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Dream About Counterfeit Money meanings

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Example: Help What does my dream mean?


i dreamed that my parents and I were at a store and we found 500 dollars in cash...so we walked around some more and found another 500 in cash ...so we went home and then the next weekend we went to a different store because we were going to spend the money...but we couldnt because it was confederate money...

so what does my dream mean?

I used to have that dream a lot. I think it was when I was taking in money and couldn't see all the money in the pile. I could have been gypped, but hadn't even thought about it until later when I was at a completely other job. In a dream you can't really see anything that clearly anyway. It's all symbols and abstractions for money and everything else in the dream. And when you get change at the store, do you really know it's not counterfeit? I suppose it's a common enough fear.
Too, in a dream you can't do things like in the physical world. You just imagine you gave someone money, you can't actually do it. If you want to go outside. You just end up there or glide there sort of. People don't open their mouths to talk, it's esp. LOL. I mean there is a right way and a wrong way to spend money in a dream. You sort of just acquire things. You don't have to go in to closing, just be in front of you new house of be in it, ya know. If you try to be too specific and all logical, the dream falls apart or you can't do something to keep the dream believable, keep you off looking at the money as it's now worthless. If you tried to look at the confederate money it would become Yuans or something. It's a symbol of all money. It's a generalized story and not usually meant to be take literally.
That doesn't limit the meaning though. Dreams are condensed thoughts, emotions and other things. It could have been as simple as you felt you should have returned the money.
Overall though, maybe you wish you had more money to spend and wanted to enjoy the idea of doing something with the family or wished they could spend more on you and you didn't feel guilty spending a lot of their money. Actually I just daydream on a dream and the answers come to me as to what it means. It's usually a lot of things all at once. Do you have any more information? Dreams before and after it, for instance or something going on in you life right now or unresolved past issues?

Example: A dream about counterfeit money what does it mean?

i was using fake money at stores and nobody seemed to care the back of the bills were blanks though and i remember walking into a room that was like a bank and i walked out with bags of money and i got caught. what's that suppose to mean? i'm confused

Example: I have a recurring dream where I find counterfeit money in my wallet. What all could it mean?

I'm usually pulling the money out to pay someone, and I realize that I should have noticed before I ever put the money in my wallet that something wasn't right. Sometimes the notes are ridiculously bad, almost like coupons for businesses, other times, they're just too large or too small. I've had the dream for years. If I'm supposed to be getting a message, I'd like to find out what it is. Thanks!

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting fake money?

I had a dream I was at a night club and these dudes were throwing out all this money, $20, $100's and I was picking it up thinking the money was real but then when I got in the light I realized the money was counterfeit. Does this dream have a deeper meaning?

Example: Please tell me the meaning of this dreams? the girl i love gave me a shawl gift . it was colered brown.?

the shawl was covered by a piece of plastic . it was in her hands.

the second dream is : i had some kind of precious money in my hands, golden or silver old money but so valuable. please tell me what does it mean?

the third dream is so speciall. i saw a holy religious book, so big. it was hang up in one of the branches of a tree. and i tried to catch it but it was so high, so i took a small stone and threw it just to drop it down. it droped and i took it in my hands . it was lighted, and flashes. then i put it in my home.

what does it mean please. and tell me about the shawl . in fact i love that girl who gave me a brown scarf or shawl.

thnk you

Example: Money dream? What? What does this mean?

The night before last night I dreamed I had like 35 dollars and some how someone traded my $5 for a fake or counterfeit 5. Then I asked this one man if it was real and he gave me a real one and showed me the difference. I didn't see the difference so I asked him about it again. Then I began kind of knowing the difference between the real and fake 5 dollar bill.

Example: Shouldnt the Government be charged with counterfeiting?

They are printing money right now thats worth very little

Example: What does it mean if I have a dream about being raped, more than once in the same dream?

i have had dreams that ended up causing me to have feel like i had been in the same situation before, and this has happened hundreds of times and i'm not sure if i could be physic, but that's not the point of my question.

So, in this dream i had been going around and it was fine, then i was with a guy in a warehouse, and things got uncomfortable for me, but nothing happened, and then a detective came, cause the warehouse was full of counterfeit money. then he left me and the guy alone, me in charge of him and the guy made me give him a *******. then he forcibly took of my pants and under ware, picked me up, put him inside of me, and then he bounced me on it. Im not sure how long it lasted, i remember beating on the guy to put me down, then he dropped me, hit me a few times then went somewhere for a while. i finally go back put my clothes back on. when the detective came back he said that he know the guy would rape me and wanted to get him on camera. and my mom was in on this too.
then later in the dream the guy had forced me on to a table with him. he had my knees up and apart and his legs over mine so i could get away, he held my hands as he went, and when my grip got tighter he went harder and faster until i couldn't stand it. then when he was done at that point he forced me into another room and then forced me to lay on a bed, and raped me again. when he was finally and fully done with me i went to the detective and my mom, and they just ignored me, and when i asked if i should shower or not they didn't say anything. and kept on debating what they were talking about.

Example: My dreams are getting weird.?

So last night i went to sleep and had a dream. It was very strange and this is what i remember...
I was in Australia for some reason and still had my pound sterling currency, a man came up and traded my money for two Australian $20 notes. The creepy thing is that i have never seen one in real life but in the dream i knew the colour and the picture on the note. I then for some reason went to a firing range where you could shoot for $20. So i handed over the note and this person told me it was a counterfeit and that the police where on there way. At this point 2 people - may of been more cannot remember - walked in and started shooting other people in the line. I ran through a door into where a corridor was. Then on a desk i saw a Mac-10 sub machine gun with 2 mag's. For some reason i put the weaponry into my backpack and smashed a window and jumped out. At this point i woke up. so i was wondering...
*Why do i dream stuff i don't know about e.g. the $20 note. Earlier on in the year too i dreamed about a place i have never heard of or been only to look up the name the next morning to find it is true, the place was Reno, Nevada.
*What may this dream mean as it is very strange and i couldn't find anything on it.

Example: Could you help me decipher a dream?

I had a dream where I played the lottery,and won 4.5 million dollars..the money printed out on a printer like machine..as the money came out,I was thanking my mother and my wife..what's the meaning behind this dream?

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