap but I know I will be able to pay it off by working part time as an RN.

I am not sure anymore of what to do. Going to grad school is safe but at times I slowly see my wings being bound by the fear of not being successful in my plan, and just taking the safe route.

Sometimes I feel I have sacrificed enough to be secure. I have packed my parachute... In another 4-5 years I fear I might just lose my pep and passion for film. Plus by then I will have to focus on my Nurse practitioner career. I just seems it will never end.

What do you think is the best option?

Example: Ivy league Dreams <3 <3 <3 <3

I'm 13 and think i should start looking in to collage.So i look on a website and saw it said to start young and i know that means now so in looking for someone who an the me what to do from here or what steps to take
Plz Help

Example: Trite or no? help me improve will you?

I would like to hear your thoughts and if you think this is original or not.

-Cookie-cutter paradise-

Here a cut
There a trim
That is what happens
For us to fit in
They shave away
Layer by layer
To fit us in
To their loverly fair
Paraded around
Shown off to the crowd

Their shining achievement
Striding on cement
Stone covered futures
Paint covered nature
We’re crafted and molded
Bended and folded
Bought, sought and sold… ed

All for their glorious
Marvelous scheme
To turn America into
The cookie-cut dream
Of a superficial
“beneficial” raid
The queens’ drama- end

I don’t know what is missing from the end but there is something. Over all though what do you think?

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