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Dream About Cutting Remark meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

my dreams for the past few weeks have been connected. in my first dream, i discover that the next day is the end of the world, so i go to the house of my classmate and ask her out, she goes out with me but after the date she says that her mother doesn't approve of me, and i say" i feel like pepe le pew when he looked up pew in the dictionary" then i go swimming with my friends. at first i dive from about 25 feet high, then at about 9:00 pm i go to sleep crying. the next day earth still exist, but i look in the window and there are dinosours outside. i hide in the bathroom and there are people there. jus like the movie the mist we wait until the danger stops. in the next dream, it's in te city, i roam around. the next few dreams are almost the same but with some disturbing twists, like my friend died and i get stabbed in my stomach. in the next dream i discover i can teleport, the same day people start to persecute me(they don't even know). so i teleport to my room than i fall asleep, when i wake up i wake up in my school. but it's not my school in real life but i still recognize it. anyway it's monday at 10 am but there is no one there accept for the janitor. i turn around and he stabs me in the chest. it continues with me teleporting into a car, but the knife isnt there, nor is the wound. in the car there is a woman and a man. i tell them who i am but for some reason they know me. i keep on driving and then the fbi starts to shoot at me. i teleport out and wake up at a search facility, they tell me a whole bunch of stuff but all i hear is gibberish. these series of events happen in about 5 dreams. whenever i wake up from these dreams, i get this heavy feeling in my chest and it feels like something bad is going to happen. help

Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream.

The end of the world is death and this is change in your life, the old dying off in order to make way for the new. The end of an issue or relationship.
The classmate and friends could just be in a dream playing as themselves or can symbolize a particular quality that you have with her. Can also symbolize a part of yourself that you like.
Date is courting an idea. Uniting with the qualities you associate with your date.
The mother is part of the self that knows what's best. Your own maternal instincts.
The swimming pool is your emotional pool. Your contained emotions. Could even symbolize something you may want to dive into.

You went to sleep and this means that you may need more rest. May be commenting on private, intimate matters. Is something keeping you up at night? Your dream may even be commenting on your dreaming life.
The window that you looked out of is your perception of things. Ability to see through a barrier.
Dinosaur is something or someone in your past that needs to be made extinct.
Hiding is a good indication you are avoiding an issue, you are afraid of confrontation.
When we find our self in the bathroom this means that you need to wash away negativity.
The stabbing is a need or desire to cut or sever ties, to separte yourself from a particular issue or cut out a particular behaviour, idea or attitude. Harsh, cutting remarks, cuts like a knife. And so it was in your stomach and this is the place where you process information. Your gut instincts.

And it seems like when you teleport this is feeling directionless, hopeless. Time to go inward and search within yourself.
The car shows how you are traveling through life or through a particular situation. It's always good to be in the driver seat of the car, it means you are in control.
When you wake up in a dream and find yourself in another part of the dream this means that you need to wake up and pay attention to a particular issue in your life.

School means that it's time for you to learn a lesson or educate yourself on certain matters. You may be feeling tested or that you need to pass a particular situation with flying colors.
The janitor is your masculine self, the part of your personality that is assertive, takes action and get the job done.
All these people seems like they are out to get you in the dreams. This symbolizes something or someone you are trying to avoid in your life, and issue you are running from.

Hope that helps, and good dreams to you :)

Example: Reoccurring dream. Help? Meaning?

I keep having the same dream over and over and its always exactly the same. I dream that im hiding from people and that they find me and a certain guy peirces my nipples. Then he says he has to make me look more like a pirate so he cuts off my hand and puts it back on. (idk either it was really weird) then later we walk around and talk and we end up together and i fall in love with him. Then we are standing near an area and we find a bunch of severed heads of eagles and its normal to us. Then we walk to another area and the land in front of us just breaks open into a huge gorge and theres a bunch of water falling from the sides of the walls. So we just sit there and hold hands but the hand he is holding starts to hurt really bad like its on fire. Then the dream ends. Please no smart-*** remarks. I seriously want to know what may be going on.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay well I was outside in a ball field. My Dad went inside my house and I followed. I went inside and my house was tilting almost to the ground. I went outside and saw a HUGEEE Egal. as big as a car. I ran and ran but I didnt go anywhere! I just kept falling! It came closer and closer than grabbed me. It scraped me but I rather enjoyed the feeling. It brought me in the same spot but clung to me and went to sleep i creeped out of its grasp but it woke up. I ran inside the house and tryed to lock the door. Bye now the door was broken. It tried to come in and finally it did. I took my largest knife and killed it. I felt HORRID.

Example: Really freaky dream! What does it mean?

so in my dream i was with a group of friends in some sort of bakery. a girl walked in who was rather strange looking.. like mean.. punk in a way.. my friends started fighting with her and i got kinda aggressive and stepped in to stand up for my friends. all of a sudden she pulled out a switch blade and started threatening me... i took a few steps back but made another smart a** comment and she came at me and cut me on my arm, all the way from my wrist down to my elbow... i actually felt the pain.. it was so real that it woke me up with tears in my eyes.. i checked my arm and there is nothing wrong with it though...what does it mean?

Example: Dream Meaning - Being Shot?

I dreamt that I was looking in a mirror -- I was dead-- skin pale and blue, lips purple and I was examing these bullet would on my chest in the mirror; there were 4-5 of them and they were bleeding. I was scared or upset-- Just kind of looking to see what had haappened. I turned away from the mirror and then I woke up. it was kind of freaky.

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt about a saw cutting a head in half?

I had a dream about my teacher who made a class activity where the students (one by one) put their heads into a small compartment and a wooden, rapidly spinning saw comes down and cut their heads in half. Everyone golf me it was painless, you black out and then regain consciousness that with your head intact. I was near the end of the line to go and was really nervous because I couldn't believe it was painless. As I waited for my turn I stepped out side of the classroom because I didn't want to watch. I heard screams. When it was finally my turn, I walked into the classroom. My friends who had already gone where sitting in their seats, wet, and covered in towels, and had lost the colour in their hair. I lied down and put my head in the compartment. At this point I was really scared. I heard to saw turn on and saw it slowly coming down toward my face. I woke up just before it got to my face. What does this dream mean about me or my life in general?

Example: What does my friends (whos like a brother to me) dream mean? he denys he likes me but..?

he sent to me:
Yeah, anyway, not far off dreams, I had one about me and you...And its well f*cking weird! o.O..
Me: go on?..
, me and you was going out! :/ and well, I killed (my boyfriends name)... :/ because, you finished(my boyfriends name), and asked me out, and well, he tried getting you back, and well he gripped you, down a dark alley, and I just come round the corner! And I punched him in his ribs, pulled a knife out, and stabbed him in his lung, then I slit my arm...

last night he had cut his wrist, he's not in the best place right now, hes like a brother to me we were that close and he doesnt like my boyfriend because he's hurt me before (emotionally, not physically)
What does it show?

then he said to me the other day that theres one girl he wouldnt mind marrying, and that girl was me.. i told him i was confused, does that means he likes me or something and he denied it saying, no i dont like you like that! Just.. something about you makes me think i wouldnt mind marrying you

thanks for the help!

Example: Whats This Dream Mean?

I Had A Dream Where I Went To School On A Normal Day BUt When I Got There It Was A Scene OF Horrific Murder. There Was Blood Everywhere And Bloody Drag Marks On The Ceiling And ON The Ground Along With Bodies OF Former Class Mate And Teachers And When I Tried To LEave The Doors Turned To Brick Walls And I Saw A Man In Overalls And A Weird Halloween Demon Mask And Was Carrying A Former Girlfriend OF Mine And A Bloody Machete But When I Ran To Her The HAll Ways Got Longer And Longer MAking It Impossible To Get To Her And I Could Hear Her Scream My Name But When I Got TO Her She Was Dead. So i took Off Looking For A Way Out Of The School Just To Be Chased By The Pyscho And When He Got Me HE Killed Me But I Wasnt Dead When (In My Dream) I Opened My Eyes I Was The Murderer.

Please Someone Help Me Find Out What This Means

Example: What does this dream mean, please take the time to read it, its long.?

well, my mum asked me to go to Ohio, which at the tgime i thought was in japan, then i realised it was in america somewhere to fight these 40 things.
i didnt go to Ohio because i was scared, but then 1 group of these things came to my house.
they were 2 werewolves and 1 old lady.
I looked out the window and the werewolf was like, climbing on top of a pile of something.
and then it jumped on my house and crashed the roof down.
alost hitting me,
my friends just like disapeared, and i had to fight it, with like a friggen butter knife.
and then another werewolf came down.
and then the old lady was sitting on my couch.
I apprantly had to kill all of these so i went for the old lady first. (stupid i know.. why kill an old lady when 2 werewolves are chasing after you)
and suddenly i stabbed her, and the werewolves went really quiet and turned into the men again.
I sliced one of there faces and he laughed, and then suddenly died,
and so did the other one.
and i got some sort of small badge thing, it looked pretty stupid, nothing pretty.
so i got this feeling i shouldnt tell anybody, because they'd think im crazy
and then the next people were like,
Vikings, and they were at my school,
as i was being sent home because i had a fever, these five vikings stepped in.
they had black mustaches and wore like viking things.
and they had a daughter called Ashlea
( I knew that because i was talking to her before. )
and she was with them now, dressed in viking things.
so i ended up fighting them, (no with ashlea)
and somehow it just stopped.
and the next one was like this Elf family, but they were tall, and one of the guys was really cute.
so yeah, i fought them at someones house,
and they had a remote that could control what the outside would look like. (like snow, rain, sun, moon)
and as i was waiting for them to come, i changed it to snow.
then one of them came,
and it was the hot one,
and for some reason i kissed him.
and he got a blade, and i ran.
and then I went out of the glass window.
and then everything was normal (almost)
i had another badge in my hand.
and my 2 best friends, (that i never met until in my dream)
picked me up in a car.
and i saw on her dashboard,
were like 40 badges, (im estimating) in like a pretty glass jar.
so i asked her about it, she explained that her grandmother asked her too.
I asked her who was the hardest.
she said Dracula.
( before i had the dream, i was reading the book dracula, so maybe that has something to do with it)
and then i asked, how did you kill him.
and she said " i whacked him over the head with a skillet "
and then i sneezed and woke up. ( I have the flu )

Example: What does this dream mean?

last year i had a semi christmas themed dream it started out with two people talking then i tried to go through a guarded border like area when i tried to go through a guard tried to kill me then a girl with hair powers came and started to fight him to help me she beat him then when we tried to get pass the next gate another guard attacked and another girl this time with a sword attacked they told me to go but i decided to stay and fight so i used my fire powers and flamed him down then a magic wizard came after we got past the gate and attacked us we won and he decided to help us to so we kept going till we reached a check point i went through then back out then we reached a building and went continually up stairs that we had to find on every floor till we reached a floor that looked like it was outside in a grassy plain and we walked till we reached a lake and we figured there must me a switch in the like so we chose some one to go into he didn't want to so i pushed him in and he activated the switch and we found the stairs when we went up to the next floor it was like an office and we came to a room we a porcupine who had a suit on came up at which point only three of us were left and he said we've had completed our test and now there was one last challenge so he have us each pieces of pipes and told us to solve the puzzle we each had a peice of the the puzzle done so i put them all togethor and then bullet bill was in the pipe and a flag with mario moving came up and the porcupine said now you have descovered the true meaning to splitmas you can now go home so a gave to two girls (the one with hair powers and the one with the sword) hugs and went through a door were i entered my room which was dark and santa claus came in my room and said "merry christmas mr. and mrs. rousseau (my last name) and left then a climbed into my bed and fell asleep and that was the whole dream a few things before a let you decide what it ment i am jewish although my dad is a christain and when i woke up after this dream i was in the same spot and the same position as when the dream ended and it was dark in my room about the same as it was in the dream

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