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Dream About Craftiness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Someone please help me with a trickster tale? (10 points immediately to best answer)?

I'm supposed to write my own "trickster tale" that shows some moral or greater meaning. I've been trying to come up with something for two days but I'm completely stuck because my imagination sucks. Can someone please give me an idea or something to get me started? Something I could write about to make my own trickster tale?

Pick out an animal known for it's craftiness but generally considered weak; rabbit, goat, mouse, maybe even a donkey, anything you can portray as intelligent.

Pick out an animal that is "more brawn than brains" or one that is traditionally thought to be a predator: bear, wolf, fox, coyote, cougar, tiger, etc.

Dream up a situation in which the stronger animal snares or threatens to ensnare the weaker one in order to eat him. (Catches him in a trap of some kind.)

The weaker animal then turns the tables on the stronger

a) by fooling the stronger animal into making himself weak (Brer Rabbit Rides the Fox)
b) by fooling him into thinking the weaker animal is actually strong (the Mud Turtle ties a rope to an underwater tree root, making the Bear think the turtle is strong.)
c)by making the stronger animal do what the weaker one actually wants by using reverse psychology (Brer Rabbit tricks the Fox into throwing him (Rabbit) into the briar patch, his home.)
d) by getting the stronger animal into trouble with an even stronger animal predator

I hope this gets you started. My creativity isn't at its best tonight, either.

Example: Dream interpretation...?

When I have fevers, I have these recurring dreams. Everyte I had fevers, from when I small to this day.

The dream is in first person. I dream of the white place. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. I walk a but and I see this brown wooden door. On the right side of the door, floating in the air or attached to some invisible object is a small black pot with a fuschia and light pink daisy-like flower. I feel this temptation to pluck the flower. When I do, the door opens and rocks and boulders tumble out. Animals would tumble out in a stampede, too. Elephants, giraffes, peacocks, rhinos, monkeys, and zebras, and other smaller animals that I can't recall. The noise was impeccable. The noise was like a thousand thunders. The stampede of animals and rocks tumbling so intensely that it seemed like they were chasing me, in a sense. The rocks and animals fills seems like its filling the white space. My vision is shaky. I try to run away. Then I usually wake up sobbing and crying.

What does this mean in detail? Why do I have the same dream every time I have a fever.

Example: Why do you support the GOP?

My contempt for the GOP is boundless.

The GOP promises its followers that as soon as it's finished sending the wrong message to children, they'll all become rich beyond their wildest dreams. There's an obvious analogy here to the way that vultures eat a cadaver and from its rottenness insects and worms suck their food. The point is that even people who disagree about core values can agree that the GOP can't control its desire to have everything it wants and to have it now. That's probably obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse. Nevertheless, I suspect that few people reading this letter are aware that if they could speak, the birds, snakes, and other creatures who are our Earth brothers and Earth sisters would indisputably say that the biggest difference between me and the GOP is that the GOP wants to denigrate and discard all of Western culture. I, on the other hand, want to stand by our principles and be true tothem on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost.

The GOP, with its craftiness and hypersensitive manuscripts, will entirely control our country's exuberant riches sometime soon. The GOP will then use those riches to play on people's conscious and unconscious belief structures. The moral of this story is that its statements such as "Children should belong to the state" indicate that we're not all looking at the same set of facts.

I wouldn't want to replace law and order with anarchy and despotism. I would, on the other hand, love to expand people's understanding of the GOP's nutty activities.

Example: Wha did these dreams mean?

when i was little i had this weird dream!
it was a lunch room with people eating around me..
when the time struck 12:00 (lunch) we all hid under the tables..
the bad guy (scary kiler or something) would look around searching for us...
the thing was when i was little everyonce ina while i had this dream...but it got longer each time...
till one day i had it agai and what happened is i pocked my head out from under the table to see if he was gone when he stood there i remember looking up and saw a face that was slurred in black so i didnt see a face...
that was the last time i ever had that dream...

what does it mean?
ive been wondering my hole life...

Example: A green snake was in my dream.?

Well, I just saw it really quick actually, I'm wondering this because I have heard that have a snake in your dream is bad so I'm wondering what my dream means.

So, I guess I was with my friend and then we went somewhere then I saw a green snake, it was quite big... So then we started running but the thing is when we ran, the snake was gone, like it didn't chase after us.

Does this mean anything? We didn't get bitten, or chased, or anything.

Example: I had a dream about turning into snakes? What does it mean?

OKay well, I remember like a couple or so weeks ago, I went to bed thinking about who I really am, what kind of person I am, am I good person? What does my heart show and all that since I'm a little lost and I'm in that age where you question yourself about this stuff (teen years).
I then had a dream that I kept turning into snakes, different kind of snakes, and at one point, in my dream i was going to school and when I came into school and went through the gate i was not just a snake, i was a massive HUGE, HUMONGOUS SNAKE. and I think I may have killed a few people.
This is really strange since I'm not really a two-faces, biitchy, or aggressive person, I never get into many fights (either cus im too lazy, or because im strangely very patient and I'm too fair or I'm just not that angry) what does this mean? What do snakes usually symbolise?

Example: My friends all had this weird dream...?

Three of my friends all had a dream in which our friend Del was killed by a small green snake. Does this mean anything? One of my friends contacted an expert, but she didn't pay and all the expert would tell her was that a green snake represents the devil... We are all freaked out and scared for my friend! Please help!

Example: I had a dream about my neighbors adult daughter?

I hardly ever see this women. she's about 24 years old way too young for me.

She (in my dream was a very free spirit) she goes where ever she wants to go and beds who ever she wants.

So we at one point made love. but when she took off her shirt she had these gross pimples going along her cleavage and traveled just below her breast line. She lovely looking so it popped out in my mind that hmmm interesting that she has this cos i wouldn't expect it.

She really seemed into me and i though something more was going to come out of this.

One day i couldn't find her. someone said she was in this hut thing over there. (we worked on these grounds outside that huts, each hut taught about nature like what kind of animal or bug made this hole. i know strange lol. but when i went to see her she was with someone else. it looked innocent but something in her eyes said different like crafty mysterious thoughts behind them.

at the end of the work day. we were getting ready to leave. My neighbors daughter started talking to this heavy women she seemed to enjoy her company. we got on the bus. all of us taking different seats but near each other. the neighbors daughter always has some craftiness about her. she's observing this fat lady like she likes her. I'm looking at her like hey what about us then asked her. the neighbors daughter said well, i'm going with her. and i said WHAT! why? she said that's just who im into right now.

then i woke up.

what does this dream mean?

Example: Meaning of "a woman''s shortcomings" poem. i don''t understand?

She has laughed as softly as if she sighed
She has counted six and over
Of a purse well filled, and heart well tried-
Oh each a worthy lover!
They give her time; for her soul must slip
Where the world has set the grooving:
She will lie to none with her fair red lip-
But love seeks truer loving
Go, lady, lean to the night guitar,
And drop a smile to the bringer
Then smile as sweetly, when he is far,
At the voice of an indoor singer
Bask tenderly beneath tender eyes
Glance lightly on their removing
And join new vows on old perjuries
But dare not call it loving
Unless you can think when the song is done
No other is softer in rhythm
Unless you can feel, when left by one
That all men else go with him
Unless you can know, when unpraised by his breath
That your beauty itself wants proving
Unless you can swear for life and for death-
Oh fear to call it loving
Unless you can muse in a crowd all day
On the absent face that fixed you
Unless you can love as the angels may
With the breadth of heaven betwixt you
Unless you can dream that his faith is fast
Through behoving and unbehoving
Unless you can die when the dream has past-
Oh never call it loving!
-Elizabeth Browning

Example: Dos anyone now some good fox manga?

im talking abut fox demons or god, u know about foxes

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