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Dream About Court House meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I was taking photos of nature (weird and wild animals) in my grandma's house! And my photos were way better on camera than in "real life" ...lol. I was surprised how beautiful the shots were.

I'm just interested in what people think, more for entertainment. Dream interpretation is fun isn't it? Or is it serious? lol

It means you should come down to Minnesota in the summer and catch a Twins game! Hahahaha!

Hmmm, naw, I don't know. Most dream interpretation is very symbolic, just about every "thing" in your dream could be a representation of a different part of you.

I remember hearing about one person who had a dream where he was wearing hockey equipment on a basketball court. All the fans started telling him he was on the wrong field... he later decided it was a part of his subconscious telling him, that, in real life, in was in the wrong field of work... which was true... Unfortunately, I don't really remember the details, but he essentially said that, imagine every part of the dream is YOU trying to tell YOURSELF something.

I don't usually get into dream interpretation too heavilly, I've seen so many contradictory claims as to what means what, that I just enjoy my dreams... To me, it's like starring in a 3-D movie.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in the garden of my old house in bright day light, watching the mirabelle tree. On one of the branches was a blackbird nest. Inside the nest were two small blackbirds, while the father was on the right side of the nest and the mother on the left. All of the sudden the branch was hit by a bright flash and the branch fell down to earth with all the birds. The end of the branch was burning and the female blackbird was burnt badly and turned from black to white lying there in pain. One of the small birds got also burned but not very badly and the father and the other small bird remained unharmed. I said something like:" The mother is gone but they still have their father".

My parents got divorced 2 years ago and im living with my brother and my mom together, I havent seen my father since than (i dont want to) and the new house owners cut down the mirabelle tree which i truley love.

what does this dream mean? I gonna meet a wife and have children with her but she is going to die in an accident, or what?

Example: What dies this strange dream mean?

Your Question in Voting: What does this crazy dream mean?

Heres a little back story. I really like this guy who's in one of my classes. he's kinda dorky and hes in the school band, but he's really cute and sweet. Let's call him A.

In my dream, I was at the mall and I saw a guy that I thought was cute (he was not A). He was buying some alcoholic drinks for his parents, as was I (weird right?!?!). We talked a little and he said his name was Nick and we laughed and just had a good time. He was super nice. I later found out that he was one of my moms old friends sons. So both of our families hung out for a bit at a the food court. I was getting hints that he liked me especially from his brothers. They kept whistling and stuff, but I wasnt really paying attention to them. I was paying attention to what Nick was wearing. I found it interesting that Nick was wearing the same sweatshirt A was wearing a few days before. Yes, A existed in my dream but I only barely knew him and only had the tiniest crush on him. Anyway, after dinner at the mall, we headed home. For some reason, nick went in our car with us. That's when I realized that I REALLY liked him. We ended up holding hands and cuddling and I saw my dad look at us through the rearview mirror and keep making excuses to look at us again. This happened the whole way home. The next day, I had to leave and go home ( I have no idea where I was..). I went and said goodbye and we shared a really long hug. My mom was watching and she smirked but didn't say anything. Then, I went to the dentist and the place caught on fire so I ran out to find Nick waiting there for me. I half hugged him and we held hands a stuff until they put the fire out and I went home.

So that was my dream last night. Any ideas about this? And by the way, i do know that dreams are just things that our body or mind wants us to know, but what could this message mean? Thanks! <3

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was walking through a forest with some friends, my boyfriend, two of my ex boyfriends and my best friend (who things have been very strained with lately), there was a railway type thing in the middle of the forest and new age type cart thing came along and some of my friends got on it and me, my two exs, my boyfriend and my bestfriend missed it, so we just walked along the cable line type thing until we reached a part where we apparently had to jump off the sides. As I was getting down from there, I noticed I had stilettos on and there were about 20 tunnel web spider homes in the ground. I don't remember a little bit but then I'm in a mall with my mother and best friend and in the dream I had 1 younger brother (in real life I have an older brother) and my mum and brother were sitting in the food court eating while my friend and I went shopping for an outfit I could wear to a party that night, suddenly we were still in the mall but in a part that looked like a house and my friend opened a door underneath some stairs and there was a little room splattered with blood. Any help?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Ok. so i had a dream last night and it was weird because i can litterlly play it like a video and remember every single detail. so it went like this...

My cousin came over and a little later i he left the house. then i saw a note on a counter and it said "dear work

I lost my way coming from hone to work... i litterly saw a car going the wrong way from a freeway to a high way then smashing into another car. Then i saw a police officer with a green helmet and a long gun on top of a building shooting its gun. then i saw the crash again. so i just new it was about my cousin. So then i went back to the note and it was in the day. so i saw my dad running into the kitchen and running to the door, for a second i thought that was my cousin but when he opened the door there was a mailman and my dad offered him some salad wich randomly appeared in his hands. also when he opened the door it became night. i also though i saw my cousin a little bit on the lower side of my street and his hair was all messed up and he had a grumpy look on his face. he was wearing a leather jacket. then he started shaking his head and making this werird noise. the end

i woke up very scared. does that mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

A while a go I was almost hurt badly by this boy older than me. He and his friend used to sexually harass me over the internet (asking for pictures of me and blackmailing me with information I was wrong to trust them with) I don't know if that's whats considered sexual harassment but oh well.
I'd only met them once in real life, but they were good friends of my other friends. So I haven't spoken with them in months after they posted some pretty bad pictures of me on the internet. (they had asked my friends to take pictures of me at the pool party and send them to them)
But last night I actually had a dream that they captured me while I was outside on my front porch and Drove away in this van. (one of them is a considerable amount older than me and has practiced sexual activity) and it was horrible they brought me to his house and it actually did look like his house (id already seen it before) and I had to find the phone and call my parents but I couldn't find it. And then I woke up.

I guess I might still me upset by what they did so I dreamed that but I dont know for sure. But any way, please dont reply hatefully they really hurt me (emotionally) and I don't know if I'm over it quite yet

Example: What does my dream mean?

yeah so, first part started as my sister has had 2 sons and one of her youngest had died. but in reality she only has one son, then it changed where I was outside in my town, it was night time, and I saw this little girl. I asked her where her mom was but she did not know. so I picked her up. she was like 3 maybe 4. at the same time I could see another lost girl around age 2, but she would just come and go. so, Im golding the 3 year old with girl in my hands walking back to my house, and I see all these teenagers around my apartment door. at he same time, I spot a police officer, and I quickly ran to him, and at first he was alike, Im to busy right now, but then I told him, that I found this missing girl, and he's like another one, ok. so after a while I wait, then he comes back and takes the little girl. I told the officer if she was going to be ok, and he said yes. so problem solved, I go back to my apartment, sitting around the door was a lot of teenagers, and one of the teenagers looked like justin bieber. I go inside to the elevator, where there are more teens, all being loud. I yelled at them to be quiet. as they did, and then I ask one of the teen. "you know there was a boy that looked like justin bieber out there. and he was like "that was justin bieber" so Im shocked that he's here. then I giggle and tell them. You know there's a lot of people that want him to quit. I get off the elevator, go in my house, and my dream ended with me posting how justin bieber was, at my apartment on Ifunny. and I don't like justin bieber. so what does it all mean. or one part of it.

Example: What does this dream MEAN?

it started off with this horrible 3-d animation of this bald kid in a basket-ball jersey walking up to this NBA player on a ghetto basket ball court. then it just showed them walking away together with the kid bounding a basket ball, and every time it would hit the ground it was REALLY loud, it echoed through out the whole city.

then i was in this huge, bouncy tube/cup type thing bouncing around from wall to wall. it was very lubricated (not in a dirty way) and every time i would hit the wall i would slide down a few feet and bounce off onto another wall. it was also very warm and cozy.

it was mostly white in color and had tiny black spots on it, and a yellow eyeball on one side near the top with a green eye-brow. the eye would watch me bounce around hopelessly in this thing. there was an opening above it where i could see blue skies with the occasional passing cloud. it was kinda cool at first, but it eventually made me sick to my stomach and i just wanted out.

then i woke up and fell back from a kneeling position behind my lawn-mower, i noticed the ground looked very strange like a giant honey comb with thousands of holes on it. i started to walk inside my house and i was unable to keep balance and was pushing myself from wall to wall in the hallways of my house. i eventually made it to the bathroom where i began vomiting in the toilet. then i fell back in exhaustion and went to sleep.

then i woke up again... but for real this time.

what does this dream MEAN?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So my boyfriend of 4 months dumped me early this month and i still miss him but im getting over him, he texts me alot though and is putting like 6 kisses on the texts so im kinda confused as he dumped me? Anyway, i had this dream last night and i was wondering what it ment...
Ok well i dremt me andmy ex had broke up and then i dremt he went to a massive house party, and then i went to school the next day ( we are both 14) and i found out that he had lost his virginity with another random girl. I found this out because it was on a massive banner in the school tennis courts were everyone was sat down like an assembily. ( in real life we were in a sexual relationship but we never ever had sex because i said i wasnt ready, he wanted to but we had always planned to lose our virginity to each other) so in the dream i was so upset hed had sex with another girl even though we werent together, i was devasted as i wanted to have sex with him but i want us to both be virgins :( but i think sex is a special bond and its intimate but i was mad at him because hes just abusing that as he slept with a random girl when i wanted to share that experiance with him first. ( and even in real life it upsets me one day he will have sex with other girls )

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but last night I had a weird dream that I couldn’t find any answers to in my dream dictionary.

I dreamed that it was night time (around 7pm and getting later as the dream went on, for some reason that time just sticks). I had to go to court at midnight to be on trial for murder of some guy (don’t know who), but I didn’t do it, and there was no proof that I could show to prove I didn’t. I was facing the death penalty if I was found guilty so I was really worried and stressed because it was for something I didn’t do. My fiancé and I were acting like it was our last night together. I also remember we were at my parents house and it was a darker type atmosphere (not pitch dark, but not bright either). That’s about all I could remember. I probably should have wrote it all down right after I woke up, but I didn’t think about it until I a hour or two later when I started remembering parts.

Any ideas?

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