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Dream About Court Martial meanings

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Example: Capricorn description?

Keywords ; Emotional stability, hard work , persistence, analytical, studious, conservative, traditional, Reserved, Grasping, Stable, Self-conscious, Structured, Unsympathetic, loyal, pragmatic, stubborn, depressive, moody, possessive, controlled, disciplined, reliable.

Capricorn is the mountain citadel of the cosmic court. It symbolizes the rock-solid foundation of prosperity – stability, austerity, reliability and permanence. Capricorn Moons see things strategically and objectively. They tend to be quite structured in their approach to life and are usually comfortable solving problems in a methodical, even plodding, way that often guarantees them the right results and often stick with their way of doing things. A Capricorn Moon is determined, steadfast and reliable. This sign more than any other, shows the effects of very strong and perhaps rigid parental influence. When you grow up you would like to have a very important position in the world and you will work hard to get it. Your nature is stubbornly persistent, serious in tone, and stable. You are a very hard worker who will persist almost forever to reach a goal.
Out of all the zodiacs this is one of the least desirable moon signs. In most ways you have a serious, reserved nature (especially in communicating, and the way you interact with people.) and generally like to think of yourself as ‘detached’, cool, and unaffected and sagacious. People around you may view you as a little cold, rigid and unfeeling. This appearance will persist because it is so hard for you to relax and let go. Even when their external ego is more outgoing or demonstrative, the Capricorn Moon will maintain their reserve, hiding sensitive feelings behind walls of their emotional stronghold. However, the marvelously offbeat Capricorn sense of humor surfaces very spontaneously, and does much to soften their unfortunate impression. The reason Capricorn Moons are rugged is that life has often taught them hard lessons early in life, urging them to adapt a ‘can do’ approach. Experience tells them that there are no easy answers in life, and that to make it, they must work hard and keep their nose in the grindstone. There is no backing down for them: rather they muster whatever it takes to meet and outdo their adversaries. ‘I persevere’ is the motto that helps them realize their hopes and dreams.
As serious as they are in person, they are just the same with their emotions. Expressing your emotions is a difficult task, and people around you may view you as a little cold, rigid and unfeeling. They tend to try and analyze their feelings – a difficult task, as emotions tend to be self-validating and beyond the rules of intellect. Nevertheless, the effort is made because the Capricorn Moon likes to know where they stand and likes the certainty of being able to control matters. This is their sensible side – wanting to be practical with feelings – which can now and then make them appear manipulative or controlling with age, though, and eventually learn to read softly in these areas and to be a little more laid back. Capricorn Moons are sensitive and have the same emotional intensity as anyone else. While they don’t often express it, they can be moved to emotional extremes that, once underway, are sometimes difficult to subdue. They can be emotionally stable and down-to-earth when things are going okay, but when they aren't, they can be down right depressing. They may not show it but there is no denial to the fact that they are very negative, dispirited, gloomy people every now and then. They can be unforgiving and if you do wrong to a lunar Capricorn you may be cut off from their life forever. More than anyone else, they are hardest on themselves and take themselves very seriously.
They are not usually given to feeling sorry for themselves, at least not in a self-indulgent way where they become too self-absorbed and inactive although they can, become quite moody, somber and deep, like their zodiac opposite of Cancer, to dwell and reflect on important, private matters. This introspection also serves to help them plan their actions. When you see them like this, it’s best to let them retreat to their mountain cave and in time they will come out ready for action.
In relationships with others, you are loyal, devoted and highly dependable--but demonstrative you are not. You show you care by being available, by coming home on time, by providing for financial needs--rarely do you express deep emotions or seem to show your love in the more conventional ways although this practicality of their nature makes them realistic and strong in their feelings. What a Capricorn Moon needs from a relationship is a good dose of optimism, frivolity, and reassurance. This will help them loosen up and give them a more, well rounded and satisfying emotional life. They need a partner who is balanced and gives as much as they take. They bring a mood to ‘make it work’ in a relationship, and once they commit they are very reliable partners. They can appear quite strong and confident, but also need as much nurturing as the next person. In intimate relationships when genuine feelings are hard to hide a lunar Capricorn will take time, and this will likely happen in gradual steps, allowing themselves this kind of openness in relationships will create trust and understanding, which they need and deserve. In a partner they like to see the vulnerable side and it is most advisable to be with a person who can hold a long relationship so that later on it will be easy for them to express their real emotions.
So if it’s reliable, stable partner you are looking for, then Capricorn Moons are as good as they come. They have strong characters, and their friends and lovers usually come to rely on and admire them for this. They tend to lean toward the hard-working, trust-worthy and predictable end of the social spectrum and therefore make good parents, loyal friends and sound business partners. They are stubborn in what they do and working out a problem with the stubborn side of the Capricorn Moon can be daunting, especially if you hope to get them to entirely change their point of view. It makes them feel good to do something worthwhile and like to hold responsibility. Although at times they can take their responsibilities too seriously. Their most admirable trait is the fact that they can deal with the real world and take life as it comes, for this they fit well in politics and business.
One Lesson: To Not to be so hard on themselves and to remember that their needs for comfort, security and love are real needs, and they will not be really happy if they always deny them.

The Sun glowed in Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, a feminine sign on your birthday. The Sun in astrology stands for our inner nature, revealing the mark of our true character. The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is ruled by powerful Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, but it is the exaltation of Mars, the planet of action and desire! A cardinal (creative and original) sign, Capricorn governs public life and organisation, combined with personal ambition and will to succeed. An earth sign, Capricorn is a loyal associate and faithful friend – although the Goat can be quite possessive and even rather jealous.

Saturn, the lord of karma and emblem of structure, is strong. Tenacious, logical and endowed with the capacity to work hard and long, you rarely hesitate to grasp opportunities for advancement or promotion. You are quite well-grounded, especially later in life (over 40), once you have learnt to overcome those early insecurities. More ambitious than you appear on the surface and a natural executive or manager, you set out to accomplish and are determined to succeed one way or another. Pragmatic and goal-oriented, you soon learn how to get things done, for you aspire to positions of power and authority and admire others who attain such positions.

Keys to Success
Initiative and willingness to accept responsibilities are keys to your success, but a false pride makes it hard for you to admit when you are wrong, or to ask others for help. Though you compete aggressively for what you want, you harbour an inner lack of confidence which can make you defensive. Viewing insecurity and fear as weakness, you attempt to hide such feelings, making it hard for others to get close to you.

Hard-nosed Capricorn reacts by assessing the possible worth of any given situation. The goat is a sure-footed, methodical climber. You are heading for the top of the rock, so you'll gladly work long and hard if it means getting what (or who) you want. The energy and randiness of the goat is proverbial, but you can be very lazy if you see no sense in working, or if you can achieve the same high goals in a less strenuous manner.

Structure and Reality
Your sense of humour is generally impeccable, although you fail to see the point of personal jokes at your expense. You hold grudges and will take revenge for perceived slights. The ancient emblem of Capricorn was the sea-goat, half goat and half fish. This symbolised the death of the lower mind and the birth of the spiritual. The goat was a popular sacrificial animal in days gone by.

Saturn, structure and reality, teaches an understanding of limits in all areas of life. You respond to traditional values, rules and regulations, and proper thought and behaviour at an early age, even if you reject these things later. Without a coherent structure to guide you toward your goals, you risk losing your way. Ambition and enthusiasm fade without such a structure on which to hang them. Once the reality of something is understood, it is much easier to handle and manipulate. You can be a good builder, engineer, politician, lawyer, or business executive.

Youthful AppearanceLean Capricorn develops good eating habits early, which stand you in good stead as an adult. An innate spirit of competition makes you keen on sports, although you can be so aggressively determined to win, you can be less than gracious when you lose. Jogging, running (especially cross-country), golf, skating, hunting, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and body-building are favorite activities. Although you probably looked older or more mature when you were young, you seem to defy the aging process, and retain a remarkably youthful appearance from your middle years well into old age.

Capricorn rules the bones and joints (especially the knees), teeth, and skin. Sensitive skin, allergies, and broken bones are problems, while worrying too much can also result in physical disorders. You suffer from insecurity and anxiety in your youth, but blossom under Saturn in your later years.

Your colours are chocolate brown, royal and navy blue, dark green, charcoal grey and red. Capricorn rules metallic lead, while the red garnet is your birthstone, which protects against accidents and falls. In some ancient societies, garnets were worn only by royalty. Capricorn flowers include the camellia, orange blossom, carnation (red), baby's breath, and magnolia.

Example: Help with weird dream with Obama in it? What do this mean?

I had a dream that I was in a field with Hussein Obama and he was picking cotton. Hussein asked me if I was going to re elect him in 2012. Then I picked up a shovel and hit Hussein over and over again on the side of his head until blood was gushing out of his skull. Then all of a sudden Rick Perry appeared and helped me hang Hussein from a tree. What do this dream mean? Do you think that it means that Rick Perry will beat Hussein Obama in 2012 and I predicted the future?! What do you think?

Example: Why do Conservatives tend to dream in Black & White while Liberals dream in COLOR?

Example: What's the point of the TSA and the PATRIOT ACT if they haven't helped anyone?

The underwear bomber and the shoe bomber were stopped by everyday citizens AFTER they got past security. Imagine another 9/11 could have happened if it weren't for WE THE PEOPLE. What exactly has the PATRIOT ACT done to make this country better anyways? Why wasn't the government wiretapping the shoe bomber's or the underwear bomber's email, phone, or web history? Did the government want another 9/11 to happen to use it as an excuse to strip more liberties and freedoms away from you? Why can't airports manage their own security? They would be much more competent and better at it than the government could ever dream of.

If the threat of terrorism has caused us to lose our freedoms, then the terrorists have already won.

Example: I am getting out the Marine Corps and want to join the Police Department badly...?

However I am nervous about the polygraph test. When I was about 14 smoked weed and sold a little bit. I was a young kid who's father had died and was trying to fit in. It was very stupid and dumb. I was a teenager. I never been arrested for it except for possesion when I was smoking it. I smartened up by 16 and started working and going to school. I joined the union in construction and finally joined the Marine Corps which was one of my dreams (the other being a cop). After 10 years of service in the Marines, I am ready to join the police department but am scared and confused on how to take this polygraph test. I hear if you are honest they will disqualify you. Can anyone help me and please tell me what to expect. Can something from when I was a child ruin my dream and future?
Thanks for your time and input.

Example: What are the requirements to be a Sniper?

Being a sniper has been a dream of mine for quiet some time. I threw the dream out the window several years back but have picked up interest in it again. What are the requirements to be a Sniper for each branch and what would be the best branch to be in as a sniper? I know the Marines have the best Snipers, but that doesn't mean it is the best branch for snipers.

I also have an actual problem with shooting a rifle in the sense that I hardly get to shoot them for several reasons... No one in my family in the state I live in owns a gun, indoor ranges are not allowed to rent out rifles (For obvious reasons), the closest outdoor range is about 150+ miles from my house and I don't think they even have rentals. I have shot guns before but 2 years ago was my first time... I am 19 and my family is afraid of guns for some odd reason.

TL;DR: I've wanted to be a sniper for some time and was wondering what the requirements were and what the best branch for snipers is. I have no rifle training because I live nowhere near an outdoor shooting range and no one in my family owns a gun.

Example: How to become this in the marines?

My dream is to be a sniper in the marines. My brother law is and I plan to do the same. I know it is one Of the toughest things to do but just wandering, I know you can just go straigh out for it to be a sniper. What to you have to do first? Just your four years of deployment as a marine or? Please explain! Thanks

Example: I was wondering I joined the military, I think under fraudulent means, I got out though?

I realized I had a learning disability, because in special education, but I was not sure when I signed up, because I was told that I could join or at least I was not told I couldn't join, and I was really confused at the time. My question is how will this affect me in the future, if it comes up in jobs or in other terms. Will I face jail time or a discharge of another kind? I am not in the military no more though. The reason I joined, because I thought I was eligible, but when I think about It I should not have, and regret that I ever did. What can I expect from this?

Example: Military VS Civilian Life?

I've been thinking about joining the military for about eight months now. I've realized that I don't want to have a normal boring civilian job, I get bored quickly and I don't want to live in a "American Dream" life. I want to have excitement and I want to challenge myself. I want to travel the world and see new people and experience different cultures. I want to obtain leadership qualities and have more confidence in myself. I am going to college next fall, joining ROTC and then I will join the Air Force and become an Officer. This is just my plan - for now. I have four years to really decide if I am good enough for this. I basically don't know a lot about the military, what is the lifestyle like? What are the daily routines? Where do officers usually get stationed to? How much pay do Officers get? I think I am ready now for the military, since I am a female who can do 43 push ups and 58 sit ups in one minute, who can also squat 215 and bench 130 being only 19 years old. If I major in Graphic Design or Photography what MOS would I likely to get? Or would they just order me to do what they want me to do? Difference between Military and Civilan life? Thank you in advance.

Example: Military Concerns. Air force Enlistment Question?

Thorough Answers, Please.

1) National Security Act 1947, creates 'Airforce. I see why Integrity is regarded as the number one core objective in this 'place. 'Security'

But does this officially mean that i must as civilian, state to the military i did marijuana twice with no intention to appoint any illegal activity, other then fitting in (age 18, was still in high school).

i must as a civilian, state to a military which remind you is run by civilians (aswell- 'secritaries), like it or not. Its the truth.. i did something no better then what they could have done. State my Humane Innonence, into something otherwise. and it be Stamped on official Paper-work.

2) MEPS. Wtf is this.. a congressional circus joke? are fkin serious? I must state i have did illegal drugs when i didnt even fkn know my dream was Airforce until years afterwards i did marijuana twice

nonsense, if i knew that, as well as knew i would 'Have' to 'Admit my innonce i wouldnt have even looked at a damn leaf. *fkn canadians.

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