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Dream About Court Room meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

when i was 14-15 i was friends with this girl in high school (not close friends) we were both in 9th grade and it was a long time ago, i developed feelings for her, it goes from a crush to passionate feelings (i did not under stand at the time) we were friendly and on ocasion we saw each other out of coinsidence at a party or shed invite me to her play at school or something, it was ok plus i was in her lunch and a class too. any ways things went bad because her dad dint quite like me and alot of bad incidents happened. and me n her find our selfs on opposite sides of a court room about a year after meeting her.(due to her dad) no abuse or sexual crap happened mind u so dont think im a predator or sumthing. any ways we parted ways years ago and no contact was allowed by her father at all for sometime. even when the rule was taken out we still never had contact and moved on with our lives. i forgot about her for sometime and im in college doing my thing, but almost five years later shes in my dreams again, not romanticly but its like we meet for the again for the first time in a long time and i apologize for what happened, and we end up talking n stuff, and this dream has been going on at random a dozen times in diffrent places.
what does it mean? i dont like her cause i dunno her all like that (we were not best or close friends) and when things went sour my feelings for her deminished to the point of non existance. what do these repetetive dreams mean?

Hey there =]

Dreams are quite a subject to talk, it can take a series of 5 books with 5000 pages each, but i'll try my best here =].

For centuries psychologists and neuroscientists have been attempting to puzzle it out. Dreams have been since history something mystical and at times some become a reality. psychologists have given dreams different meanings, and in many cultures they try to look for hiddne messages behind them, much like a cryptologist would do with a painting. I've studied the science of dreams for 4 years (i'm 18 now), and its amazing. I believe the best explanation of dreams was given by Sigmund Freud, he said: Dreams are nothign more that our past experiences, present fears, and future desires. And personally, it doesn't get "truer" than that. As i read your story I somewhat tried to place myself there, and this is what I saw. In a way whether conscious or in the subconcious you want to get back in time, maybe re-live it, fix mistakes, or maybe make new things. It is a dream of your past, something you might want to get back in time and add to it. Maybe sentiments, memories, something. Looking at it from a present point of view, you might fear having feelings for someone and get shattered again, re-live that experience or any other feelings only you know about. From a future perspective you might want to avoid going through something as stressful and painful as this, and maybe even afraid of fully letting go and embracing new feelings. I wouldn't know, it is not me, I can't try to guess hopw you feel it, or read manual and tell you, but i'm simply giving you some ideas about it. Dreams won't always make sense, but they always hold some meaning in them, they're only a twisted skewed re-play of old memories, even present ones. Just sit and think it through, and try to come up with an explanation. Once you do, avoid the thought, think of something else when its coming to mind, and sooner or later you will stop dreaming about it. =]

Good luck and feel free to e-mail if you anything else =]


Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay I was at my brothers high school football game (he really does play high school football) and they were a lot of people short and needed somebody to play and I volunteered I needed help getting the pads on so the guy I really like helped me get them on(he plays football but with parks and rec.) I got them on but I didn't even do one play the next day I asked the coach why I didn't play and he said a softball bat belong in my hands (I play softball on a team and football with my friends occasionally but not on a team) So I grabbed the bat he had in his hands and started chasing him around the locker-rooms, tennis courts, and football practice field (they are right beside each other) beat the heck out of him

Example: What does this dream mean..?

Okay I think this is by far the weirdest dream I have ever had.

I'm sitting in a court room being accused of not doing chores.. Then my mom stands up and says that it's time to get ready for the wedding--my wedding.
So we go and get ready. My brides maids were people in my class that I don't really get along with. We step out into the church and I see the groom and run away. I run into the hall way and it's filled with water.

The dream changes into kind of like a tv show about shark attacks. It's like flash backs in my mind. I see pictures of sharks and of people being eaten by them. Then I'm out in the open water with a rescue team trying to find a body. The helicopter crashes and everyone is freaking out.

Then we're on land. This road is narrow and we're walking forward. The sides of the road look like a jungle with the grass and trees but you can still see the houses. I look over my shoulder to see who is behind me and I see this huge lizard/dinosaur thing running towards us with a mouthful of teeth. So we run and it attacks us. We kill it.
We continue on but then we see it's mother and she runs after us and tries to attack us.
The funny thing is, the road which looks like one of the highways around my house, slowly turned into the hallways of my school.
So we all run into this room and lock the door.

And that's when I woke up.

Freaky. Can someone please tell me what this kind of means?


Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i had a dream, within a dream. I was dreaming that i was driving home from work on the freeway and there was this huge crane that was swinging off this big rig that was driving in front of me.. Before i knew it, i blinked my eyes for a second and i began driving (following cars in front of me) up this steep steep hill that was white and glowing. I thought i was going to fall back but i didn't! After, I began floating up this white mountain filled with what i thought were angels. They all stared and smiled at me as i followed them to a bench area that looked like a white glowing court room. I seen an angel type figure moving his hand saying "come here" so as i sat next to him, he told me to lay back and look up, as i looked up there was a bright light (brighter than i could imagine) and i was suddenly viewing a white house with blue shutters. The voice of the angel figure said "We are going to take you back into time, when you were young" I viewed this like a movie.. I seen my grandma cooking and my dad holding me (when i was about 1) and smiling and pointing to my mom and dancing.. I began to say something like "Grandma?" and i opened my eyes in my dream. FYI my grandma passed away 3 months ago. I was really close to her.. this is the second dream i had of her. What does this dream mean? thanks for your help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've been having this dream for two nights in a row.It's the same one too.It goes like this-(sorry it's long)
I'm moving out of my current house.3 people,finely dressed,walk in my house .For some reason,I feel that they are evil.As I am leaving,I go back in to get something,and one of the people(2 men wearing dark red velvet tuxedo?1 woman wearing an overcoat,quite long,same color)smiles at me.It makes me feel very uncomfortable and then when I go out of the house,an angel appears and tells me that God has requested I come.The angel teleports me to a beautiful place with lots of flowers and gold and all the colors of the world.Then the angel takes me into a room and I see only a huge white light that I can tell is extremely powerful,but loving and caring at the same time.God tells me that I am the 13th judge.He then sends me to a court room and I notice I am the only mortal.We are judging a demon I think and we judge him guilty.I take him to hell and leave him to rot.I am about to leave wherever I am when God says "You must be the 13th judge."The angels and I judge humanity ,say that they are guilty and basically cause the end of the world with God destroying the world by sending a huge wall of fire to burn everyone up.And the dream ends with God saying"You shall be the 13th judge."
What does this mean?!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was walking through a forest with some friends, my boyfriend, two of my ex boyfriends and my best friend (who things have been very strained with lately), there was a railway type thing in the middle of the forest and new age type cart thing came along and some of my friends got on it and me, my two exs, my boyfriend and my bestfriend missed it, so we just walked along the cable line type thing until we reached a part where we apparently had to jump off the sides. As I was getting down from there, I noticed I had stilettos on and there were about 20 tunnel web spider homes in the ground. I don't remember a little bit but then I'm in a mall with my mother and best friend and in the dream I had 1 younger brother (in real life I have an older brother) and my mum and brother were sitting in the food court eating while my friend and I went shopping for an outfit I could wear to a party that night, suddenly we were still in the mall but in a part that looked like a house and my friend opened a door underneath some stairs and there was a little room splattered with blood. Any help?

Example: What does this string of dreams mean?

So, before anything else, let me make it clear that I'm 13, turning 14 in March. I live a normal life, really.

So, the first dream, it was about my best guy friend. I have a very very slight crush on him, but I have no plans on acting up on it. We're very close and we've gotten... "closer than close" in a pool recently, but no sex, really. To make a long story short, I had a dream of us having sex. I ignored it, anyway.

Then the next dream I had a few days after, it was about me going thong shopping with my mom. Now, yeah, I do want to try a thong on, but it's not like I need it. I asked my mom on impulse if I could buy a thong, she said yes and I started choosing off the racks. I was puzzled because the thongs were mixed with granny panties and bikinis and hi-kinis and such. It was all out of order and stuff. Then I went to go try them on in the dressing room (wtf, right?). Instead of a dressing room, it was the bathroom near the pool he and I messed in! What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamt I was on trial. At one point I was in front of the room, with a fridge to my left (like I was sitting sideways in front of a fridge) At this point, also to the left of me, but more in front (so to the right of the fridge if you face directly at it, if that makes sense) there were about 4 people sat along a desk/table. I remember them speaking to each other in French, and then telling the court (in french) that the court will take a recess to decide the verdict. He looked at me and started to explain to me what he had just said, but I replied in French that I speak French (which I do). I went towards the back of the room, where there were rows of chairs with workspace in front of them, similar to in a lecture/classroom (not unlike something you would see in a court) and joined my parents and brother. I was obviously feeling nervous at this point, knowing the verdict was near, and tried to say something (about booking travel arrangements for when I return) to my mum 'just in case they found me guilty.' She was trying to talk over me about something else that I thought was not important. I then tried to tell my brother, who wouldn't listen either. He and my mum walked away. I tried to tell my dad, but he couldn't hear me, and I kept trying to tell him, but I was then interrupted by a female judge at the stand, who I don't know in real life (not even as a stranger) and looked fairly average. She stood up to give the verdict. I was expecting it to be guilty. She announced that the verdict was guilty and everyone else was really shocked, and my stomach dropped at the thought of going to prison, but I thought it was fair enough since I knew that I was guilty. She told me I was to go to prison for 3 weeks, but could be let out after 1 week for good behaviour. I wasn't taken away, but she started explaining some things, and I asked "should I take notes?" and she told me to, so I started writing notes, and she came over to explain to me stuff I needed to know. Everyone else in the courtroom started getting up and leaving (so it was noisy) and the judge who came over went to sit down on the table bit in front of me, and nearly sat on a tub of sauce I had with me in a paper bag. I stopped her, and remembered saying "nearly!"... and then about that point I woke up.

Sorry it's long - I seem to remember most of my dreams in great detail.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that there was a Nintendo game where you had to go to the corner deep inside the all girls change room to get married and you had to bring a guy with you into the girl’s change room because that's where the alter was. I didn’t think I was ready for marriage but this was an opportunity that had been given to me and I didn’t not know when the next would come. So even though I wasn’t ready to get married, I got married.

Here's the part I think can understand:
>> the girl's change room means that I will change and become somebody different from what I am now
>> the alter in the girl's change room means that whoever this guy is, he will support me and I might be required to support him as well
>> the agreement to get married means that I will change my ways and repent of my sins even though I wasn't aware of what my sins were
>> the opportunity is what I don't understand...

Is the Lord going to provide me with an opportunity that I didn't have before? Like is there a guy waiting for me once this repentance and healing stage is complete?

Example: Dream meaning please?

Hello ,
i saw a dream ..and its in a basketball court . we was watchin a womens basketball practice (i dont know why) and suddenly my couch called my name and all of a sudden he asked me for the keys of some room . anyway he brought a girl to do this job . my only job it was to bring her the keys .
I grabbed the keys (it was many keys) and the next thing i know ..is that the girl ,was the girl that i was crushed on her. i gave her the keys ..and she walk outta door ...

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