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Dream About Crossbow meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was in a war and that i had a longbow. To my left was swordsmen that were my mates. There were 2 crossbow men about 10 meters away and i was hiding from their arrows behind a wooden fence that had many panels missing. Everytime they reloaded i turned and shot a arrow at them but completely missed. The one on the left shot a arrow through the whole in the fence and into my chest. In my dream i felt that the blood was filling in my mouth and that i was very wounded and could not breathe. I was told in my head in the dream that the arrow went under my lung yet blood was filling in my mouth and i couldnt breathe. As i coughed and blood came out i woke up however there was a man behind me in my dream that i could not see trying to help. If you know what this means could you please help as i have never had a dream where i hurt myself apart from recentley (last 2 weeks) i have been.
thanks for reading

You are fighting something, if it involves you dying its probably something difficult and important to you. However the fact that your friends are there besides you shows that you think you can fight whatever it is with the help of friends and loved ones.

The dark figure behind you represents hope that maybe there is someone out there who can help you or save you.

Or maybe it means nothing at all and is just a piece of randomness like a lot of dreams

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had two dreams that I'm wondering what the heck they mean in light of my current circumstances.

First one is I'm in an open field and I step over one of those toll booth barriers and start walking across the field. All of a sudden a bald, fat guy starts firing bolts at me from a crossbow and walking towards me. I can see the bolts in slow motion and am able to dodge them (just) but a few scrape my arms breaking the skin. I start to slowly retreat. I roar at him to stop saying I have two kids and he does but has a strange smile on his face as he turns and walks back. I turn to two strangers just stood there and say to them I'm going to cut the guy's head off with a sword? I imagine a large shining broadsword.

Second dream the same night, I'm stood near a large suspension bridge over water. This bridge is very high and I can see cars purposely driving over the edge one after the other. Their are onyl two occupants in each car, the driver and front seat passenger. Their faces are not blank but completely expressionless and emotionless.

Can anyone tell me what these may mean? Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I navigated my way to a dream country on one of the ships like in the First Fleet. There was 80 people on board, I was in the position as captain and my crew included my real life friends - Cory, Yves, Rowan and Thomas. We were sailing to a foreign country to request for aid to help us fight the army of Lord Patrick (Patrick is my enemy in real life!) who had captured all our cities except one, Smoothy City, the heart of the dream-country. We got to the foreign county's capital city 5 weeks after setting off. We contacted the country's Senate by making an inquiry at a government outpost. We requested it immediately and the official said we'd have to wait. This ended up in a fight with everyone from my dream country pulling out fully automatic, ammo belt fed crossbows that shot arrows. The foreigners pulled out swords and we shot them easily. We ran of into the centre of the town to try and get lost in he crowd there. It turns out everyone has been evacuated into their homes so the military can fae us off. Archers appear on every rooftop and they begin to fire at us. Somehow, miraculously, me and my girlfriend Shaymin do slow motion arrow dodgig like the bullet dodging in "The Matrix". Somehow the rest of my crew aren't able to do the same, and they get a stomach full of arrow shafts and a pool of their own blood to bathe in. Everything after that happens in what I believe is called time lapse. We rushed out to the forest all the while firing back at the foreigners. We made our way back to the ship and we find it untouched. We had left some crew to guard the ship and we immediately told them to get this ship out of the natural harbor and that we were'nt going to get help. Then I suddenly woke up from the noise of a garbage truck outside. What do you think my subconscious is trying to tell me? Any ideas?

Example: What do these dreams mean. flood in my city, brother getting divorced, and my dad dying and ressesetating as a fish?

This is all weird. I just woke up in a dream where the city was beginning to flood however my apartment was on a high rise of land or area of the city which was not yet affected.

Later in this dream I ended up chasing a man with a crossbow who was trying to kill my dad, with a crossbow, quite small too. I ran as fast as I could to save him but I was too late, (as bad as this sounds) I killed the mab in anger. I then turned to look at my father who was now a fish.. in a plate. A gold fish, his head there, and his heart and tail.. but his body was eaten up where it was only intact bones.

I attempted to keep him alive(for some reason i believed he could be alive) I contacted his heart surgeon and he would be available in the next 5 hours. I knew that would be too late. I was already devastated.

By the time the surgeon was ready I went in to see him where my vrother was suddenly present. He lives far from me and we barely speak. We told the doctor we would pay anything to save him and as ridiculous as it sounds, put him back in his human form. In that moment my brother told me he was divorced (which seems unrealistic , just married, has a baby girl) which was also a shock.further more he had lost everything else like business and a life long friend, all related.

the final stage of the dream was my dad was hooked up to a spray nozzle like the ones they use in a salon. There was blood which lead through the pipe into the nozzle head which was keeping my dads fish heart pumpd

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was riding on a rhinoceros. I started off in my front garden, but soon I realised I was in Narnia. I jumped off my rhino in surprise, when Aslan pounced on and killed my rhino. I was shocked, because I always thought that Aslan was supposed to represent Jesus. How could Jesus do something so cruel? Anyway, it got worse because then I picked up a crossbow from the floor and shot Aslan in the head, killing him! Then, from out of nowhere, Samus from Metroid appeared. She walked up to me slowly as the snowy background started to disappear. Soon, she was right in front of me. She paused for a few seconds, before shouting "SHAME ON YOU!", waking me with a start.

What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream I was in a real life game of call of duty with my boyfriend and his friend. My boyfriend was killed and then his friend was hunting me down and I kept shooting him but he wouldn't die. Then he shot me with his crossbow and I died. What does this mean?

Example: Your weirdest dream! did you find the meaning?

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream meant?

i had a dream where i couldnt really see well, and i was in a war? and for soem reason i was using a crossbow that was powered on air, and this is when everyone else had current weapons... can anyone tell me wat it means please?

Example: Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

Let me start off by saying this dream was literally, SO realistic. I felt so upset and scared, it felt more vivid then any other dream I've had.
It started off with this woman getting tortured with crossbows. But then she joined up with the killer and they both went on a mass murder. But it seemed like their victims also turned into killers. Then there was like a flash through my neighborhood, showing people who have been killed. Two people I really don't like were pinned to a tree with an arrow, and they were slowly dying. (Sadistic, I know). Then there was a large group of us in this dark room, hiding. Steel cages were put up to try and deter the killers, I was sat on top of it. Then the woman in charge shouted 'they're here!' and I pulled her up over the gate. For some strange reason, Kristen Stewart was one of the killers (LOL?) and then I just ran. I ran through darkness and took multiple turns etc. I was one of about five to survive. It ended with me walking out into the light to meet the public holding hands with some guy saying 'Are you ready?' Then I started crying.
I know it seems stupid but it was really scary at the time.
It's basically about surviving a mass murder.

Do you have any idea what this might mean?
Best answer receives full points.
Thanks. :) x

Example: I have a recurring dream. What does it mean?

I have these dreams about a killer doll (blonde, 3ft tall) chasing me. I'm usually on foot while he's on a fourwheeler. It usually jumps off and bites my arm, making it bleed. I usually take a rock and bash its skull in. I am usually in a 5 roomed apartment. I always go right and threw there is a hallway covered in blood in the left side. There is a single potted plant on a barstool that I bash the dolls face in with but it never really helps. The doll just turns into a woman in her 20's and it leads me to a bedroom and then it's changes back into the doll but I appear in my house (7 room house. You enter through the laundry room and from there is a door on the left. If you go left you enter my parents bathroom, if you continue, it's my parents room. Turn left and your in the living room/kitchen. If you go down the back hall, 2 doors on the left and a bathroom door straight ahead.) I usually get the crossbow and pierce the dolls head in. The dreams over there. Please explain my problem

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