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Dream About Cookies meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean.?

ok well im on the worst vacation in history and i really miss my boyfriend (im going home tomorror) and i had a dream lastnight that we both worked at the toys r us near my house and we were cooking cookies and there were drunk people and alot of random stuff but it made no sence to me. can you tell me what this dream means.

to interperet dreams you have to seperate each and every peice of information.you may think "working at toy store w/ my bf" what could that mean, but actually the question should be bf, toy/toy store, baking, cookies/sweets/deserts/(oeros-choc chip etc) and define each seperatley then put all that together and decipher for yourself what it all could mean---dream intereprting sites are confusing but can be right on.
also you should be very specific. did you see a specific color or toy? (like were the walls blue or did you actually see the "toy r us" words in your dream?) each and every detail could be thought as interesting dream-of.com is my fav dream website.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things happen. If you are mixing� ingredients together that you normally would not combine, then it suggests that you need to find a connection between two seemingly different things. Perhaps these things that seem incompatible may yield surprising but positive results.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things out of seemingly nothing.
To dream that you are baking cookies, signifies feelings of optimism or an increase in productivity. You may also experience a rise in status.
To�see or play with toys in your dream, symbolize childhood, domestic joy and harmony. You may be searching for the comfort and security of home. It also represents playful attitudes and your childish ways. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor suggesting that "toying" with somebody's feelings. especially if you are playing together with someone in the dream. Perhaps you are leading someone on.
To see people you know in your dream, signifies qualities and feelings of those people that you desire for yourself.
To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him.
To dream that you are hard at work, signifies success and merit. Alternatively, it may suggest anxieties about a current task or project. You may need to "get back to work" and stop procrastinating.


Example: What do my dreams mean, anyone else?

I'm 21 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound @ 18 weeks & the tech said she was 80% sure the baby was a girl but not so sure it to be accurate cause the legs were crossed some & to wait until my next ultrasound for accuracy. I have had numerous dreams now of having another ultrasound & the tech telling me it was 100% boy & giving birth to be surprised of having as boy. I also dreamt last night I was in labor but had to have an emergency c-section because the baby was too big to pass & it was also a baby boy. I have given birth vaginally before to 9lb babies so dont think thats an issue for me, I have never had a c-section before either. Do these dreams mean anything or do u think they are just dreams & nothing to be worried about?

Example: Dream meaning?

Ok so i had a dream last night. The scenario was inside the train. I was talking to a handsome guy, that i don't even know in real life, but in my dream i know that he's my best friend and we're very happy. 2 to 3 meters away there's another handsome guy that i also doesn't not know in real life but i know in my dream that he's my boyfriend. He's not talking just staring at me smiling sweetly. So i look at him for a sec and smiled back. Then talk to my dream best friend . But this time more aware that he's watching. I can see him in the corner of my eyes that he's happy just starring at me and he look very in love. Then me and my best friend reach our destination (i assume that we live near coz we got out at the same station) but before i got out of the train this guy ,the boyfriend in my dream come to say goodbye. He give me a smooch and says "see you later"

Example: What does this dream mean?

My class and I were going on a trip to some ice cream factory. Nobody sat by me on the bus, and all the other seats around me were packed. My boyfriend was in the far back, and couldn't move to sit next to me because someone sat down between him and the isle. So, he waved to me and mouthed, "I'll sit next to you when we stopped." I waved back and smiled, and then realized I felt self-concious, because I had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap ((in the giant bowl I used yesterday to put ingredients in for the cookies)) and no one else did.
We were almost to the place when I heard someone really pretty across the isle talking about me. "Yeah, (my boyfriend)'s being called a worm now because his girlfriend is one."
I turned to the girl and asked her, "Really, has everyone been saying that about me?"
She replied with ease, right out to my face, "Yeah, of course they have. You're so ugly."
And then this adult man behind her started laughing and agreed. He then said, "Are you gonna eat all that ice cream by yourself, fatty?"
And then started some confidence battle thing...the only thing I had over him was that I had less acne than him. Otherwise, he pointed out that my eyebrows were weird, my nose was to long, my lips too thin, and my hair was too plain. The discussion finally ended when I pointed out his acne, and he sat back with a "hmph."
The bus ride ended, and we were at the ice cream factory place. I didn't get off the bus, but sat the ice cream on my lap, and my boyfriend came over and sat next to me, taking my hand. I felt happy again, but it still stung over what the girl and man had said...and I could just feel that my boyfriend heard the whole conversation. I excused myself to go inside the ice cream place and get two spoons to share the insane amount of ice cream I had.
Inside was a futuristic looking Dairy Queen, but it was insanely big. They were showing a projection of two movies on the history of ice cream in two different rooms, and I had to go off to the side to get some plastic spoons. However, even though I was on the side, a lot of people turned to look at me, and the lady behind the counter (who was watching over just the silverware or something) awkwardly looked away from me when I grabbed two spoons. I then near ran out, and could still feel them looking at me.
I made it back onto the bus, and my boyfriend was there, waiting for me silently and happily without talking to the pretty girl that had insulted me. I sat next to him again, grinning near stupidly. I put the two spoons in the bowl, but the ice cream was melting. Shane laughed lightly and put the ice cream aside, and then gently took my hands and pulled me closer. I thought I was going to kiss him for the first time, but then he made a face, that was like everyone else's in the ice cream factory, and of the girl, and of the man... I looked back at the ice cream on the seat beside us, and it was completely melted.
And then I woke up crying. :(

What on earth does this dream mean? And why the heck was it ice cream themed? o.O

Example: Dream Has Meaning?

In school I go to the cafe to buy a cookie. I am wearing a pink shirt and jeans. And the boy who I like (who I lik in reality and likes me) stares at me. He is wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. His friends tell me to come over. So I go. And he gives me the look he gives me eveyday. But then he wont say anything so I leave. On my way back out he says my name and gets up to speak to me, his friends are watching like hawks, but once again he is too shy to speak, so I offer to take a walk outside. We walk to the nearest staircase and sit on it. A teacher of ours walks down the stairs, interrupting us for a while. Giving us a knowing grin (she messed with us during class) So then he tells me that I am smart, pretty, amazing, funny, opinionated. And he would like to go out with me. I look at him for a moment and he is scared. And I say sure. So we pucker kiss. We hug.Then we take each others hands. Go get our backpacks and sit alone together. All our friends beaming nd excited. And the teacher knows it was happening. So after that I just catch a glimpse of prom. graduation. And getting married and having children.

Example: What does it mean te dream you bake cake and cookies and a fritter with needles I put in it and then I served ?

I then served it. I wasn' there to see what happened to the person I served it to but the person I served it to was a old school friend. I then dreamt that I stole some cake and pastry started eating like a real hungry person my mum saw what I did and made me pay for what I had eaten without paying for. So didn't steal it I just tried before I bought but wasn't intending on buying it but I did because I was made to by my mum anyways it came up to 22pounds and I paid by care.

Example: What does it mean to dream of 1/2 burnt chocolate cookies?

They wereperfect on one side, and burnt (black) on the other, and I was going through a food line, and they were set out for people to eat!

Example: What does it mean to dream of chocolate chip cookies!?!?

I had a dream that I saw a box of cookies that I had to make..but then eventually in the dream I was eating them.What does this mean!?!

Example: What does catching a (child) thief in your dream mean? (In my dream, the thief was stealing cookies) ?

Example: What does cookie dough mean in a dream?

I had a dream last night that my 18 year old daughter found a small roll of cookie dough outside our garage. she brought it in to me through our garage, which was empty (our car was not in the garage as it always is in waking life). There was also a package of 2 sugar cookies in the garage. Our cat came in the garage, too. what do you think this means? Cannot find anything about the symbolic meaning of cookie dough in a dream. Thanks.

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