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Dream About Crossing Gate meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

So i had a dream last night, and i dont remember much except that i was at my house and i felt a ghost present. I was standing near my basement door and all of a sudden i see a dark shadow watching me from in the dark. It was easy to spot because it was darker than everything else, and the hair on my arms stood on end, i could actually feel it. I ran out to the back of my house to where the gate was and my dog followed me. It takes a couple of seconds to unlock the gate and removethe block of wood preventing it from opening. Then the hair on my arms started lifting up again and i got goosebumps really bad. No,there was no breeze so it couldnt have been that. My dogs tail went between his legs and started to growl,which adds to the goosebumps and stuff. I finally got the gate open and ran to my neighbors house across the street. They told me i could stay with them for however long.. And all these random people started showing up on their lawn, then i woke up lol. So what do you think this means? Its not the first time ive had a ghost dream..
       A short version of my other one was that i was at home, again, and in my kitchen looking through one of our shelves trying to find something. I finally found it and it was a cross. When i tried to touch it, it zapped me, like an electric shock. Well, not really a ghost story,but hopefully you gest the gidst of it.
        One more short story, was when i was in the forest, and there was this random-looking bed and breakfast building. I tried to enter it and noticed it had a cross over the doorway. When i entered i felt the atmosphere change and got a bad feeling. Everyone eating was fine and didnt seem disturbed,though. It was a huge room like a cafeteria, but with really nice hard wood floors and the back was all made out of glass, looking out to a small river with one of those mini bridges to cross over, and of course, nothing but the damp,wet,rainy forest.that's all i remember.

The ghost represents yourself. The blackshadow represents evil. The goose bumps means you are aware of the evil presence. You went through a gate..which means there is and obstacle but you will manage through it. Your neighbors will help you with something soon. You fear people.

Your religious view and upbringing makes you fear evil strangers. Soon there will be a new beginning for you..(*the ghost).

Hope it helps.

Example: What dose this dream mean?

i was in school and walking down the steps to the door (even though we don't have any steps to the door in my school) at the bottom of the steps there were some boys in my year and i got the feeling they have or they were planing to do something bad. Then the woman i admire came out of the door that was on the other side of the steps and told the boys to come in even though she isn't a teacher but she dose voluntary work with youths at this club. The boys went in and then she looked at me and said you to. then i went in and i think me and the boys got in trouble for something but then they found out i was innocent. so i went back to class. what dose this dream mean?

Example: What does this dreams mean? its super weird.?

okay I had a dream my older sister took me, my neices, my best friend and 2 of my ex boyfriends to this camp place with her. while at this camp I started to fall for ex boyfriend 1 again and lusted over ex boyfriend 2. ex boyfriend 1 went somewhere and came back with some odd ball girl. they started showing eachother their weird piercings, then everyone was pushed into a trailor and I walked in on ex 2 sexing some indian girl up, he cheated on me a lot btw, and I asked him if he wanted to hump, and right as I said that this camp flooded. like tsunami style. I never saw my neices, sisters, or exes again in the dream. I saw my best friend for a split second. but she looked really mad at me. everyone that survived got onto high land and everyone went to check their cellphones. I somehow ended up with like 4 in my bocket but none of them were mine. I wondered how my current boyfriend could get ahold of me.. after that all survivors got on this big arc thing, but it had a leak or seven so I jumped over the side. it was 155 feet down. I swam to the gate jumped over it and got to this road and started walking, after a few miles these evil pointed teeth children jumped out in different animal costumes. they said happy borthday, dear! how old are you? I said 17. so this super hero bunny evil child jumped out and was like ohh 17 years older than him? and pointed at a mentally challenged man and said cmon! 40 isnt that bad! so I started running. one of the children dressed as santa started singing it never ends by bring me the horizon while chasing me. I started to cross over a suspension bridge, and i sang it as I crossed it. I heard my mom saying aubrey, AUBREY! WAKE UP! so I wake up, moms in bed, and my mouth tastes like fire

any interpretations?
at all?
told you guys it was weird.

Example: What could my dream about Tristan & Isolde possibly mean?

Last night I dreamed my girlfriend of one month and I were touring this museum that featured medieval stuff (even the museum building looked like a castle (complete with moat, drawbridge, torches, and that gate that comes down)).
And in one part of the museum, there was this exhibit of a tapestry depicting Lord Marke, Tristan, and Isolde.
Our tour guide instructed us not to touch anything, but we couldn't help ourselves. The tapestry was so beautiful we just had to. And just like that, we were no longer in the museum. We were in the middle ages, reliving the tragic story of Tristan and Isolde (with me as Tristan and her as Isolde).

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey Yahoo answerers. I can't take it anymore, I need to know the interpretation of a dream I had sometime in 2009. I can remember every detail from the dream so clearly, and I still have a very strong visual image of that dream even though I had it so long ago. I will do my best to include every detail I remember in order to get a good interpretation. This dream was not a nightmare, because it didn't scare me, but I must admit that it was a bit disturbing to me personally, and it shouldn't be at all to you (but if it is, get some help).

Before I tell you the actual dream, I think you should know a little bit about me in order to know why this dream is so strange and confusing. I am a middle schooler, so I am at the age where everyone is defined by the group they're in (everyone is a critic). I am a nobody, I am shy and quiet, and I have absolutely NO friends. I am pretty much invisible, and I guess you could say I'm a nerd, except I don't look like one; huge, thick black rimmed glasses with plastic lenses, messed up hair, suspenders, a flat face, and a wedgie that never seems to go away. I am actually a pretty decent looking 13 year old boy, and I have been told that I am cute/attractive by a few girls, and I wish I could say the same for them except I couldn't because every one of them was friggin fat (I just said "I could never be seen with a hippo", walked away, and that was that.)! Anyways, I think that I am a good looking nerd at times, because I am not just a pile of white trash like most are. In this dream, somehow an outsider like me ends up with a bunch of "skater boys". You know, the ones who have mad skateboarding skills, who get all the attenion from the (hot, not bloated) girls, who make people laugh with every other thing they say, guys who have cool names, and the popular boys who have hair that looks like it was struck by a hurricane and was all left going in one direction. These boys ARE the white trash (not really but I like think of them that way :). I hope you get the picture because there are still a plethora of unholy things I could say about them that I am not willing to say because they would show up entirely made up of asterisks and Heaven would have an "off limits" sign attached to the pearly gates. The following is everything I remember about that unusual dream I had:

Me and the skater boys, a few in particular- Nathan, Logan, Dustin, and Gabe- and others who don't matter as much were standing on a snowy hill while it was snowing on a foggy night. The sky was black, but it had a slight orange glow, and when you put that with the silently falling snow and the moderate fog looming overhead, it made the setting pretty eerie. I was standing facing the skaters and the were facing me but they were all together and I was standing by myself, almost as if there was an invisible line between us and I wasn't allowed to cross over to the "cool side". We were talking, except I was the one making them laugh (go figure). As you know it was night time and it was snowing so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it was cold and late so I had to get home. So I told them I had to go, but they all told me to stay, and so being the comedy guru that I am, I stuck around and told a few more jokes before telling them again that I had to get going. This time I meant it, even though they asked me to stay longer. I started walking away from them in the snow, saying "I'm sorry, I would stay if I could but I have to go." I was walking backwards slowly down the hill facing the skaters and I watched them begin to disappear into the fog and snow. I could hear them yelling "David!" (now there's a cool name) "Come back, please!" I didn't listen, and just kept walking and shouting back. With every step I took, their voices faded more and they began to become less visible as the fog covered them. I kept walking until I could no longer see or hear them, I could only see snow and fog, but I kept staring silently back at the hilltop where I knew they were. I finally turned around and started walking forward (the hill is now behind me) through a gate onto a snowy road lit with street lights. The orange glow of the lights with the snow and fog and the silence of the woods and nighttime was just another contributing factor to the eeriness of the scene. I was walking alone, with no cars driving by, in complete silence. No snow crunching under my feet...nothing. I don't remember what did it, but after walking a short distance alone down this creepy road on this snowy night, I turned around and started heading back to the hill to see if the skaters (who I'm guessing were my friends) were still there. I walked back through the gate into the dark snowy field where the hill was. I started walking up the hill where I instantly noticed something that was not the same. The skaters were gone, but something was on the hillside in replacement of them. Sitting in the snow on the hill were 7 grave stones, like t

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream there was a gate so I went towards the gate in my right was cane and my left hand a broken walking stick so when I went towards the gate there was this person standing there wanting me to repair or make a cross from wood so I just sat there trying to make or repair a cross then i woke up...What does this dream mean?
I'm a Christian Serious answers please

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream there was a gate so I went towards the gate in my right was cane and my left hand a broken walking stick so when I went towards the gate there was this person standing there wanting me to repair or make a cross from wood so I just sat there trying to make or repair a cross then i woke up...What does this dream mean?
I'm a Christian Serious answers please

Example: What does this dream mean - murderous teacher?

I had this dream that in my school , there was a teacher that killed someone, but no one knew how or what exactly happened. That very same year, I had that teacher. It was during open house or something but my mom and I were going to meet him. The class he was in was located right in the same class I have now for 8th period. Sitting on the desk in the far right was my 7th grade 7th period teacher. Anyway, we were walking through the school and was asking for that teacher ( forgot his name in the dream). He got recruited back to school somehow. The lady that was helping out with directions let out an exaggerated "Oh...him of course", and then pointed right to the right where the classroom was. We walked in, and he was sitting facing backwards to us as soon as we entered the door. My eyes wandered around the room where I thought it was my 7th grade 7th period teacher who was teaching us until my mom called out his name. I then notice the man. He was dark skinned and a little chubby, but turned to face us. He was polite and introduced himself, and I did the same in a friendly way. I shook his hand and he held it there longer than usual. That's when I had to pull it away. The story changes when I'm currently sitting in my 7th period class this year, and someone calls my friend ( who was not even that class in real life but in my 3rd) and I to come up along with other people to introduce us more than to the teacher who was known to have murdered someone - that was the rumor anyway. We got special insiders on the murder, what happened, and stuff like that. Later, he invited us to dinner. My friend and I later returned to our ( or my ) 7th period class. The other kids were watching a movie about the murder that he was said to commit. "Oh you guys are lucky...all we had to do was see this movie," they were saying. My friend and I turned to each and asked if we were going to the "dinner" he invited us and our parents to. "Probably," she said. However, it was known that the "dinner" was at school and the floor downstairs where we were all in at the current moment was his "hunting ground" where he would kill us all. This was of course a rumor. My friend and I thought that this wasn't likely since there were too many people and parents. The scenes usually flashed back and forth. Then it zoomed by dinner, where we all supposedly though the teacher was going to kill us all. There were a few people running through the school hallways at night, but that was about it. Then, I was back in my 7th grade hall and waving to a few friends I knew or the past teachers. I also saw my 8th period teacher - l.a. All I know is that there has something to do with the numbers 7 and 8. Then the scenes changed again and I was in this really old theater where that teacher invited us to be. In this scene, he was actually polite and made sure everyone was under control. The doubt was still under that he was a murderer. We already picket out the lines of what we were going to say before hand. However, instead of acting it out on stage, we had to sit in our seats in the audience and say them instead. All people who were going to perform had to do this. After nearly halfway through the booklet, I realized someone else was saying my lines for Margot ( I don't remember what play it was, but I had to read under the name Margot) . I think they must've realized it to, because they stopped the person, and that's when I started. I started saying my lines, but I kept messing up ever so often. My eyes also went dizzy and cross - eyed that I couldn't read the words properly. The "murderous" teacher then came up to me and asked if I was ok and if I wanted to step out to the "eye relaxer". I forgot to mention - before I entered the theater, there was a thing outside the first gate that looked like huge binoculars on a stand and when you look through them, you could see letters. It was supposed to relax your eyes apparently. We tried it out b4 entering the theater, and they even welcomed us to step outside and use it whenever we felt that our eyes were strained. Going back to when the teacher said that, my grandpa who was sitting next o me opposed and refused to let me go outside the theater in the middle of the night alone on this abandoned road to let me look through the eye relaxer. "There can be someone that just can kidnap her...," he was saying. Then the teacher said something along the lines of, "Of course, I'm not sending her alone. There has to be someone with her." That made me feel better, because my suspicion for the teacher had not ceased, and I thought he was going to murder me near the "eye relaxer" thing when I was alone. The dream stopped at that. Please help me with this. Thank you, and 10 points for best answer! Sorry it was long.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was standing outside my school in the middle of p.e and i see these two guys about to drive a gulf cart into the lake.. at first i think its funny and when they do it the coach starts yelling and the boy driving the cart darts under the little wooden thing you normally have over the water for fishing and stuff. well he darts under it to hid then a crowed of people form the police come and everyone from the school and village.. the police is trying to save the boy from the cart but they find a bomb in the cart and tell everyone to run as fast as you can as far as you can! so im trying to get my mom to go with me but she wont, she says everything is fine, some people are running some are not... i decide to run! i run into the village and its hot and old and worn out, it looks like Arabia and i hear something as if it was a news show talking about how our town was destroyed and how it looks so old now, i run and get to a border to cross into another country but i cant get through cuz i dont have a pass port thats when i get a txt from my cousin, i tell her im making a run for it to Armenia (thats where both of our parents are originally from) and when i get a txt back i had spelled it wrong and she corrected me... well now i ended up in my house but its apparently now my friends house, and im trying to pick which room i feel more comfortable in, one makes me very anxious and get a bad feeling and the other not so much so i descide to stay in there... then when im trying to go to the bathroom this boy keeps trying to get in cuz he needs to go too, and all of a sudin we are in a cart and driving to london with all my friends... i feel safe cuz i still have the urgency to get farther away from the explosion and we are all talking about how we are in london and how we want to shop but we know we hae no time... so now we are about to pass these gates into a border and end up back at the school.. i start freeking out and they are telling me its ok... so i calm down a little... then it ends

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I'm not going to tell all the dream, because it's much too long. But this one part weirded me out. So, I was in the hospital, but it was actually an unstable building surrounded by the golden gate bridge, and I believe i was at the doctors for my thyroid and after I left to go downstairs but I was afraid to walk around the golden gate bridge so I ended up in this office that was supposedly a shortcut to the elevator. I sat in the room which was actually on the bed where you get a checkout and there was a lady who was getting a shot, I guess. After she left the lady was like "What can I help you with?" Or something of that short, and I told her I just wanted to go there as a shortcut because I was scared and she chuckled and let me out. I was standing in front of the elevator and my actual real life thyroid doctor was there and was like WHY DID YOU GO THAT WAY, HUH? and I told her exactly what I told the other doctor. After that she said "DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A NEW TATTOO IS EXPOSED TO LIGHT, HUH?" (supposedly I showed the lady a new tattoo?) And then she took out a needle and started threading in my wrist in an upwards pattern(there was no string) at first I liked it then she was going far up where I had self harm scars and I kind of nudged her off and she was like chuckling and scary and said "Do I have to tell your parents about your scars?" and I ran into the elevator alone and got the floor levels confused a lot.

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