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Dream About Crowbar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? I killed people?

I was in like sewer tunnels with around three people I can't really remember who but I think it was my older brother, little sister and some other guy. But I can't remember. Anywho we were in a small room in the tunnels of underground sewers. It was like a small stone dome room that you find in a sewer and I had a metal crowbar/ metal bar and we were hiding from these bad guys. And there is an opening in the room which we came in from, it leads out into the tunnels and these bad guys found us and they were coming in and one by one they came in and I took my metal bar and I beat them senseless one by one as they came in the room. I kept hitting their heads and bashing their teeth with it and when I killed someone another guy would run in the small door/opening and I'd do the same to him and kill him. Someone, I think my brother yelled "why are you doing this just give up!" And I said something like if I give up we die. And my arms were so tired but I just kept swinging at them. I can't remember most of the dream but I remember that part. What does my dream mean?

This type of dream generally reflects feelings of insecurity or threats, even when you don't have any threats facing you. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most of us have unusual dreams at some point and generally they are just our imagination working when our brain is supposedly resting.

It could also reflect love and concern for your siblings.

Have you seen "Les Miserables?" The book has a very famous chase through the sewers of Paris. This would certainly make an impression on me. It could even trigger dreams.

Example: My other dreams. What do they mean?

6 weird dreams i had lately,

1. last time i dreamed, i somehow ended up in outer space... i can see other planets, and get around there in secs.. without it being far... I was with my friends in space in a space ship.. we went to a planet. It was a lot like earth, we were cruising around the streets for a reason i don't remember why... we ending up hiding from aliens that were human shape, green, they looked amphibian, space clothes, sorta resembling aliens seen in buzz lightyear. As we entered the Factory they were in, It was filled with those aliens like if the dodger stadium was a class room. we ended up finding an exit.. and had to return back to earth in a specific Time (meaning we got to earth just in time, like if we were expected to get back to earth at a certain time..)

Example: Meaning of a dream?...a little help, please...?

Okay. So a few weeks ago, I had a dream, and I've been tryin' to interpret it...but I'm kind of a novice when it comes to this sorta thing. Any help would be appreciated.

In the dream I'm walking down a dark hallway in my house, walking to my bedroom. As I get to the open doorway, a large man appears out of the darkness of my room (while I'm still in the hallway). He moves very swiftly, and goes to crack me over the head with somethin' like a tire iron or crowbar. At the last second before the object makes contact with me, the large man transforms into a creepy old woman. The old woman says--and I can remember this exactly--"You will die June 17th of this year." Then it ends...

When I had some time over the weekend, I tried to do search on the individual symbols, but I didn't really find anythin' helpful.

Example: Dream with my friends. What does it mean?

I was hanging out with my friends in my truck then out of nowhere these guys come up to me and shoot me in the leg and once in the head. as i die i say "see you guys later!" to my friends. Then I guess i survived because Im walking down the street and see another one of my friends and say "hey you knew those guys were coming after me!" and he said "Yeah,! So!" so I beat him up hella bad and he tried to hit me with a crowbar but i blocked it with my hand and beat him then lifted him up with one hand and choked him.

What do you guys think this means? Thanks in advance


I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse. first of all I was on a school bus with all my friends and I had my nephew sitting next to me, we arrived at this deserted cowboy town, and the sky was dark, only the moonlight was shining.

after we all got out of the bus we all set of into groups of five, my nephew who is seven, followed behind.next thing, I was killing all these zombies with a crowbar, smashing it into their heads, I even killed this one guy who got bitten by one as well. i realise my friends have left me and its just me and my little nephew... ( that was kinda out of order)

Me and my nephew ( im 17) hid in an old empty school bus, the paint was peeling off and the sponge out the seats were coming out. zombies started to crowd the bus so we both got out the other side and ran towards a house, a zombie then grabbed my nephew and i realised i had no weapons so i punched it in the head ( LOL ) but it didnt hurt it so i swung it by its top onto the floor ( FAIL )

I put my nephew on my shoulder and ran to a old building that was falling apart, as i was running to wards it an un- infected man was towards it too. we both met at the door and squeezed in, i kicked the door shut as i could see zombies looking and going "urrrghhhh" and **** like that. he then said if you steel any of my stuff you are dead meat! i ddint want no trouble so i said i wouldnt, he then gave us this hay stuff ( like what horses eat) he told us to rub it on our bodies to maybe, i dunno, get rid of our scent or some ****.

anyway i pretty much woke up, tried to go back sleep but couldn't continue the dream, so here i am writing it on yahoo answers haha.
so is this dream a sign or anything like that?

Example: I need help explaining my dream?

I dream of a big black man with a baby in a diper and the baby has a perm. Baby has his hair to one side with a bit of a s curl. This man was interviewing with the baby sitting right on his stomach. Then a old freind pops up in my dream not much to remember there but i thought i mension everything i remember.

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