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Dream About Cutting Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of red hair?

My hair currently is cut fairly short, I have an inverted bob and my hair is brown. But in my dream, my hair grew back longer and it was lucious and shiny and it was a noticeable red color, it was down to my waist, then I cut it to shoulder length. And the red was something like a main focus kinda, and it led me to wonder: what could this signify?

Dreaming about red hair, means that your current short hair with an inverted bob in brown is boring, and you are imagining what it would be like to have red sexy hair. My Ex-girlfriend had a dream similar to this, exact, that she dreamt of green hair, and that it was long, up to her feet. And then she let her hair grow for a long time till it was like down her back, and then she dyed her hair green. After that she got very popular at school, and went to the cool group, and then our relationship kind of ended, i think she ended up kissing the other guy with black hair, but dont worry about that.

So i think it signifies change.

Example: What does it mean to dream you cut your hair then discover a bald spot on your head.?

Example: What does it mean to dream about hair?

recently i had a dream about a chinese lady that had a very very long hair, she came to me and cut off the hair and gave them to me to use and make an extension,i know its a simple dream but what could it actually mean?, thanx

Example: What does it mean to dream about cutting someones hair?

I had a weird dream where I was sitting on a bed, reading something I wasn't supposed to, with some red head boy (Think of Ron from Harry Potter :P ) and these people came in, holding clippers, demanding I cut my hair. I told them no, I liked my hair long, and it was going to stay long. They got mad, threw them down on the bed and left. I held them up, and began cutting the read head's hair shorter than before. It was a kinda shag haircut, and I just cut it slightly shorter (In a way to the length I prefer a guy's hair to be) I kept perfecting it too. I began making sure everything was even, and that nothing was cut wrong. I kept apologizing for this one spot that was uneven because I couldn't fix it. He kept saying it was okay, but I kept saying sorry.
Then I began kissing him, and before it went to far, I was jolted awake by the alarm clock.

Probably means nothing, but it was a very odd dream.

Example: Hair cutting dream, what does it mean?

In the dream I had cut my own hair and I was so horrified and I kept trying to hide it. I know it means something but I dont know what. Anybody know?

Example: Can anyone can help to interpret my dreams like Cutting my Hair?

Lastnight, I dreamt that I was in Beauty Parlor and I want to cut them my long hair because it makes me looks like matured or adult/woman. Then, there is a gay started to cut my hair but before that He put a pin at my head that's why I got wound, but ther's no blood comes out, He got angry instead of me! I reality, my hair is not long. It's just a shoulder level! Thanks!

Example: What does it mean if I dream about cutting my own hair off?

For the past couple of times I kept dreaming that I would take a pair of scissors and start cutting my own hair until it became really short and then cry about it. Does it mean that I need a haircut? Or is it some experience I had when I was younger? Thanks.

Example: What does it mean to dream having your hair cut?

In this dream, for some reason, I was going to thin the top of my hair out. All I remember is that someone was ruining my hair and thinning it out way too much and I ended up looking like really bad. -almost like a wet rat. I remember feeling really distressed and trying to tie it back. What does this mean?

Example: In my dream last night , i cut my neighbour hair with a clipper?

but clipper pulled his hair and he was a bit hurt or something ..pls interpret

Example: I dreamt that someone cut my hair short and pink what does it mean?

I was dreaming that me and my family were with my moms friends family and then from no where my hair was pink and short and i went to ask my mom (i knew she did it) and she denied and her friends said it looked good but i knew they lied and then i went to the computer to look for different colours on internet and it was a doll on the desk it was like a beautiful goth barbie all in black and was turning her head to me all the time so i threw it on the desk some where else .. Please tell me what does this dream mean?

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