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Dream About Crowbar meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Well last night I had the oddest dream here goes
Ethan (My youngest who is 11 months now) and Rebekah (My little sister) and I we in the woods to look for alligators (why unsure) but we were on the hunt. oddly we were not dressed for the occasion. Ethan who was now 5 was in a red t-shirt and blue jeans and tennis shoes. Rebekah was oddly enough wearing a pink pair of shorts and a white t-shirt and sandals. I was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt and tennis shoes. Well here we all are walking through the woods looking for alligators. when out of now where comes a huge wolf. I yell Ethan climb the tree. I got Ethan to the top and there I am holding him up in the tree when it started to bob up and down like a bobber does when you have a fish. I was starting to feel little sick but I look down and see Rebekah scared to death and not moving I tell Ethan hold on the tree I love you I'm going to get Aunt Rebekah stay here don’t get down no matter what. I slide down the tree. And yell REBEKAH she looks at me and says "Save me please" the wolf was getting closer to her so I threw a rock and hit him square in the face. he looked at me and his eyes felt like ice. he did a growl followed by a howl. I yell rebekah climb the tree and protect Ethan. I saw her run and climb the tree. There I stood face to face with this wolf. He howled again it scared me little and before I knew it there were two wolves. I yelled stay in that tree ill protect you both. I looked around to see what I could use to protect myself when I saw Anthony (my oldest who is 5) (he appears to me to be about 10) coming up towards me yelling mommy, mommy save daddy. I yelled where is he. Where is daddy? Anthony yelled look out mommy a wolf. I was freaked out I couldn’t figure out where Anthony came from so I yelled climb the tree and Aunt Rebekah will protect you. I helped Anthony up the tee never looking back once. I got Anthony up the tree and I watched rebekah and Ethan hug him. The two wolves kept coming closer and I ran around a few trees and they followed me around than out of the corner of my eye I saw this shack so I ran into it and the wolves followed me in there. I saw this crowbar and hit the first wolf on the head he whimpered and leapt towards me I managed to stab him with the crowbar killing him. The other wolf grabbed my leg and pulled it hard I watched it break and I screamed in pain. I spun the crowbar around and hit the wolf right between the shoulder blades killing him. I crawled out of the shack and said come on get down we have to find Michael. I was dragging my leg behind me and said Anthony where did you see daddy last. Anthony said he is near the water. Than it hit me we were looking for alligators. I got to the water line and there I saw Michael sitting there looking at the water in amazement like he just made peace with someone. I went up to him and he jumped up and said what happened and I said two wolves attacked us. Than Ethan yelled mommy saved us all. Michael just looked at me and said did Anthony find you. I said yes he said that you needed help what’s the matter. He said I needed your help to look for something but its okay I found it. than he said what about theses wolves are you okay. He looked down and saw my leg and said ill carry you home. he picked me up we all got back to the house than I woke up

well, i do now every dream means something. i think it might mean that you are verry brave and i think if you help others before yourself thing will usually work out, basicallyi think the dream meant u were a very kind person.

Example: What does my chase dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, so vivid that I almost feel like it was a vision into the future. So it all started out at a new apartment on the 3rd floor. I was selling magic mushrooms and a friend/customer was coming by to pick some up. This friend/customer is actually someone I know in real life and means two things to me. One, he used to sells a lot of drugs for me. Two, I don't trust him and I consider him to be a shady person. Right after he shows up, all of a sudden there are about 10 people in my apartment that I have never met before. The weird thing about that is that I never let anyone that I don't know personally come into my house or even know where my place is.
Then a little bit later, before anyone leaves the cops show up on my porch. I'm outside along with 2 older women I have never met and the cops. The cops make me lay down on the ground and they search my pockets. They find nothing in my pockets and they don't know I am the resident of the apartment. A couple of important things to know now is that one, there is a party going on inside now and two, I have a closet full of magic mushroom growing. After the cops search me, they do nothing to me and walking into the apartment. Then one of the ladies said "Then didn't handcuff you so you're not in trouble. You're free to go." I immediately jumped up off the ground and took a running leap off the porch onto a pole and slid down it as fast as possible.
Once I got to the bottom I took off running through the park lots, hopping a couple fences and continued running through people's yards. About 2 minutes later I heard dogs coming after me and when they got closer I sprang up into an old dying needleless pine tree. There were 2 dogs, 2 brown pitbulls with big teeth. They were jumping off the ground and trying to bite my feet and they were barking a lot. I never did get bitten because I kept kicking them in the head. The 2 dogs kept trying to bite me but somehow a really old lady appeared next to me and the tree. Like a guiding voice she said "You know you can stop this any time you want."
Then all of a sudden I was no longer in a tree or being chased by dogs. I was on my way back to my apartment. When I got back to my place no one was there, no even the cops, and my place was trash. I hurried back to my room to see if the cops found the closet. They didn't but there were plastic bags one the floor. The bags were see-through, flat, and were designed like an envelope. They were bags left by the police. On one bag it read "Evidence: MY NAME" and there was something small in the bag. I felt a sigh of relief because the cops forgot the evidence. The second bag had paperwork inside it and in big letters it read "MURDER". I was shocked and scared that someone died in my apartments. So I reached down to pick it up and as soon as I grabbed it I heard a knocking on my front doors.
At this point I actually remember thinking in real life that this dream is too real and scary so I woke up. I was actually mad at myself for not waking up earlier because I felt like I could of woke up at any point. So I looked up at the clock and the time was 5:55 AM. That is what really freaks me out because I've been waking up at 5:55 AM almost everyday for the past week and my birthday is on the 5th. I don't ever wake up that early because I don't have to and I always go to bed after 12:00 AM.
Now here's a little background information for you about my life. I did used to grow magic mushrooms and I did have a closet full. Just to give you an idea I was making on average at least $2,000 a week if not more. At one point 10 guys did break-in to my apartment while I was in my room. The guy I was referring to in the beginning of my dream, friend/customer, I was actually letting him sleep on my couch. They were all there to beat his *** and they hit him in the head with a crowbar. While I was in my room, I didn't know anyone had broken in yet. All I heard was a loud slam and I thought maybe my entertainment stand fell over. I hurried out into the living room and all I see are some dudes standing there and one guy yellings "Get him! Get him!". So I ran back into my room, grabbed a sword and an axe and came out swinging. I chased them all off and the cops never came because no one called them. Turns out they were only there to beat his *** (friend/customer). So I ended up kicking him out and 5 days later I moved to Denver, CO from OH. That incidence happened over a year ago.
As of right now I no longer sell any type of drugs and I actually live at home with my parents. It's been over 8 years since I've had to live at home but considering what recently happened to me I pretty much don't have a choice. After living in Denver for 8 months I moved back home and moved in with a couple room mates. Six weeks ago I was assaulted by one of my ex-roommates and his friend from behind with a weapon in the back of my

Example: What does this dream mean?

In this dream I was attacked by a crowed of people who shouted all sorts of unfriendly words(freak,monster,stalker) they cut me punched,kicked and hit me with bats crowbars and rocks. Then they ran away I wandered into crowds of people walking by, I was bleeding allot to the point that I was going to pass out, I kept shouting HELP ME somebody Anybody, soon the entire place went dark and I was floating in a dark void, suddenly i herd a voice cry "Im here" I turn around and there was this hug creature half its body was frozen in ice, the whole place went cold I landed on an ice berg, the creature had massive black wings like a dragon, its eyes were red and down from his eyes i could see glowing tears,
when it ended my voice was deep for an hour and i had tears going down me cheek, but also in the dream the creature said " its unfair how they treat you my friend''

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

dream-a white lifted f150 truck truck parked out front of the house a few people were attaching my suburban with a crowbar and soneone

one drove threw the fence in the backyard ..someone came up to the door and started to put a crow bow in and trying to get through

...dad popped out of one of the rooms-then i woke up

this dream scared me so much i posted a question and didn't go back to sleep

does anyone know what it means i looked up being robbed and it said i got something stolen from me job/item which is not true it was more like a break in but it had not gotten to the point of being robbed yet

and the damage to my truck i can't find that out--vandalism only gives graffiti? and they used crowbars

-plz tell me what the hell this means so i can rest easy

Example: What does being held hostage with a crowbar mean in a dream?

I can't find it anywhere. I wasn't scared. I knew the person who was holdin g me hostage. I was curled up in a ball in the corner on the couch, like I was cold. She came up behind me, and did that to me. What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? Help?

I have two dreams i would like analyzed lease: One i had last night, and one reoccurring dream. The one i had last night, i was in a very nice house in the basement playing around with an electrical setup to charge the battery of a hybrid push to start car. Then the scene changed and i was in a library pushing a blonde girl on a swing and then i stole an action figure, but then later returned it. Then i picked up a book and to my surprise, it was a picture of me and the blonde girl on a mountain with a title of: "the gathering is not a greenwood". It was the third book in the "greenwood" trilogy.

The next dream (the one that i keep getting) is that i am home alone and i hear a car door close. I look outside and see people (its always a different group) in my driveway approaching my house with crowbars and the like. I push the house alarm alert button and it rings (but the cops never show up) and then run upstairs (or somewhere "safe") and then the other events are different as i am trying different ways to get out safely in every dream.


Example: Need to know what my dream meant.?

(In my dream) I was at home here, sitting in front of my chair in the living room looking at it, i had a flash light and was moving it across the floor when i saw something that was "stealthy, cloaked"
I hit it with my flash light and it was a blue scorpion, sorta navy blue, very shiny, i cracked its back and it started running away from me as i tried to kill it.
Eventually it got up onto the couch where my friend came from the kitchen with a crowbar and killed it, the lights in the house then went out.

Now I've had screwed up dreams before, but this one truly boggled my mind for some reason.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks

Example: What do these dreams mean?

i just saw the category "Dream Interpretation" for the first time and need to give this a shot because i didnt even know dream interpretation was a thing. i have 2 types of dreams: really normal dreams and really bizarre dreams. i love having the bizarre dreams because i find them funny. but yeah, ill just state an example of each, what do these dreams mean?:

1) i had a dream that i just made macaroni and cheese and started eating it with a fork. my roommate then walked up to me and said "you dont eat macaroni and cheese with a fork, you eat it with a spoon." then i ate it with a spoon.

2) i was at a baseball game in the 2nd row and the guy in front of me takes out a crowbar and starts smashing all of the empty 1st row seats, blocking my view of the game in the process. i tap him on the shoulder and say "excuse me sir, im trying to watch the game" and he says "oh, sorry" and sits down. when he sits down i can see the game again and all the players, coaches, and umps on the field have crowbars and are repeatedly hitting the dirt/grass in front of them as hard as they can.

Example: Why and what does it mean when i have a dream about killing a special kid with a crowbar?

Example: What does my dream mean? I woke up crying...?

I had this really bad dream. I was taken into this room where a lot of dead people were lying around because they were drowned. Then when I was going to be next, someone found us and saved everyone who hadn't been drowned yet.

I woke up but then I fell back asleep, and the girl who was going to drown us came back to finish the job. I hit her in the face with a crowbar and started running with my friend. But then the girl must have had a partner and he grabbed my friend but I kept running, and i could hear my friend screaming. Somehow I knew she had been stabbed to death. I just kept running and then i guess it changed to a different scene?

So then I realized they had found my mom, and I found the woman again and kept asking where my mom was. I just asked and asked and asked and somehow if a random girl walked off the bus with a fishing pole, it meant my mom was dead. I forgot what the other thing would be if she was still alive. Well the girl walked off with the fishing pole, and I started screaming/crying and fell to the ground. I ran back to my house while crying, and saw a man walking near my house. For a few seconds I thought it was my mom disguised and ran up and said MOM?! and i cried and hugged him. But then he said sorry I'm not your mom, and it turned out to be a neighbor. I then woke up crying but I want to know what my dream meant...

Sorry it's so long and thanks for helping, I really want to know if it means anything bad.

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