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Dream About Credit Cards meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Help ! What does this dream mean ?

Ive always believed that your dreams mean something and have always been able to solve them. But this one i cant. I dreamt that i was at a store with my family buying groceries. I remember drinking a pepsi that i later did not buy. Later i payed for the stuff and the woman took my credit card, she turned out to be a credit card stealer. And when i took her card from her brother she tried to shoot me. Later a man showed up at my house trying to kill me. He shot my brother and i thought he was dead but later found out that he was just shot in the leg (but he wasnt moving talking or opening his eyes) i was hurt too but i was still able to move around. I called the police and they didnt come. Later the man came back and hurt me again right before my mother came. I eventually warned her and got her out of the house with me. In the end i was holding onto my mom runnig away and he was telling me to "remember the hints" i remember saying black and dog. He started to aim his gun at me an i woke up.

As a professional psychologist, i understand that Dreams project basically either of the two things.
a) the things u fear, or are upset about or
b) the things u want/need

in this case it seems like u seem to lack control over your life. U want to do something rebellious, that u like, as seen in drinking the pepsi without paying for it. When u tried to pay through ur credit card, the woman steals it. this shows that even if u try doing something right, something bad happens, and u feel helpless. The rest is just an exaggeration of the unlucky possibilities of your life.
BLACK DOG could be a hint to something/someone u find helpful or comforting. It may be the initials to a person, BD, or just a hint saying that it is a Bad Dream(BD) and there's nothing to worry about.

Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt about being at a mall with 3 of my friends, 2 guys and a girl. So we split up, the guys go somewhere and me and my girl friend {I am a straight female btw) just start walking down the mall. We reach a point where there is a large staircase with an atm type machine and we go over to it and it asks us if we`d like to buy jeans, but tell my friend that I don`t have any money so I need to find my guy friend for his credit card. So I meet up with my 2 guy friends who are sitting on a bench on the first floor and sit in between them. They talk to me and I totally forget about the credit card, and one of my guy friends says that his hands are cold so I immediately take his hands in mine and try to warm them up. We start to cuddle after awhile and he keeps pecking my cheek.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had same type of dream serveral times, I loose or can not find my car. I look and look and them become paniced.

Example: What does it mean if you dream if you lose your credit card?

I had a dream last night that i lost of credit card, does anyone know what it means?

Example: Dream i was trying to buy chocolate milk with my moms credit card?

But I couldn't find it. I thought I had her purse and I know her card number... but her purse was gone when I was trying to find it at the convenience store counter. Oh another dream - I was in walmart and my pants were gone (I was wearing underwear) I was trying to hide and find something to put on. I did find a skirt and wore it. (I rarely wear skirts/dresses) Oh one more. I was in a military uniform. I light colored camouflage.

Example: What mean a credit header?

I have a Life lock protection for my credit, today i checked my account in lifelock and i saw a notification about "credit header". I am so scared that someone steal my identity and i want to know what that means? what is a credit header?. I don't apply for any credit so far. I am only 18 year old now and I start working couple weeks ago. I plan to open my own business in the future, I am a dog groomer and my dreams is to open my own business so i need always have a good credit ( i don't have credit yet) but i plan to start to built my credit soon with a secure credit card in my bank. I am so scared that someone steal my information. Please help me to understand what that mean and how i can take immediately action. Thank you in advance.

Example: I keep having this recurring dream that all my credit cards get stolen from my purse. ?

The scenes in the dreams are different but the outcome is always the same. What does it mean?

Example: Email me i will interpret your dreams, [don't forget your credit card]?

I want to put in my new swimming pool.

Example: Please can someone tell me what interest on purchases means? something to do with a credit card!?

i am just wondering what interest on purchases is becuase i am being charged it on my credit card even though i am not buying anything. also, how much should it be and can i reduce it?

Example: Lost purse including my ids and credit cards in my dream... 10 points to the best answer!?

I was in a bus, then I see myself in a mall at night time and I realized that I don't have my purse with me any more. I also thought that I might have left in that bus... What could that dream mean? Please help, thank you.

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