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Dream About Cutting Edge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, this seriously is the weirdest dream I've ever had! It was so random!

Okay, well first I'm a tarantula, and I have tarantula friends, but we get made fun of for being tarantulas. We then decide to individaully put our legs together, so it looks like we have "wings" everybody then thinks we are birds, so we are happy, and we then fly over the ocean! Well we are all dandy flying and then we land on a beach, were somehow we turn into humans, but not realistic everything is like a cartoon. So we walk, and we come to this hut, and these guys are there, well the first guy makes the second guy really angry for some reason I can't remember, so he attacks me, and cuts small pieces of flesh off my thighs, and it really hurts! So then we leave the hut, and turn back into tarantula "birds" and fly back over the ocean. Well, my "wing" gets caught in the water and I can't seem to be able to pick myself out of the water to fly again. I panic, and then alligators come! And then I woke up.

So basically, I'm with friends, get rejected, turn into something else, fly and have fun, meet someone who tears my legs, fly, sink, almost get eaten, wake up...


Well, yup thats it, and I don't think j have any problems, and I'm not afraid of rejection.. School JUST started, and I was having dreams about failing every class before it officially started, but that stopped. So any words of wisdom you'd perhaps like to share? Thanks! :)

You did a great job describing your dream and also a great job summarizing. Let me take a crack at paraphrasing and let's see if that helps illuminate the dream.

You and your friends, feared and reviled by some but loved by others, get made fun of by others for being different. You get together and find that in a group you have the power to go places, that you have freedom. You fly over the ocean, above this sea of feeling (thought over emotion), and when you reach the far edge you put your feet on the ground again and become human. Two guys fight, and when one guy becomes angry he tears into you, even though you are apparently just a bystander. It's like he's picking on you just because he needs someone to pick on and you happen to be there. You get hurt. You leave, returning to your friends who try to take you away from this unpleasantness. However your cannot escape the emotions (water), and you find yourself sinking into them. You know that sea of despair can devour you.

Example: What does my weird dreams mean?

hey my name is ayana and i been deamin some weird things 2 days now...well my boyfriend's grandma has pasted away some days ago and he been down and stressed ever since...well saturday night i had a dream that 2 demon lookin creatures was fightin and there was a swarm of huge bees killin people..so my mom,my boyfriend and my lil niece ran into a small abandon room away from the bees..then they all felll asleep but i couldnt sleep and i saw a hugee blue eye lookin through the key hole at me...and it appeared inside...but it didnt come to kill us..i had a blue necklace around my neck which belongs to him (idk how it reach there) then my phone ran n i woke up...then last night "sunday" i dream i was in the police (which is my dream to be) then i was a lady who was also in the police...she saw a nice shirt and hat she wanted an we went to get it...then she disappeared from my dream and my boyfriend appeared...we was on something like a hike going through bushes but we was tryin to get home...then i saw 3 ladies who live next to us dat we dont speak to (cause they deal up with obeah) and one strange girl..i cut my hair infront of them and walked off meetin my boyfriend..then we was on a bridge like thing with a brown trap door at the bottom and my left slipper fell on it...i was goin to jump for it but my bf stopped me tellin me i would fall into the river...(the river was low and flowin nice) then he went down standin on the edge of the door tryin to walk slowy for my slipper and it fell into the river...then i jumped into the river chasing after it on the side..then it flow away...soon waves of water started comin down..makin the river rise a little...then a bigger wave came and my bf pulled me out before it can carry me down and we was both scared...v.v then i woke up...

i been thinking maybe cause i cut my hair infront of my enemies (the ppl who do obeah) cause bad things to happen to me..

Idk what my dreams mean can someone help me? or at least try? i really wanna know what it means...if it have a meaning..=(

Example: Dream meaning. Bat bite, cut off arm, hospital.?

Took a nap and had a strange dream... We were all grown up, the kids and everything, it was cool. Umm myself n my middle sister always see each other but never my older sister even as older version of us, I went to visit my older sister and waiting for my niece because I hadn't seen her in a very long time, for some reason I didn't take the boys,(my children) I left them house sitting, so my neice knocks and there she is tall and beautiful, she comes in and for some reason the door stays open and after a while I decide to close the door but next a weird looking creature comes in, it was a blue with white edges, it was a bat...very weird, as it gets back close to the door I slam its head, its strong and pushes the door, n I run away, n I put my arm up, all this is happening n my sister in the kitchen not knowing about the situation, I can't scream for help, the bat is biting on my shoulder, in my dream, it hurts I felt the poison settle in. I can't scream n I don't know from where my middle sisters husband is sitting by the kitchen n I got out a help, n he threw something at it but again it gets out and bites me again this time on my lower arm. After that my bro in law shhoooed it away and it left the house. I then got up and I said I'll be fine, I had a jacket on, so I took it off, and fell on my bro in law, the bites were bleeding allot, half my body was numb. I was on the floor, yelled my throat is getting numb, n I couldn't breath. And fainted.I woke up screaming , seeing lights up, I was in a hospital, I saw they had my arms spread n yelled at the sound of chain saw cutting off my arm. N I was just in tears. (the funny part the cut of half my arm not the while thing, n I got bitten on my shoulder)After that there was a scene In this dream, the decision was up to my husband s family, my family n husband. My family decided to cut off my arm bcus couldn't c me die, husbands family to let me die, the last decision was my husbands and he decided to cut it off.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a bear?

What does it mean to dream of a bear? More specifically, the bear was attacking my sister and me. We were in sort of a landscape where there were woods but where the edge cut off into open area and grass, it would lead into a rocky area, like mountains. At first it was after me but my sister defended me and got its attention. She fell from the rocks though, that we ran and climbed up on after it chased us, and I watched it trying to get her. When she became unconscious from it, I freaked out because I couldn't get to her. So I jumped down from the rocks, barely landing the long fall, and tried to kick it away from her. Right as it was about to kill me, and I was laying over my sister's body, who was still knocked out, I woke up.
I keep having reoccurring dreams of bears or just one bear attacking me or other people there with me. Not the same place or with the same people but always at least one bear going after me. What does it mean or what does it at least symbolize? Any help appreciated. Thank you! :)

Example: Cutting object out of skin dream meaning?

so in the dream I was sitting at a school desk and everything just felt really void and empty. there was a kind of hum in the silence of the white room I was alone in. I touched the inside of my forearm and felt this weird almost quarter shaped thing under my skin. I felt around it for a while before using its sharp edge to start cutting my skin. It was painful and hard but I finally slid it out from under my skin. I looked at it and took notice that it was a cream yellow color with sort of rounded sides and sharp edges I then sat up in my desk and ate it does anyone know what this could mean I have searched but cant find anything on it. please don't give me a bull **** answer like "dreams dont mean anything" I had a guy answer that way when I first asked this and then no one else answered that was going to seriously give me an answer

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream where your eyes are cut and bleeding?

Had a dream where I was cut in my left eye twice, (accidently) with a ruler with a metal edge on it, I felt pain in my left eye, like throbbing, I looked in a mirror and the 2 cuts looked black and was bleeding red, when I tried to tell the people around me, in my dream, that I needed to be taken to the hospital, they kept saying hold on we will take you but then never did, I kept on saying take me, take me and showing them that my eye was bleeding and the blood was pouring from my eye. Now I understand some people think dreams don't mean anything, but I am someone who does, I have had too many profetic dreams to believe other wise, just looking for some insight on what it can mean

Example: What did my dream mean?!?

Well one dream one of my friends had a butter knie with a little bit of edge on it so it can cut. she was pressing REALLY hard into my hand and trying ot cut it. then my next dream she took a HUGE knife that was a liek a butchers but had a point on the end and she kept stabibng my finger and trying to cut me. but it would never cut. she also tried ot like stab me int he face with it. What do you think it ment? should i not trust her?

Example: I had a dream that I cut my left hand off on purpose. What is the meaning?

I was in my kitchen when the random thought came to cut my hand off and not even think about it. I went to the trash can and cut it off like that. The edge where a wound should be was healed over. I went about my business and as I was trying to use the hand I realized how different it was and how dumb I looked. I realized what I had done and went to the trash can to take it out and freeze it in hope of preserving it. I took it out and brought it to the sink. I didn't realize it because i was in a panic, but it was actually more of an arm. Anyway, It shattered into pieces like it was ice. I put the pieces back in the trash and when I took my left arm out a hand appeared like it had just regrown?!

Any meaning?
I usually never have weird dreams like this.

Example: I dreamed I cut off my own dominant hand and a villain reattached it. What could it mean?

I dreamed I was trying to complete some project (surrounded by friends and coworkers) and I accidentally cut off my left arm. The gore was very detailed. I could see the marred edges of the skin and the crack through the bone and the raw slices through muscle and nerve. My arm hurt where it was amputated. I held it in my right hand, worried. I wanted to go to the hospital. I needed to get the arm back on before it died from blood loss. But the people around me suggested I not go. Then Lex Luthor showed up in white scrubs and said he'd reattach it for me, but then he disappeared. I discovered that if I held the arm up to where it had been amputated the blood from my body would flow into it, so I kept it there, but knew this was not a final solution as it kept falling off. Finally, he showed up and sewed my arm back on. He was very gentle about it but he didn't reattach any of the muscles or nerves. He said it would be fine, but I worried that my arm would be useless and unfeeling now, even if it was still part of my body.
I started walking and met people and they saw my arm and I told them it was broken, though they wondered about the big scar on it. Finally we all got to a mansion and it was Luthor's mansion. I met him and he was standing very close to me. I was grateful that he'd fixed my arm as best he could, though I wondered why, he didn't seem to be the kind of guy with pure motives. I felt so compelled to touch him, but he kept flinching away from me, as though my touch hurt. This happened twice and I confronted him. He said he was a clone, and that he had cloned many people here, including me. He said I was the latest attempt to recreate his dead wife. Memories came back of a body guard giving a rather icy woman a shoulder massage and her falling down a long flight of stairs. I rested my head against his shoulder and told him my feelings made sense now, happy that he wasn't trying to get away from me, but wondering if he was ok with this new version of his wife or if he wanted an evil companion like the not-clone had been, and if he was still trying to make "realer" versions of "me."

It's kind of convoluted but it really stuck in my head, like it meant something. In the dream I never forgot that Lex Luthor was not a good guy, and I felt conflicted about that. I feel like the dream could mean something. Help?

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does it mean when all your teeth fall out all at once in a dream?

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