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Dream About Cupping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How can i contact my dragon and what does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was in shop where they only sale bottles of oil, candles and other stuff. So this guy he said "ok so site down on the floor in an Indian pose" so i did and after that another guy sat in front of me and gave me this big jar that was filled with black coffee and he told me to take a zip and spit it in a cup. So i did and when i look in the cup it formed a two headed dragon (FACT: Instead of a tail it had a head) When i showed it to the man he said that the dragon was in love with and every time he looked at me he fell more in love and that he protects me from every harm.

There is no such a thing as a two-headed dragon. The fact that you saw a two headed dragon in the cup meant the dream was meant to be symbolic.

If you had seen a two-headed coin, would the metaphor make more sense. The dragon, in this instance, is your relationship with the other person. Each of you forms a 'head' of the dragon. The thing is, dragons (even metaphorically ones) only have one head. When there are two heads, its a siamese dragon that needs to extricate itself. A dragon with two heads tries to go in two different directions. One head wants one thing while the other head wants something else.

One of the dragons has to represent your spiritual side. Mythical creatures don't pop into dreams (especially in mythical settings) to order a cup of coffee (they could but they usually don't.) Mythical creatures always mean guidance and guidance only appears in the midst of confusion and/or turmoil.

Dragons don't always wear scaly skins and breathe fire. Should keep that in mind.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was laying there in my bad facing the wall and he came in and got into the bed with me and cupped me then put his arms around me and kissed my neack softly and then i smiled and the whole rest of the dream was us sleeping

Example: What does my dreams mean?

i use to purge after i ate,but i quite doin that. i keep having drwams that im doin that again. i dont want to start up with that agin.. i also have dreams where im having seizures(counscience in all of them) i dont have seizures in real life,but i did look up alot of stuff bout epilepsy last year.

Example: Please tell me the meaning of my dream about my tea cup in someone else's hand?


I saw a friend of mine who I stopped talking to a few months ago. I had feelings for him and he had feelings for me too. But he didn't want to take things anywhere.

In my dream I saw him holding my tea cup - my favourite mug which I use everytime I have tea - but it was empty. There was no tea in it in the dream. I noticed it in his hand and chose to ignore it, and went to the kitchen. He followed me into the kitchen.

Then I woke up.

what does this mean?

Example: I dreamed breaking a wine cup by accident with my foot, what does this mean?

Only serious answers please...

Example: What does dreaming of babies mean?

I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamt that I had 2 kids - a toddler boy and a baby ~ like nothing special even happened in the dream - I changed a diaper and I went shopping and picked out a cup with the boy ... Seriously it was like really normal (usually my dreams are totally out there). What's up with that?

I'm female-23-in a serious relationship

Example: What does this in my dream mean?

I'm dreaming quite often of sitting. In my dream I'm just sitting. In different places, different positions, different chairs. They are mainly right before I wake up as I remember there the most. I'm always holding something. Sometimes it's a coffee cup, a blue purse, an ace card, or a pencil. In the dream it's like I'm looking at myself from in front but the me I'm looking at never looks back at me. There are weird dreams and I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Can someone help?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was preparing for a wedding and picking out flowers. There were different colours for the same type of flower and I was choosing the flowers based on their type and not on their colour. I tried to pick the type of flowers that were most compatible with the person we were going to marry since each type of flower had a different personal characteristic. I had to pick 4 types of flowers. The flowers lay in movable plastic cups with soil in them and each plastic cup had multiple pieces of the the same type of colour and flower in them while a different movable cup would have a series of flowers that were a different breed and colour in them. I selected 4 cups of 4 types of flowers and colours but there was a problem with 2 of the flower cups - which was that 50% of the flowers in those 2 cups had died and only half of them remained a live. The person getting the flowers for me had to be tactful so that they would get the flowers that were living and not the flowers that were dead.

I have been thinking lately about who I should I marry and I've been interested in 2 people so far - along with a previous 3rd interest that might also lead to something long term.

I also thought I should play hard to get to get the guys I want.

Example: What could my dream mean? Coffee cups broken?

So what I recall is looking at a floor and seeing more than one cup shattered on the floor. The cups were your usual cup with a handle like the letter D that you drink coffee, tea, cocoa etc. out of. The cups are completely shattered however the handles are intact. I did not break them but they were like that since I saw them. Thanks for all helpful answers...

Example: What does it mean to dream someone throws a cup of coffee at you?

i was in a classroom and this guy threw coffee at me. (we used to go to school together when we were little and we never got along) then i saw a little kid who looked exactly like macaulay mculkin (sp? the actor from Home Alone). he was standing with 2 girls and they were pointing and laughing at me

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